09 January 2019

Weight loss: car talks and accountability

More car talks for accountability for my weight loss. Thank you for taking the time to watch. Please like and subscribe. Let me know how your journey is going.

hey guys what's up so it is Wednesday

yeah yeah Wednesday January 9th I believe 2019 just checking in I've done my workout today I'm eating healthy today has to be any plan for dinner I'm trying to do sorry so weird meals I would normally eat I'm just trying to make them fit into how I want to eat now because this is something that I want to maintain I'm trying not to look at ice in a diet so I'm just going to be conscious of my portions and measure it out which you know kind of makes me mad sometimes but you know it is what it is I guess that cereal with a serving size of cereal kind of ridiculous so I haven't actually eaten cereal at all not to mention this cereal is so sugary but I don't need to be eating that anyway but I'm spaghetti it's quick it's easy you know we've got karate after school today lots of stuff going on so lots of times meals have to be quick and easy spaghetti happens to be quick and easy so I'm just gonna suck it up and eat the portion that I'm supposed to eat and no more and I'm gonna be good with it it's gonna be fine I have up to my water intake over the last couple of days and she's I'm so sick of going to

the bathroom it's fine it's fine but it's hard to do I'm not super thirsty I don't feel like so I feel like I couldn't have to force myself to drink all the water but I'm trying so I did record my workout this morning so I'm gonna try to add that into the video so you can kind of get an idea of what I'm doing also you'll see in the video that I'm modifying moves I was modifying in the arms video today was leg day it's tough but you know practice makes perfect and doing it over and over I will get better but you can see on like the lunges and the sorry about the lunges and squats and stuff like that you know I don't go down very far I've been able to go down farther but you know just not having been back into it for a super long time you know I'm not super great at it still again I'm not too worried about it I know I'll get back to being better at it and not having to modify so much but anyway just want to check in today hope everyone's doing well and we're gonna do this