09 June 2019

Weight Loss and Body Toning Program Designed Week #15

Custom Body Fitness is dedicated to help you reach your fitness and health goals. This program is designed to effectively tone your body and lose weight.


ok everybody we're gonna start working your chest by doing the Explorer chest press remember to do this exercise the first thing you wanna do tonight express your shoulder is bring your weights to your sides why are you sitting then you're gonna lie down bringing those weights to your chest then what you need to focus on is pressing those way bringing those elbows all the way to the floor and then pressing count in two seconds up you have the ten repetitions when you finish all you have to do is twist off went in the neutral position bring those elbows down and slowly and then extend your arms let's go to the next exercise next we're gonna be working your biceps by doing the incline curls produce a stability ball you want to lean back against the stability ball would put it against the wall and all you have to do is extend your arms and then curl bringing those weights all the way to your shoulder and extending completely you're gonna do ten repetitions [Music] [Applause] next exercise we're gonna be squatting we haven't a video for how to do it for

us in our library how to do exercises and YouTube I recommend you go watch that so we can go over details how to track the weights and how to actually get onto the rack and so on so remember to squat feet shoulder width apart wider then you wanna go low pushing your butt back using you feel you're gonna do 10 repetitions next exercise we're gonna do the drop squad so what you want to do is drop you but like a squat touching the floor with one arm and then switch with the other one you wouldn't you are going to jump it slightly but what is more important about this is to use dropping you bought every time you touch the floor [Music] okay next we're gonna be working your legs again by doing walking on just remember the form be on front flat bending both knees both 90 degrees both feet should be a straight and what you want to do is 20 repetitions total keeping that back your core upper body actually taking failure straight [Music] next exercise we're gonna be working you core by doing the stability ball plank you're gonna put your hands or I should

say you elbows on an angle off the ball don't put it on top some put it on the side put it right and beetween you are going to push the ball away from you don't rest on the ball because we knew resting in the ball you're the fit on the purpose of the exercise you're not working your core you wanna push your chest out push your scapula and keep your body completely spaced this gets easier you can always use your whole hand extending your arms to put your hands in the same angle where you're almost hard but the whole point of this exercise is to all these plants for a whole minute and these positions [Music] [Applause] next exercise we're gonna be doing the entire press beef shutter with the Karzai me then you need books about how you for extend you arms above your head and then what you want to do is Anthony once the arms are extended you want to bring one down and then you're gonna bring the other one down once the other one is on top now keep this in mind completed then you aren't above your head Mary Brown I thought we had don't

occupy keep your body straight for cardio even though it's raining we're gonna go for a run for one minute remember doesn't matter how far you go but you really want to go fast you have an idea talents and I think it to come back so let's take a minute in running and come back [Music] a skull Crusher's is our next exercise everything happens in the elbow flex you over and extend you almost the way should be close to your head and then straight up to your side when you finish bring the weight right in front of you and pick it up in front of you tone little behind and let's do the next exercise [Music] okay next exercise we're gonna be doing crunches for the ball you when you speak well for you to the ball and then you back you up revise to be hanging almost in the air off the ball you're gonna lose you balance a little bit you feeling like you performing you doing and right you want to control yourself in the way that keeping that balance in control that's the reason why we do it like this and that is going to

strengthen your core at the same time that you crunch in and let's do 30 of this [Music] next we're gonna do bilateral bent over row body pumps up with the dumbbells but our chests out lean forward bring those almost up to the ceiling count two seconds down and then let's do the cardio for the cutting we're gonna be doing the obstacles we're gonna do jumps short jumps and then we're gonna do longer jump after we finish we're gonna do the Hickey drill and the ladder that we're gonna do the Eamon now feel in the ladder and then we're gonna do long cut with the cones and then when we finish with the long cuts in in in the counts we're gonna go and touch the green cones which is which are even longer cuts and then we're finished with that and this is it for today good job would have gone [Music]