30 April 2019

weigh in Tuesday’s,4-30-19,real talk about nutrition

Accountability & motivation.


it's Randy Tucker your favorite neighborhood wait watch buddy wait lost buddy hey I I do it today today is Tuesday therefore today if you follow my channel is way in Tuesday's I weighed myself this morning what I do now is I take my scale and take it in the truck stop I'll take another stall and I'll weigh myself and it's pretty accurate now I do it that way so I would like to say I can pat myself in the back not too hard not too hard because I'm down 1/5 of a pound 2 tenths of a pound or bit of a pound hey take it anytime you take any weight loss either maintained the same weights as you did previous day a week or have any sort of weight loss pack stuff on the back right my weight loss buddies so today I was two seventy three point eight okay bad not bad two more two tenths of more pounds I'd be I'd lose 114 pounds so last Tuesday I was last Tuesday I was to seventy four point six today I was to seventy three point eight so I lost four-fifths of a pound which is or eight tenths of a pound or 4/5 of a pound so almost a pound in a week almost so close was a bad a pound a week

four pounds a month I'm well on my way I think for my goal of by checkpoint charlie weight of 265 the fourth of July so the job you might have just been a little more water wage or something it might have been me everybody I was actually at the scale did say two seventy three point six and then I went up to three seventy eight point eight three two seventy three point eight instead - you're talking there but I think I would - I I just went on the air I just went on the top end of it so tomorrow I like beat two seventy three point six which would have been a hundred and fourteen pounds lost oh holy smokes Batman that's uh not a poundage can you lift 114 pounds over your head I mean I probably could but they hurt my back so I am NOT on the keto diets I am not on the Atkins diet I'm not on the Paleo diet I'm not on the carnivore diet I am on the well balanced meal diets or lifestyles I am on a well balanced meal I don't know if you just eat meat all the time on the teto how you get your nutrition how you get your vitamin A vitamin D whatever vitamin C how do you get all that stuff I don't understand how do you get your nutrition I mean you

get plenty of iron and minerals but how do you get your vitamins I mean they're good I mean nothing beats a some super foods super fruits grapefruits oranges avocado that's nothing beats that apple a day keeps the doctor away mmm I used to not like to taste the fruit now I love it that's the oranges apples strawberries oh I must roll to have this from Tammy bars a separate payday right Julie even better than the payday I think even I know how you do it I mean Tito sounds good only have a batch but I don't know how you to sustain life on that eventually the body's gonna need some vitamins nutrition I am a high nutrition diet well-balanced meal diet I say 10% carbs 20% protein 20% fats 25% fruits 25% vegetables viber don't bother me why won't you eat fiber and I mean fibers good it that keeps you from being hungry all day long got a lot of good nutrition tour it's good for your digestion good oh wait whatever works for you that's my philosophy we're we're a friendly community whatever works for you by all means good is helping you lose weight if

you have in them one peanuts an hour diet hey it's helping you knock yourself out but me I'm all about nutrition nowadays I wanted us much nutrition in my body as possible so that's it I may have lost some 114 pounds so I must be doing something right so yesterday I posted a video about Bill mad man I was kind of down on the dumps and missing I miss him oh I wish him a speedy recovery and come on back to our community and weight-loss buddies are friendly helpful people here in the weight loss community we have grown a little bit also great job to Jim from being obesity with his sub-stories today I think he's on some number of five episodes five great stories all you people are that he said great job no man outlaw I saw yeah you did you and I hope you're doing okay on your weight loss your for your family reunion I'm on the track for 265 or 4th of July Julie is just kicking butts and seed I've already tick pots and everybody else is doing great as far as I know so this is a accountability motivation channel to keep you accountable are you losing your weights are you staying on track with your diet

yes I know you are some reason I lost my regular glasses around here in the back of the truck I know they're around I just got to find them before I sit on them or step on them really break them ah and it's all about I got to say for today so keep on trucking I like you I love you I want less of you make it hurt hunger make it hurt go team weight-loss buddies and till next time we say goodbye bye [Music] [Music] [Music]