10 December 2017


Hello and thanks for tuning in for another staying simple video. In this episode I share with you what fresh produce I typically buy on a weekly basis. I enjoy ...

hi guys and welcome to another video so

this is video free in this video it's all about the fresh produce that I bi-weekly in my previous video I share with you what my previous two videos because I split it in two parts so yeah this is technically a fall in my previous two videos I showed you why I buy a book why I buy large country quantities and less often in order to you know meet many needs in regards to making lots of different healthy or some tasty foods as well as many nutrients as well as being affordable so this week I'm going to particularly shower view the fred's fresh produce that I buy some of it is specifically that I buy each week like I make sure I buy each week in order to meet particularly Chinese others is more so obviously as nutrients as well different vitamins and minerals but it's more so like you know because it tastes really good but I just make sure I have specific basics which I will mention that I buy each week to me particularly nutrient needs so yeah let's get started so it's going to start off with Li PK on a little colony to kale and this is really link lychee not before I like to keep it local or British and this one's actually we use

250 P as you can see but it's some rooted in your pan and it's just the whole EP tail so it's a lot cheaper and it's pop you know a lot of the still Cornish book which is very nutrient rich kale is very high many points of nutrients which I'm gonna talk about in the next video but yeah it's definitely safe with that we make sure we buy and you know it tends to be in season you know quite a lot and you especially keys they pull along with all our vegetables we literally just steam it alongside our dinner sometimes no you just have it like that because we've really enjoyed the taste sensual is cabbage again many high and many key nutrients and this is a big Lincolnshire savoy cabbage and by the way blog owner of cycle the package in every use on packaging as well and this was a thing 50 98 don't quote me on that but it was around that again equipment very flavorful motels broccoli is an overt key staple now unfortunately they didn't have any thought each broccoli on the on unwrapped broccoli left when we went to Morrison's but again definitely staple very very key nutrients I think these

were 35 pH yes all the stuff up just been through over from Morrison's and Oh squeals novel Morrison's more card we like going tomorrow students they get so much stuff because they generally have wonky vegetables obviously they're not watching vegetables because we could have find the wonky version of them but generally have multi best waters pretty local pretty good affordable price now again from making sure this was a pound I think we usually actually get the warmth of cauliflower but they didn't have any today flour and again I think these were 67p they're in season at the moment and they just taste amazing Brussels sprout dreams now we don't always get mushrooms but we got these because they were pretty good value so it's 600 grams of one pound fifty again British and pretty local and yeah we just love mushrooms and loads of different dishes really enhance the flavor and they are awesome to eat raw as well actually grating filling in carrots 3 currently if you've got little Tesco tomorrow you have any left thank you before 270 current to garner a key staple that we have each week along

with our leafy greens you could not be very important to beat currently moving on we don't get leaks all the time but we'll just really look at the flavor of these recently again really high in many key nutrients and of course just tastes amazing with so many dishes I think means about a pound something for all of these who want to correct they actually it's classes wonky because they're like obviously a lot smaller than the usual one so they gave me to unpack for they're perfectly fine perfectly beautiful disappoint for peace the ring good value is one thing we definitely love about Maris's that they do want to vegetables I even get these I usually just getting from my local tesco oh they actually got in from the market this week quite big one so the big ones I would generally just tuck in half and then always half of that for my porridge to give it that sweet taste again I'll keep bananas are very high in potassium other nutrients you know you don't necessarily have to have a banana you could have like some dates or some sugar just a small amount obviously it's gonna be good sometimes you're consuming a whole food source like porridge oats

yep look bananas I think I've got is these Japanese sweet potato in my local tesco actually started selling them now I mean you get their news which is great and Japanese sweet potatoes are absolutely amazing there are the peppers huge sweet potatoes and white flesh inside when you beat them they go like a cold and put up so yet really tasty and amazing obviously court along with current snow very high in beats clarity and it can be converted into vitamin E brawn body but guys these are desserts in themselves they are way better I'll do that orange fairy potatoes and the over time the sweet potatoes they are literally taste like honeycomb they're not too sweet and sickly they're just the perfect sweet nurse within themselves perfect pudding within themselves you know you can have them for breakfast and they're so good for you full of fiber bar and filling and you know not even that calorie dense and I'm just absolutely love them they are literally my favorite food you know along I sometimes have them for lunch along with some like normal potatoes and you know I'm literally meeting my sweet and

savory needs and you know they're very affordable here in the local tesco and guys I just literally love them you know please get Japanese to potatoes if you've been in a bit sick of the normally players get Japanese sweet potatoes thing we got from Morrison's is some plum tomatoes these were actually originally fed peach but they were on offer for two 450 PS that works I took 25 pH for him for the month then she just would recite tomato sauce you can it's all recyclable this would actually be part of our book shop things we buy less often but because we ran out on me was actually going tomorrow since in the car because we were going up that way to the charity warehouse so we decided to get some plum tomatoes along with us a top that is one of our basic books that it's very affordable and the basis bought many dishes and last but not least some apples and this is not a fact that that was cave-in actually came in another carry bag that could perfectly traffic apples I think there's 69p from Tesco's and you'll either get like big ones like really huge ones and you get like four or five of them or you get smaller ones

and you get like literally seven or eight of these I absolutely look at force Apple to some think that is definitely my go-to snack so obviously I have my breakfast I have an apple and the tea or to our posit they're smaller and then I'm a punch there also be my snack in between my lunch and my dinner and in particular when they do have the really big apples they are so filling and I love them they definitely my go-to snack you know and obviously you know fruits as in vegetables they're all very high in vitamins and minerals so yeah that's pretty much it that is my fresh produce and it's all pretty leaf similar like obviously throughout the year depending on the season will be holla'd you know dictate what would you actually buy because it's really point to fighting season and local but generally we always make sure that you know we've got carrots and we can always usually get current British and we always make sure we've got some leafy green vegetables because as you see in the next video they are very important along with you know other foods that I will mention to meet daily nutrient