10 October 2019


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peach squad so if you guys didn't know I started treating Janet about two weeks ago 60 days ago we started on Monday and we've been on a fat loss journey since then I've been doing everything on YouTube the first time we would she waited herself before she started working out with me she was 138 pounds right 138 pounds so nah this is a fuckin body 130 3.4 it's not gonna get it we're still going but the guys tonight when we measured her waist it was 30 33 33 inches okay we measure her waist the first video everything's on YouTube so it's it was 32 inches okay 31 in that hat 31 and a half inch or 30 yeah about 31 and a half inches and this is just the beginning y'all it's two weeks in we're going for three months let's see what are you ready a few months that's it okay one more thing before I make this protein shake that I'm about to show you guys you know I that thing I want you guys to do is get this scourge because you know maybe your progress isn't as good as janasya but you know that's why you don't want to compare yourself maybe her progress isn't as good as someone else but something like that I teach Jenna to

like Malcolm pressure compare yourself you know this isn't a race this is just about you it just better yourself you know working to get stronger than baby for it and also the last thing you guys should do is compare yourself to Janet's progress if yours isn't as good as her you don't just stick to it you ever gonna get there so something that a lot of people ask is on what protein shakes could a drink you know on this is the one I use this gold standard whey protein like I'm not sponsored by them or anything but I get at Costco cassettes pretty good price instant big but you guys could literally get any protein out there and the flavor it just depends on what you like so we've got taco flavor and something I love doing with chocolate protein is on making a shape of protein shape with banana and peanut butter because it's taste like Reese's so usually I need some milk we got all my moves right here all right just pour a little bit in there man we get a scooper Posehn put that in there too and now we got a banana if you want to use the whole banana that's fine if you only want to use half the banana that's fine too is

whatever you guys like and with the peanut butter you don't want to use too much peanut butter just a little bit I go a little bit less than a tablespoon right here okay so all you got to do is just blend I think I use a little bit too much don't and if you guys love Reese's Cups this is a protein for you thank you yeah are you ready to kick ass tomorrow because I know I know babbles results from the scale and you inches they're motivated to go hard huh I thought I thought it is you see priority here - like all photo obsessed now and you just want to go kill it just to UM make sure you do cardio today though excited their way in ready to go hard today all right six may warm up and let's get to it and Marsha do all Moore's on the other way now so you did on the forward going backwards ten seconds we're warming up sit little warm-up upper body okay there you go fiefs Paul worked on under one is gonna be pushing some modified pushes remember how long he be pushing on this bar last week she has this bar up a little higher now we're going a little Lord it's gonna

be a little bit more challenging and I'm gonna push her to do at least 12 reps if she could do 13 14 even better five six seven eight nine ten eleven you got it you got it thirty day on a you got fifteen or sixteen on you that's 15 hey one more one more one more 17 yeah this shit into the second workout and no break this time we're doing 10 pounds on the shoulder press with one arm last week we're doing seven a half [Music] there you go all over town on easy to more Janet two more last one you should go straight to track them pushdowns all the way guys guys you know this part right here you know because they do complement to talk to someone you know you're never going to be happy because you're always gonna constantly compare yourself to someone else's success is you're gonna failures you know just compare yourself to yourself a solar flies and we're doing he learned is the other side making sure Janet's pushing it so it's gonna take God you

guys lost your result you have to push this off better she's going with lunges she doesn't need any help balancing she's doing it with way now perfect form that's a quick learner perfect alright so you guys already knows we got the dumbbell chest press there's a person touch my set don't ya perfect but don't stay down too long go right back up or for 12 reps [Music] remember right after the dumbbell chest press we go straight into the lunges which hold it flies she's only doing seven and half pounds like I said last time if you probably doing five pounds that's fine but remember if you could do more weight don't be afraid to push yourself you know you guys are so much stronger than your thinking you think by this workout is so much more tiring than looks now even two rounds of everything again and then the third of the triceps with triceps remember triceps are located right here to the back part of the arm all the way up into your arms fully extend there you go perfect one for 15 reps first of all she only

did 12 by Toller I know you could do 15 come on push her she does 15 next week we're gonna increase the weight Janek come on we killing it's a good day here at the gym Janet how do you feel your two rounds are technically four rounds in how'd it go so far good she feels good nice Johnny I want to ask you something serious I'm just like curious before you go into like you know how I have you been pretty weird else in a row before you go into that whole series here you guys just okay Oh three more workouts you know boom are gonna be poor exercises and then the third one is gonna be mainly for the triceps we're gonna do it around and here it is she's getting ready about the timer we're gonna do this for a minute we're testing the core testing the shoulders we're testing her limits my team you ain't stopping Jenny we stop him thirty seconds [Music] there's eight more seconds Jenny five four three two one all right and I was tiring now straight to the next horse don't break this times maybe thirty reps on this you gotta feel this

my lawyer you're on lower abs [Music] well 1337 eight twenty nine thirty Oh mr. twine is killing that's work [Music] or team 15:05 you guys should be feeling it's down here 17 last three [Music] 19:01 morning helping [Music] I'm begging another workout killed down the middle week number three how do you feel yeah you fucking you've been good really good though Gavin miss Mel workouts you're eating good change the week need no more Starbucks guys find this video I just wanna tell y'all that I love my beautiful wife so much hey Africa and um oh yeah guys have you guys been keeping up with the series keep it up you guys are gonna see results in no time you know if you're new to the channel you know there's a first video of what you've watched I recommend you guys start with video number one and

also make sure you subscribe follow the first video of this series because every video is important you have to follow them in order okay so yeah that pretty much does it for today's video thanks for watching and until next fall and remember pineapple belongs on pizza [Music]