22 July 2019

Week 2. Lets talk about health. Excersise and healthy eating will save your life

Why am i doing this? What is my purpose? A long sustained life. Lets talk about it. Find me on Facebook.com/realworkforrealresults Instagram: smota Stay tuned!

hi guys so this will be week two of the

my videos for this channel and this week I just want to kind of go over the reasoning for me to choose this path and choose to do videos and work on health and want to help people with their health and their fitness because I just really like I learned for just recently how very really important it is to be to be healthy and it's just not for losing weight and feeling good and looking good it's it's literally once you get to a certain age it's it's about life or death you know and that's just that's just the honest truth I first started health and fitness for myself about two years ago when I was struggling through depression and it's helped me mentally it's helped me physically it's helped me be a better mom you know be able to do things better at one point before I started working out I couldn't even barely pick up my house for long periods of time without running out of breath which is wow you know that really makes you think think about what where you're headed if I can't even keep my breath to pick up my house and getting dizzy I'm getting fatigued nausea so that was the reason for my my

personal reasons but just recently my husband got diagnosed with high blood pressure which is a serious matter at least in this country it is becoming an epidemic there's a lot of people that have high blood pressure and don't even know it and the crazy thing is high blood pressure is considered a silent killer so you know you can have a stroke tomorrow and I realize that it was from having high blood pressure and what are the two main natural remedies for high blood pressure eating healthy and exercise now if you start out with a balanced diet and a healthy diet and a healthy exercise regimen you won't have to worry about having the go so strict with your diet whereas now with with my husband's high blood pressure he can't have no sodium no cholesterol there's to be no canned foods which I cook with canned vegetables they judge me if you want to well not now I can't cook with a canned vegetables a Marcus never realized how much sodium is actually in a can of green beans crazy in amounts check it out so and then on top of that he can't have no snacks nothing bagged nothing processed nothing

that even says healthy on it but if it's boxed more than likely has a crap ton of sodium and salt in it so if we would have noticed this earlier if he would have been eating healthier throughout his life we wouldn't be worrying about this right now he's 35 years old so in the midst of that I actually joined some Facebook groups to kind of learn about high blood pressure and I was shocked at the ages of people that have high blood pressure and I'm talking 24 years old 22 I even saw somebody say they're 21 years old with high blood pressure how does that happen right 21 year old you're supposed to be able to live your life and not worry about that stuff so my husband you know had to he can't drink no more which is fine but who doesn't like a normal glass of wine once in a while no no drinking no sodium nothing now he has the key ah to be cut off cold turkey we it's changed our lives and he struggles everyday with it I'm still trying to get him to work out because you know working out you have to kind of commit and want it and you have to prioritize it make it and put it into your life you know as you do everything everything everything

else you got to find a spot for it in your life so we're working on that right now but that is basically why I take health and fitness so serious now because if we wouldn't call him all he kept saying was oh I feel weird I feel funny I feel weird I feel funny and one day I'm just like I'm staying at doctor put in for you I don't understand what's going on like you're not supposed to feel weird and funny at 35 years old supposed to be a-prime supposed to be your prime of your life well we got terrible results off of that and basically it's hard to get down we've been cooking good and eating it's to like extreme health I'm talking no salt only fresh herbs which I don't care who you are salt on no food sucks so that's why I want to let people be aware that whether it's now whether it's later your health is going to be necessary what you eat what you do exercising getting your body moving it's all gonna play a part whether you live a longer life or not that's why a lot of people are dying these days at a very early age and getting diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure all kinds of health issues and from what 90% of the time

it's because of the it's the health and what we don't understand is that when we use canned foods and processed foods and all these terrible foods that we're eating every day and it's hard to stop eating them because we're so used to it because that's how that's what our countries got us thinking that it's it's okay to eat this stuff and it's really not not just that if you're if it's just sitting in your stomach the process chemicals the the steroids that they pump into everything yeah I mean what do you think it's over time it's gonna build over time it's gonna it's gonna cause issues health issues so it's better now to take control of your health so that you don't have so that you can be seventy and eighty years old you know and watch your grandkids grow up and living long lives like my great grandmother she lived to be 90 years old over nine years old and why because her generation they weren't feeding everybody so much processed foods and so much steroid infested foods chemicalized foods these days an average person is is known to live until about 56 57 years old that is way too young you won't even see your

grandkids at that point so we need to we need to kick this in gear we need to start living healthier we need to start putting exercise into our livelihoods it should be a part of our life health and wellness should be a part of your everyday concerns everyday thoughts you got to think of your body as a machine okay if our if our body the Ferrari which I would like mine to be you know and you keep getting it the cheap oil cheap oil cheap you know cheap fluids cheap gas you know over time it's gonna run your motor down and your Ferrari that should be good for years and years it's gonna start running like crap and then we decide to put synthetic oils and synthetic gasses in there it's gonna take a while for that motor to be able to build back up to a good working motor and that's kind of like how our bodies are made you know we want something quick sometimes oh I just need to lose weight oh I didn't well it's not just about losing weight it's about being healthy it's about getting your machine your body moving because that is what our bodies are supposed to do our bodies are made to move our cell

production it is based on exercises based on blood pumping it's based on a lot of stuff but exercise all together get everything moving everything working the correct way because our bodies are made to do that when you fuel your body with the correct things your body knows exactly what to do with those exactly what to do the nutrients it knows exactly what it needs to do to sustain your body without to sustain bodies and without good health you you will have a short-lived life and that is just how it goes you can you can you can kick it into gear now become healthy so you can live a longer life so that you don't have to go to these doctors offices and and be pumped up with pills for the rest of your life and and live a short life because one way or the other your health will catch up to you whether it's now or later so if you don't want to do nothing about it now and you continue to eat like you are continue to do what you're doing lay it on the life when you're turning 50 years old 45 my husband 35 years old if you wait till then guess what you're gonna have to start doing complete restriction in your livelihood

like no salts like like bear plain chicken bear plain vegetables because that's all your body can handle and if it and if you give it anything else you might have a stroke like do you really want to have to worry about that no no who wants to worry about that nobody so it's better to get it into shape now so that when you are fifteen six years old you can go to your doctor's offices and they will be happy with your body and they'll be like oh just keep up what you're doing just do what you're doing instead of going to the doctor's office and then having to oh we need you have high blood pressure now we got to monitor your heart now we got to do surgery now we got to do this now you have problems with your colon because your colon if you if you didn't realize it's part your digestive system and all them process process chemicals and you don't think that's messing with your colon yeah it's messing with it with all of it your whole system okay that's where problems come in we've got to kick it into gear we got to start we got to change this death rate in this country and that's

what I'm trying to do you know I'm trying to show real products for people that are new to exercising real healthy supplemental private products that will reset your digestion and reset your whole system to work correctly I don't want to put no bad chemicals in your body like the you know oxy clean and oxy this and whatever whatever those quick weight loss pills are okay because all in all yeah you might lose weight but what other chemical are you putting in your body besides everything else we put in our body so it's better to make sure you're putting natural ingredients in your body natural supplements in your body and not I wouldn't I wouldn't depend on a supplement ever but if you want a supplement to help jump-start your weight not neither weight loss your to jumpstart your your system health then then that's what that that's what these natural supplements are for so stay tuned I'm gonna keep posting I might not post on time all the time like I should you know I got a crazy life I got you know kids and husbands and stuff and but I really want this to be a thing I really want to be make this aware

caught you know cause awareness to help into the health issue in the health crisis in this country so stay tuned and I hope that one of this video this channel reaches out to those who really need it all right talk to y'all later