11 August 2013

WE ALMOST THREW UP!! (Taste Test #3 - Natural/Healthy Snacks)

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was born on guys mules ghostrobo and i

have brought two excellent gases for this episode of taste tests we've got no out of the food connoisseur yeah we've got Jade via the chef he cooks a lot of stuff way more than us so he's gonna have a good different perspective anyways thanks Allah support in the past videos keep smashing alike but if you wanna see more awesome taste test we have a great variety for you from cookies to drinks to more kale broccoli smoothies and of course the return of the dastardly Cal so let's get right in southwest ranch that sounds like the worst the export we're gonna start off with the drinks so that we have something washed him down provided they are good her gradient but he used in refrigerator at all okay our first trial is Spees and root beer sparkling green team now I don't know how you mix green tea with root beer but it's all organic natural and it's brewed it's carbonated so we're gonna see if it's not always about me even think it's medicine alright we all ready to taste this three two one let's see the Green Team I think it's really good it's actually pretty good I watched on the other side I think you

like a good yeah Jen says it's good for the mind the body and the soul okay mainly maybe the feet mmm next up we have something that my uh my best friend from Michigan actually picked out for us to try so big shout out to him were big not shout out if they're gross it's natural coconut curry cashews roasted cashews an exotic one white chocolate curry and coconuts when the bus is open for each of us a try apparently they're like a hit item at Whole Foods so I'm gonna give you two give you to my two and we're gonna taste these out like I like white chocolate I like nuts why do you why is it yellow chocolate that's curry curry chocolate just like why would you want this we end plate like why would you wanna say I taste like it got screwed up I like chocolate so I just eat it to the chocolate I give it a 5 out of 10 will you get it will you get it no one's really hard to please come on continuing the trend of guest pick foods we have something our mom picked out which is a Trader Joe's lightly salted crunchy green beans now I like green we think we all do and they're cook it's like one of the most afraid I'm a little bit worried

there they're just like salted and crunchy oh so bad it's like a flower pot to my old person home just like a green really smells like a garden they sound like they some like cool baby sickening yes it is now we know it's gives that means being a bad boy always I think you've won Messer say it was bad what do you guys rate that me and something I eat every day but I got four or five more than the cashews yeah you suck that was the honestly the worst food our cases are on this this thing that was worse Intel crime oh yes King this is definitely no young rice is a legend okay to wash that taste out of my mouth I have a box of cookies these are an aztec chocolate chunk adventurous flavor of a spicy bite so these look pretty good I don't know what the spicy gettin a second winner digwydd you know really really like really like really like the flavors been sucked out by Ackman well you make me find sweet and there's like that in your like back your throat kind of spiciness they like but it's like like you just like in a smoke it's they're like oh

yeah definitely there are though there's a spice to it I don't like sound like a cinema nice place and like a peppery it's like telling you having like tea or something the tea spice just really odd there's lingers my back your throat I mean okay like six out of ten yeah I like that you really want to I think you're gonna get a cookie though you might as well get one that's gonna taste really good if you're gonna have cuz this still has like cooking type ingredients and stuff and sugars and all that means gluten free it's our language is nice but there is Cayenne there is chili flakes that's a little bit creepy thanks that we have some of Brad's raw chips organic gluten-free non-gmo kosher not big not fried vegan chicken over and there's a picture Brown is a very very nice guy in a really creative website cute Rad's raw foods backup alright so I love sweet potatoes when their coach at least because you later we do a play where raw chips kale flavor to those I cut I cut bare and spicy Gail I couldn't bear to kale items in one show it looks like a piece of sandpaper no you remember they're not being rawhide like that you

get a dog nice what does crap together like mush together alright so you kill chips in three two one there's something in like the cow crunch and these that just gross what wait gross Oh make them a goat nothing rabid rodent as carrots yams flax seeds buckwheat groats maple syrup and don't extract all split they have all that good stuff in them but they're really good gross like corn flakes but like made out of like they're there something I don't know the buckwheat groats are really making me nervous yeah Bob we know about gross I feel like they extracted some like see how the goat's stomach or like stomach sauce stomach sauce and then me it ship out of it and it just kidding Brad is a bad man I'm gonna yeah I think it raise those like a 4 out of 10 next up we have something that hopefully will retain try over and over again for something good and kind of come up at the end of this episode all of our trust is the urban raccoon gluten free granola bar cranberry maple on flavor and I picked this one because there's a picture of a raccoon in a suit in a

green hat not sure we can see it but Robin Hood in this dude it's like Robin Hood raccoon with urban that's like gonna go do some work on these strips and this bar looks like it's a bird seat it's like a bird seat yeah and whatever so I'm flicking a break really isn't like your best flavor okay not me like a wrong things like this it's like an egg tart you three to eight smell it it smells like smells good no baby food I like the small one I'm fine like air like pop stop no wonder cranberry like how can you get this in offense very very nice right cranberry sweetened cranberries honey maple syrup cashews ODEs sunflower seeds organic pumpkin and that wasn't offensive or anything but it called me ugly what they called you ugly they said it wasn't offensive that's how did you describe the food is not offensive well I didn't like I put my tastes bugs I'm washed is that joke I get value 5 out of 10 nothing great nothing terrible I wouldn't buy it again those things like you would see in your deck why would I buy why would I buy this we've come up

real empty-handed and now carrots and broccoli baby whew revealing hood of a symphony carrots and broccoli flavor it's got 25% your daily value of vitamin A and innocent 45 percent daily value might even see three grams of fiber a guy like this is what most people over six months which all of us are except maybe no on Sunday so what about this is on the back it says you can serve at room temperature baby or put it in a hole ouch and the thing of hot water who's gonna be willing to taste some of this so who is the brave souls willing to try this first I'm gonna be brave for you guys just take a little bit oh they're saying it's worse than quel crunch and literally just tastes like you vomited and get the feel like I don't know if it makes you like groups acid or if it's just a flavor but it looks like a zit like as it is carrot puree broccoli puree water vitamins melon that's it yeah let's make carrots and broccoli no stuff should I be afraid I'm gonna do it though no no and I had the varmint swallow any no one that's really gross oh it's so bad well this has been the grossest episode yet by far I think you

were saying the only thing over like a five across the board was the STIs root beer green tea it doesn't use a green tea but we didn't have a Thunderbird and a Jetta almond cookies towel bar so Kayla poodle and yeah it's sharp it's shaman blast and handmade blessed by a shaman I hope the shaman bless us in the looks just like a very like fruity like like energy bar type thing that's all-natural along the way yep hopefully this can redeem a little bit of the terror so 3 2 1 I like dates I like this one yes I do tastes like gum fruit leather but not brutally just like it was made of some almond flavored food really does taste like it made someone's hot well given the moment truth is here this is a probably the main reason I brought you on so you could experience the glory the heavenly bliss of California's flavor to Southwest ranch we tasted quite cheesy and tired on Dijon and now we have Southwest ran there's something something the worst flavor yeah I'm kind of worried it's they're gonna be the absolute nastiest oh we're gonna dig in what you do the

honors and sell and taste first a winner first what about miss Kayla I think is that the back of the sauce is like driving so we're gonna do this all together in hope that somehow we know dive we don't make it to the other side this cow crunch you guys have been a great audience oh my dear I got my father there branch is like dried on yeah it's like it's like 20 years old like it this is post-apocalyptic age girl really is the worst three to be the biggest piece but like I was hearing this you're gonna guess elite really you're the lovely gal let's just do three two one alright are you doing this with a straight face you have so much so much respect for me right now I was eating it it's gross I mean that was bad nothing prepares the broccoli just that was worse I thought myself again getting the gag reflex I hadn't done the mouth on the resident Obama on camera which probably is against YouTube's Terms of Service so the bad news is that we really didn't find anything you like except for the root beer that was pretty good right guys the good news is that every time they only talk about yeah the

good news is that everything we eat for the rest of the week is gonna taste delicious because horrible no no that was that was terrifying there's so many bad things that the things we do like normally that we eat will be pretty good I think next time we're gonna do like an all good thing episode with or something we have to reward ourselves after that Tara trip that was the worst taste as we've done yet glad that we involved Jake for the gross-out session I think I should get out I could award per shut swallowing everything he did you saw everything without seeing anything on his side is clear we are the thank you guys so much for watching hope you had a fantastic day enjoyed the video if you did hit that like what I have your favorites thanks for being here thanks to the food kind of service styling his presence upon us yeah I want to see more of these videos just and your parents let us know in the comments below we'll try out some more hopefully better things than this time but until I found little guys and girls thanks so much for watching it has today drinks in my chocolate we will see you all