19 July 2019


This video is about why you may have hit a weight loss plateau and how to overcome it. Some respected individuals in the fitness industry to learn from: Bret ...

hey y'all this videos gonna be about

what to do when you hit a plateau in your fitness journey so first things first usually people come to me or ask me questions where I have clients who come to me because they've been dieting or exercising for X amount of months for X amount of years and they then hit this stall where for let's say five months to a year a couple years they haven't seen any change in the scale any body composition changes they've hit that plateau they're like what am I supposed to do so first things first one thing that I look at mainly is calorie intake a lot of these people it's just like the thing everybody thinks okay I'm going to diet for a very very long period of time our bodies are not made to diet for years on end at a constant constant diet of being in a calorie deficit so people are trying to constantly eat less and less and less because they want to keep losing more fat but then they hit that plateau stage that's because like I said our bodies are not made to constantly diet they need a break your body needs a rest so you're eating so many little amount of calories and your body for those five to six months to a year or whatever however

long you've stalled for that has become your new calorie maintenance your body is like hey I don't want to diet anymore I kind of want some more food so that's what I would recommend that you would do and that's what I do with my clients so I think your best bet went to be start increasing your calories little by little over time and this does not mean okay go to the binge eating go to eating everything and stuffing your face all at once and eating so many more calories than you're used to it because that's how you're gonna regain all that fat back what you have done of doing is strategically placing your calories and increasing them over time and then pay attention to the scale if that's what you use as well or how your body composition you're the way you closed it so then when we are increasing those counties over time we're restoring our metabolism back to normal getting a little bit higher than maintenance and you're kind of in that bulking or building phase where you're gonna build muscle and muscle is good for you it's not gonna make you look stocky and less feminine if you're a

female that's gonna help you in the long run is slowly increasing those calories so then say for I would recommend it for months on end months to a long period of time of just continuing to increase your calories and then after that once you kind of get to that new normal start dieting again and then you'll start to see more results so the reason why I say is don't go just jump right into okay I'm going to start eating two times more than when I'm used to it because you're gonna get all that fat back and it's not gonna be muscle it's gonna be mainly fat so I need to do that strategically and slowly over time so to give a personal example I have had multiple clients come to me who did not count calories beforehand when we work together as I was their coach and I said okay record what she I do this whole thing and I notice they're used to consuming 1200 calories or even a thousand calories or less on a day because you know they just want to eat as little as possible not necessarily a healthy relationship with food for a very long period of time that's why they stalled so then I start to increase your calories like 50 to 100 calories a week slowly over time I have

had people where the scale doesn't really change but their body composition that changes a lot or those people who have stalled for that long period time and we're increasing their calories they continue to lose body fat unless you're prepping for a show or competing is if you've hit a plateau then you got to get really aggressive you don't be like okay cardio needs to increase and I need to even cut my calories a bit more you know that's very extreme and that's on certain circumstances and that's why I don't recommend it for everybody unless you're you're doing those sort of things for the general population you have to give your body more of a break again another reason when people plateau is because their effort and their energy has gone down the they don't put in the effort that they used to when they were in the gym they have done the same routine for that whole entire period of time without changing the sense without changing the Raps without changing the way and it's just you're using the same stimulus over and over and over again for those one year if you don't change it nothing in you is going

to change just like everything else in life so you know you have to put that energy back into your program - it's not just about the food it's about the program as well and that's what adjustments need to be made to your program whether you're making your program but you have a coach making your program there's so much but you need to keep putting in the effort into your workout and a lot of people get lackadaisical as well as time goes by it's like alright yeah I'm doing so good for four weeks all those bicep curls and then over time we're like huh this was boring okay change it it really does take some time and effort and patience you know it's not something that's gonna happen super quick and you just gotta trust either your coach or you gotta trust whatever you're reading I guess I mean that's probably not the best advice because I don't recommend just going online and looking all that stuff up but if you have some knowledge on it you just gotta take your time and you know take a look at the food if you were eating less and less for a very long period of time you've been on that diet for so long and nothing has changed for

those six to seven months then start increasing your food if you've noticed okay like my fruit is fine but you've been doing the same routine haven't changed sets reps and weights make adjustments to your program this is why you can a plateau efforts in the food and on point you know listen to your body figure it out and you will get back to the fat loss phase at some time it takes patience you