14 January 2019

Walking Nine Month Old & Healthy Snacks | Candice Liz

Hey guys! Welcome back. Thanks for watching.. Like & subscribe if you enjoyed! January 9&13. Hung out with godson. He's walking!! Also made healthy snacks.


[Music] [Music] lay down he'll be taking a video cuz I was gonna tell Felix [Laughter] [Laughter] [Music] you like really wants up please well Oh child come on child even paler don't hear kid dogs baby Peter come on and we at the broom she's feeling snow yes you 12 years old she probably is she looks way younger than her friend yeah yes my thought was forcibly get on your magic ride okay yeah that girl was definitely posing you oh nice please days later hey guys so I'm gonna film my healthy snack that I'm gonna make that I can eat like throughout the week and it has a jogger and like berries when he's blueberries and strawberries and this just happened I had the fridge door open and then I opened like I had the yoghurt laying on top of the fridge door looking idiot and then I opened my freezer to get my frozen fruit and I knocked the entire

yogurt off the fridge door so it went everywhere but I planned on using the whole thing anyway so it's fine the containers nail cracks but yeah that was fun using blueberries this Liberty a Greek yogurt vanilla its lactose free and then got these strawberries and I'm using Halloween things just so that you're laying in there just like in the pan yeah I'm gonna cut them up gonna fill the yogurt and then put the fruit in and then I'm gonna put them in the freezer yeah yeah I'll show you the moon then done so this is what they look like just the yogurt in the berries and I'm probably gonna make another Troy just cuz I still have like mad at the yogurt laughs just so yeah and then I'm gonna pop them in the freezer and then they'll be good to eat hopefully I've never done this before so I'm wearing [Music]