08 April 2019

Wales - Friends, Healthy Eating, BBQ/Braai, Sightseeing

What a fabulous weekend with friends. Ogmore Beach and Dunraven Sands, followed by a healthy Braai?BBQ. Sunday was a trip to Caerphillly Castle before ...


hi welcome back to my channels and inspirations for you don't forget to subscribe to my channel and clip for notifications for further videos well we've just come back from an amazing weekend with some friends who live in Bridgend in new cardiff and me and wales don't normally go because whenever I painted Wales but she's a child it always rained or was cold or was miserable but I'm really pleased to say that this weekend it was absolutely beautiful they on the chilly side and those are gonna win there but the Sun was out and it was gorgeous and I said our friends live in Bridgend and they're not far from the sea which is great so do love to see I don't worry find Lola were perfectly well looked after they had to sleep over here with the lady looks after during the day so they they've had a great time too and behind me sorry if you can see lots of chocolate that's not for me that's for my nieces and everybody else for three snow which I'm just sort of collecting over there so not mine so yes it back to my weekend and we arrived yesterday morning sorry I don't know alone as usual has come to say hello to ride UFC

morning and it was about lunchtime ish so our friend said why don't we go off to a couple of places so we jumped into their car and the first place we went to was called up more Beach very very beautiful and it was quite busy at that day and the dogs would have loved it I always do think of them when we go out and the tide was out so it was lots of people on the beach with their dogs and things so we just had them walk down and had a little stroll around the beach and that was really really pretty so here's some photos from there [Music] okay and then we hop back in the car went to another Beach called Dunraven Beach which again was really really nice just someone we want to go back to in the future and two reasons one that looks like there's some really good walks there and I think there's a castle or an old sort of how something that you can walk up to but also the beach itself the rock formations on sir the cliff edge and sort of on the beach were absolutely stunning very very pretty machine the sunlight really really beautiful dogs would love the walk McCain

but for us and I think definitely is worth a visit we didn't have our dear fellow cameras with us I only had Michael Canon which I'm using right now and our iPhones but hopefully we've sort of still captured the sort of beauty of it so here's some pictures from from that speech [Music] [Applause] [Music] so do you agree that it's magnificent isn't it that is definitely worth a visit I thinks about five pound to park at that one and I'm not sure what the other one was but definitely worth it so you just move because Lola jumped on you definitely worth a day out we then hop back in the car went back to our friends house and it was a lovely spring day so it was early evening and we sat in the garden and enjoyed the spring sunshine and the Southland friend had some Cedars gin and tonic if you don't know what this is this is non-alcoholic Jim and if you're not snow mode it is sin free and for anyone thinking what's the point of having it one it's really refreshing - there's no sins if you've got the right sunlight on it with it and it's just

really nice and this is my bottle and it's nearly empty but my friend had bought some specially for us for the weekend as well and I usually put it with frozen berries if you've seen any my other vlogs before and it is definitely worth buying so I definitely recommend it and then in the evening because her friends are South African we had a Bry and or BBQ to anyone that isn't South Africa and I was livid they got some really nice ribeye steak and some Bravo so she's a South African sausage and my friend who was also doing slimming world disma mazing soon world salads and pasta salad and a normal salad and then she also made a garlic bread one of the promise rolls so here's a little look at what we had for dinner [Music] so as you see you know even when you're eating at the friends house is you can still have an amazing amazing meal but beyond plan so that was a really good evening and though I did also how some slimline wide it wouldn't be me if I didn't take my swim line with it so I really really enjoyed that so we had a good night and we saw chatting and

listen to some music on the the TV and things and then went to bed and then this morning I think we expected to have breakfast and come straight home but there are no friends suggested and we go to Kathy Lee castle we had time it's not an issue we've got quite early and stuff so we thought yeah I mean you never knew what Kathy Lee castle was like or anything about it and a quick look at my phone so we went and it looked amazing but when we got there oh wow again if you've never been go is it's huge I mean it must been so beautiful in its prime and it was just lovely to walk around it was a bit cold but when the song was that was really really nice lots of things there if you've got kids as well so there's a dragon and all sorts of different things of the maze of a building so it is a derelict castle it's been damaged in over the past you know it's obviously been hit by different things ricochets and ricochets travela Trevor shows and and one of the towers is also just about to fall over and it's just absolutely amazing so I want to show you some photos from that [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you think wasn't it so yeah it was right I am eight pound ninety per adult to go but definitely worthwhile going I can't recommend that enough so yes okay Philly was really really nice wasn't it and on top of that in the gift shop I found some really really nice ceramics and there's quite a lot to choose from which I really liked and it's from somebody anything like this knows Jack Tracy Baker ceramics and she makes these in Wales if I could to show you what I bought it's a little boss and it's a little bit like a heart shape and a lot of stuff is heart-shaped themed so I think that's her before little thing but this is absolutely beautiful I thought the great in my study here for pens and things it was only knowing pound that was she did a little heart shape before host of things I'm not sure he used was close because they're surrounded but they might met a little

trinket pot sauce in my back and there was a bigger size bars as well but you know if you're looking for something like this definitely working in hope she's got a website here but I can try and get it onto the camera if not I won't put it on the bottom of my post I'm not sure you're going to get that you may not get that but anyway this was really really good and really pleased this so this is going on my desk here with my pens in it and it'll be nice reminder of my trip with my friends and so we're home now hobbies been a mowed the lawn and he's a little jobs and I'm just cheating out Doom's from my blogging actually my blogging and for we go out we're going to the King's Head in Wales one for dinner which have you seen some my blogs you'll know is our local pub that's just been refurbed and it's amazing it does really really nice for you so again if you're going to the Cotswolds or you're driving through your my structure p'nay even or anywhere subtle Warwick's your way and you want to make eat go to the king's head now when I went away I had a parcel delivered and it's a title this is my very very first

load all obviously are they just opened it when I've got that today and I don't have time to see evening to doing it with it but it's great it comes in this box and I've got three packets and there's two slices in each pack there but happy not it's loader so I'm really excited about what I'm gonna do with that and definitely have to subscribe to my channel to find out what I'm gonna make those six and piece of load oh it does come with a leaflet expand inside a little earlier it's got three recipes which is a quiche pizza and a mud cake so I will have a look at that this week and I will do something from this or make my own recipe of who knows and I will put it on to my and my channel so definitely you gotta subscribe to my channel and together so that's it for me at the moment I hope you enjoyed that and I've had a really good weekend and please keep subscribing to my channel and you can pick up new things that I do new recipes I've got a really nice pasta bake but I've put on which I think will be published on Wednesday that is a bit of a his-and-her pasta bake because hubby wanted bread crumbs I didn't because I'd already had

my healthy it should be so just to show you how easy it was to make and one meal in one dish which suited both of us so don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you very soon bye