01 January 2019

VSG: 2 Yr Surgeriversary Post Op! MORE Weight Loss🎉⚘

I'm still losing weight after 2 yrs! I'm happy and found a method that works for me. ⤵ ⤵ My 140s Dance!! I'm happy!

hey everyone as me puts his love I'm

coming to do a quick video to year post-op surgery we bout to go into a new year um got on my new glasses but then I knew but they old friends but I had new lenses put in turn up with these these are my new glasses so I got like two pair and it kind of kind of thick but I like this side anyway I'm here to do my post-op video for two years today's day is December 31st I did a video yesterday December 30th but it's kind of long so I want to shorten it so anyway today's day is December 31st and uh I go by first is love I'm 51 years old um happy birthday to me my birthday was December 16th and happy so diversity to me two years it was December 22nd I'll only do my videos like towards the end of the month 28 29 30 you know something like that like following the next month but excuse me but since we going into a new year I said let me go ahead and do it now um anyway my stats people follow me on Instagram already know I had already hit the 140 so yeah that's what I was coming to do video to say I'm in the 140 is my last video I think I was 150 1.5 so anyway I hit one forty nine point five I think it was the end of November I think I don't know but anyway um I could have

been in it November the very beginning of December but anyway as of yesterday I am now 147 pounds even so um for the people that's joining for the first time new people in newbies my goal at first was to be 140 and then everybody was saying it's probably too high of a goal so I was like okay maybe I try for 150 and so when I started getting into the 150s I seen that um you know it seemed like my weight was going down um Casey might want to know my stats I'll put everything in the bottom in the description if you want to know but when I started this journey was April of May 2016 I was 250 to the 255 pounds then I away that was 260 so bite I was time for me to start my liquid diet which was December 8th I was 260 pounds and then I had lost and came down to 248 anyway so now my goal I hit the 150s already and I'm 147 I'm trying to get to 145 if I get to 140 or 140 243 then good you know I do my best to maintain I do know that I talked to a few people who do however they had surgery to vets and they told me that some people have returned to the original weight and I don't know my original weight before I got pregnant

stuff when I was younger I was 136 I don't think and I'm not looking to get to 136 but I wasn't gonna get to 140 but again if I get to 142 143 I'm happy I'm happy to be I was happy to be in one 50s because I was stuck in the 160s for so long so I don't know if I did the video on here but I know on my Instagram I had you know when you do the this descale monthly you know monthly scale and so sorry phone so anyway um I didn't lose anyway Harley in 2018 but one month so around October I said something is it's not right because I should have been in the 150s or something at least and I wasn't losing anyway and that was something that I was doing you know everybody's body is different everything I work for everybody I talked to the doctors I thought they bury at the docks I talked to the nutritionist nobody knew what to do or could help me they had suggested it didn't work I tried it 3 to 5 small meals I did this and did that right now and the things is working for me is in a minute faster 2 minutes a day and if I'm hungry if I feel like eating 3 meals I will but I know is absolutely no snacking I'm not saying I don't snack because I do I'm human I'm hungry you

know but sometimes I want something I have it but most the time I'm very strict so 2 meals a day if I'm hungry 3 no snacking if I'm hungry I eat it and um maybe two times a month I might do old man oh man you don't know is one meal a day there's some other things I'm doing I talk another time if anybody's interested but I'm not going to it right now but that is the main thing that I'm doing and what I'm doing also is the elimination process so a lot of times people's like what do you eat what do you eat trying to see what I'm eating to help me lose weight no it's not what I'm eating it's what I'm not eating so there's a lot of things you should not eat that I'll make you either gain weight or keep waiting on you and I believe it to be true I saw two different doctors online I watched a lot of their videos and a lot of things they say it made sense a lot of things we eat we shouldn't eat a lot of things that they was not eating back in the day we eat now so I tried that I said I was gonna do for eight weeks and if it were gonna do for 12 weeks and so far it worked 812 weeks so I'm gonna do it for another another eight weeks another two

months so even though is December this my surgeon versity post-op I haven't been to my appointment yet my appointment day is not until February 2019 so when I go I'm pretty sure she's gonna be happy cuz I don't think she or nobody expect me to get into my 50s cuz he said he getting 160s was fine and you know when I was 260 pounds I thought 160 will be good and then I'm like no I want to be smaller so I just kept pushing and kept pushing so anyway um I'm here to tell anybody of course it's possible to lose weight after two years or three years or if you have regained it's just a lot of things you have to do different but you're eating and drinking and you know it took me to October you know to two months away from my two year anniversary to figure out what to do but that was also because of watching those videos so anyway um I just came just to let you all know this is the last month of the year 2018 I wanted to tell everybody I'm doing well other people who are not on Instagram I have Instagram I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep it I said that I might delete it and then I said if I don't delete it I might just keep it with the

pictures and delete some people or a lot of people or somebody there's only two or three of my social media I have Facebook I don't really use I have Instagram and I have YouTube and I used to do YouTube once a month for one thirty two months so anyway I just wanted to tell you I'm happy I'm in 14141 47 yeah I'm shaking this loose skin I do nothing about I mean you can but I'm not I'm not doing plastic surgery as I said I'm 51 years old so that means going through the new year 2019 I'll be 52 and I think as the older you get plastic surgery might be dangerous that's my opinion so I'm not doing it I don't like pain I mean when I had my VSD I was doing good I didn't have no pain at the handle gasps pain and nothing and I don't know stuff because I had so many stomach surgeries in the past you know farther endometriosis and c-sections and removal of cysts and fallopian tubes so I had a lot of things done with my work oh my stomach so also unless you know people who now Instagram so you know the SIBO medicine did not work I'm still bloated I gotta call the doctor see what

they will do um next month January I will do a body shot or skin flick the only thing is you know I might still be bloated so I do it anyway also there might be I might put down in the description box a link to a video of me dancing so you can see my body look like then you know anyone who's interested I don't know I might do it if you could Dan and you see it then it's there but if you don't see it then that means I didn't do it so anyway that is about it I wanted to say going into a new year happy New Year to everyone Merry Christmas if I'm late you know say Merry Christmas to everyone I mean so anyway I'm happy can you see the smile on my face did you see this mouth I don't want 47 I didn't think I would get to 150 I mean I'll try my best and when I got to 159 I was so happy and then the scale kept moving and moving down and now is that 147 the scared I had fluctuates it will bounce to a number first and then the shooter to the number you are so it sucks away between off 40 singing 147 so I thought it's gonna be 146 so I don't know in a week or two I might be 146 or something but when I'm doing the elimination process I will lose a pound

a week one and a half pounds or dependence of time might be too so between one or two pounds every seven to ten days it depends it depends on what I'm I'm eating like I said elimination it's how I lose the weight so it's not what I'm eating is what I'm not too eating and I can tell you two or three things that will help you lose weight if you eat it but nobody's gonna listen to me so that's why I don't put it on the videos you know of course you're not gonna do what I tell you to do you can see your doctor first action doctor but what I told my doctor I was doing when she said it was fine and um you know everybody had their own opinion and you know I'm gonna leave it out I'm gonna get along anyway so bye so for the people who's not on Instagram like darling discoveries hi darling discoveries I'm not really sure who else is not on there Malik Malika I think that's my name um there's some other people I'm so sorry I didn't write down the names cuz I'm gonna do a quick video and stuff because I didn't want to be long because my videos all used to be kind of lone let me see oh yeah okay

under 10 minutes good I try to do like 5 or 6 minutes to keep you updated so that's about it so anyway you know I know some people don't like I love my collarbones I know some people don't like collarbones clavicles or whatever you call them and my small neck I see some people have surgery and stuff done and you know I don't know if it's a turkey neck I mean it's small but it's not um it's not hanging to anything so yeah so anyway I don't know but you can see I mean I have one I have one much so I don't I don't want you to see what you ain't supposed to see so yep I'm doing alright you know I didn't want to tell y'all still lose away is two years and I still through the weight can you believe it I'll try to keep it up and rank it the one where you avoiding one 143 and maintain that's gonna be you that's gonna be that's gonna be some joy right there okay bye hi everyone