10 December 2019


So o actually filmed this when I made the chicken in Vlogmas 9 but didn't post as video would have been too long! Let me know if you make these and what ...


piece of tissue open your coconut oil the bull get this tissue dip in [Music] wow that's quite a lot maybe not that much and then what you do is swell swell swell swell swell swell swell swell slow depending on how many identities I think I'm just going to make this side I'm not going to make all of that let's see I'm going to get some shots of peppers and these ones I've chopped up smaller than I already showed you and you drop a few of those in [Music] and literally do as much or as little as you like use any veggies you've got fresh broccoli works really nicely as well you could also pre cook these I'm going to get my handy dandy big box of veggies go in there take the onions go in like and I want good that's it maybe other to a lot a lot less than you I don't want as many fight back many spine okay I'm going to do all of them I was going to do half and half but let's just do onions parole is where I use the let's see let's get back a spoon and [Music]

[Music] and this is what it looks like now you can get some sort of it season in I quite like this one with it Cajun spice and I'm going to sprinkle some on top okay next get your eggs crack open one end and what is it Muffit if you don't want the egg white you can also take it out so I think I'm going to do one with an egg I pull egg and then another one with an egg white this one is a full one [Music] I have made a look the open is now sleeping typical turn it on before I'm a thief what you can do is if you don't want like a whole and yolk in here so you know how this one get yourself like a spoon or a book I'm just going to use a spoon now skip the better [Applause] [Music] [Music] I can't deal with up but eight minutes what 80 chuckle man see how you doing enjoy okay there was just an eight minutes but they're not quite ready to

eat ones without this yolk and the ones that look a little bit like the public not ready so I'm just going to give them like another minute oh wow Illuminati but they do nothing [Music] [Music] here is the end product [Music] these are the ones with just the egg whites and these take 10 minutes it's not 8 to 10 10 minutes on 180 Snicket it this is how to keep your muffin so that leaf it's continued justice so yes one is missing because I just ate it you [Music]