10 December 2019

VLOGMAS DAY 10 Bowmar nutrition HONEST review and taste test

Heyy friendss! Welcome back to vlogmas! This is a Bowmar nutrition honest review and taste test! CLICK HERE FOR MY FREE WORKOUT GUIDE!

hey friends welcome back to my channel

um I don't know can you guys tell this is like too close up so you can't tell like everything I have here but today's going to would be a bummer nutrition review um I ordered like I ordered this one the protein hot chocolate maybe like four or five months ago by then really get into it until like last month and I've been like obsessed with this and then since then not ordered a couple more protein powder the protein french toast protein pumpkin spice and during a Black Friday sale I also got the protein bars and I got one of these nut butter so I'm gonna do a taste test for you guys um and give you guys my very honest review I'm not affiliated but I just want to share this review because I do have credible care products and I know all of you guys are interested in knowing how are they actually that good goes on this again and as I'm holding important on this again people have been sharing about them a lot so I bet you're wondering whether they're really that good or not so let's get to it so the first part I'm gonna review is the beaumart butter um I want to order so many more of these up and obsessed but donut problems here are so many

different flavors and a lot of them are always out of stock I couldn't decide which one I wanna so I never ordered more so this is the only one that have I have in the flavor cinnamon Crunch cereal so so this is how it looks like it's kind of like runny I mean we're out at the bottom so it's not as runny but I'll show you how it looks like so it looks like looks like this don't focus on me focus on this yeah and we've got this like a nine out of ten don't need that don't like about it is it can be a little too sweet sometimes and look I like sweet things but sometimes this can be a little bit overpowering but I do like to texture the crunch the flavor the Mac was really good is nine five seven carbs and ten protein for 31 grams so yeah I love spring just on rice cakes toast or anything so yeah so that's the first one um having a second product when the review are the protein bars um so I mean sugar cookie protein bar so that's gonna be my first time trying them after you support - yes can see what I'm doing so I have the protein hot chocolate folks in my chocolate and I have to your cookie so let's open sugar cookie one

first does I haven't tried it okay Oh looks like a cookie um looks like cookie dough so this is how looks like I'm just like frosting on top I think and then I'm just gonna so it looks like this so just like cool like sprinkles and stuff in there so I will give you select an eight out of ten they're like really soft and they taste like cookies I like the texture of these more than these ones the only thing is same with any Bomer nutrition products that have this can be a little too sweet for me sometimes I'm the one I do have a sweet tooth they're great before the protein powders and stuff I always have to add more liquid just because they're quite sweet but this will not quite enjoy so give this like an eight out of ten and then we open the top chocolate one for you guys so it has like marshmallow chunks and stuff in there I have microwave these before I think I put it in microwave for 10 seconds and it tastes great the one you like microwave them and I tried to microwave them for 20 seconds and that's when they get like really weird chewy texture um so if you do microwave them I wouldn't do it for more 10 seconds so I like the texture of

the sugar cookie one a little better but I like the flavor of this one more I'll give this more like a like an 8.5 out of 10 I still really like it especially with like the marshmallow bits and stuff yeah that's the only process Affleck non-protein powder from foam arm I do want the child air like collagen and green so maybe you'll get those in the future and then share with you guys but let's get into the protein powder so we have protein french toast and I've been adding this one to my coffee and this smells kind of like maple we um I think that's the smell but I can't really tell I like honestly I'm not a big fan of the smell when they're smaller from um the top but when I you can talk but when I mix it in coffee and stuff they taste great um let me get my mixer so when I make my protein coffee I just use like a mixer frother like this I'm just gonna add water to the protein powder so that we can taste like the true flavor of it I guess I'm kind of scared I've only had in confidence before I'm not a fan of this drinking protein powder myself so [Music]

[Applause] I'm sorry to lighting it's a little weird in this video it's quite dark and I have like a little tiny ring light in front of me so I know the lighting looks a little different I would normally prefer natural daylight but honestly there isn't much natural daylight in Vancouver for a past couple days so yeah flop must-haves to continue um so this is how it looks like I will see these kind of like watery but I mean I mix it with water so I didn't expect too much okay that's not bad I normally prefer mixing with like almond milk or coffee or a little bit primer and water and I don't know mmm they just stop that can mix it just things that can make it a lot more like creamier I don't know about putting like this but I'm the other minor taste that do you think it tastes great good tastes like slight hint of maple which is great so yeah I will give this more like seven out of ten but just so you guys know like that didn't makes any of these worth or almond milk which is what I normally do um but with water I don't I guess not as creamy as I want it to be obviously but it has a like cinnamon Lee

send them any maple tej so next one I have here is the protein pumpkin spice and I'm not gonna lie when I got these ice did not like them I think just because I'm not a huge pumpkin fan it sort of work and then don't know why I thought that I would like this I think I saw Chloe got fit recommending these but let's just try it again I add them to my coffee like twice and then just wasn't the biggest fan of it so after all these added like maybe a quarter scoop and then with a tiny bit of water so I have like maybe like a fairness scoop actually we add some water to it I'm like the worst when it comes to doing reviews I'm great awkward and I don't know how to give you guys like reactions I don't know how to describe taste but be working on it okay so we got this it smells kind of like the Starbucks pumpkin spice last evening up in the light I haven't really had a pumpkin spice latte NAWAPA Jason did get it one time and has tried it hmmm surprisingly I like this on its own rather than banging and coffee somehow surprisingly I'd like this on this own rather being in like coffee it tastes like slightly sweeter than the

French toast again I almost beat it because I added more like quit or something but once this mixed up with just like almond milk or water and she tastes really good I'm really surprised with the protein pumpkin spice I'm really not the pumpkin fan so I forgot to say but I would give the protein pumpkin spice and eight out of ten yeah we do an eight out of ten actually I wanted to keep drinking if I just can't drink all the proteins today yeah so let's do the protein hot chocolate the last one that we have this one is my favorite and I added to coffee every single day and then I also like add like making brownie my cake or I like making um what do you call those hot chocolate like actually make hot chocolate um so I just heat up like almond milk and then add some of this I'm gonna add some whipped cream or marshmallow whatever you want um and tastes so good but I've never had it with just pure water so I see how that goes so I have two protein here water okay I'm gonna because I don't want it to be like are you liquidy okay yeah I still like it

the only thing is somehow I feel like it doesn't taste as chocolaty as I wanted to be it has to love that marshmallow taste to it somehow and that's them have a love like the cocoa flavor so when I make hot chocolate I do add an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder and we don't have like protein on my face so I do add like an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder and the mix but I like this one this one has to be my favorite I'm just being us of like hot chocolate it's just a great taste like chocolate protein powder is always a good option I think so yeah I will give this like an eight point five or a nine out of ten so overall I love for more nutrition products that I've been really enjoying them some of them were like kind of hit or miss my thing really depends on your personal preference - for me I never grew up with having like pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice spice things and I never really had that much french toast that's why I think protein hot chocolate is one of my favorite flavor just because it's more mellow and the has some really nice like marshmallow taste to it but I will say if you want to make it taste more chocolatey add an extra tablespoon of

cocoa powder the protein bars are great I love the texture of this one the it tastes good it's just a little bit too sweet for me and this one I love to taste but I watch the textures a little more like this but both of them are great options the macros are really good too they're around 20 carbs 20 protein and eight fat so you have great little snacks I've been taking around with me and lastly this thing is addicting the only thing is it can be a little too sweet sometime and that kind of feel like tastes more like frosting but I still like it I just don't go overboard with it which is good thing like if you I tend to go overboard with a nut butter can't do it with this cuz it's really sweet but yeah so that's the whole review I hope you guys enjoy this review this is gonna be like a short little like for more nutrition review because I don't have a lot of their products but I wanted to give you guys my honest opinion because some of you guys have been messaging me about how I feel about them cuz I do add them to my coffee quite a bit and I showed them on my youtube channel

sometimes so I hope you guys enjoy this video and I will see you guys the next one bye [Music] [Music]