23 July 2019

VLOG. Healthy eating vs intuitive eating. Chat with my friend Mariin.

FREE Email Series: "How To Heal Your Relationship With Food": http://followtheintuition.com/ Last weekend I visited my good friend Mariin at her eco-farm and I ...

hi everybody

Felisa here so today with me is my good friend marine hello and I think you have yeah and today we are here actually this is her her farm and I will insert some pictures or clips it's very beautiful here it's in Estonia and and I just thought because I'm here today there is like an event where you are introducing your forum to other people and I'm here helping you I thought maybe I will just do this quick interview with you and just talk about you and actually ask because we have like a history together we did together like all the forum we were so yes we were so in it we published a recipe book we did like raw food classes we were in TV stuff like that and and now as you know I'm not playing into the raw food and and none of that anymore and you are not as well but at the same time you are still in them like doing recipes masters and yes sometimes I do recipe classes because I like cooking and overall I think if we eat like I love fruits but I don't call myself anymore like raw foodist you have now this farm and it is like eco farm yes and how did you got to be here because you are also you were a city girl you have a family so how did

you end up here like having this farm we lived in Thailand we live there not 8 years and we have two children Nora is 4 and Raphael just got to and I know like in my channel we publish this interview together where you talked about your Skynet background with like I had bulimia nor tharixer but you also you think you had that altering experience yeah I'm kind of being very obsessed with clean eating healthy eating so like now you have this like form and everything and obviously you are kind of like into the healthy food but I know you have a very good mindset with that like not going into extreme anymore so what is your mindset with food I have to tell that ELISA helped me a lot during this period I think last maybe six years now I think I'm quite intuitive intuitive intuitive editor and it was the best decision I've ever made because I really love animals I really love like the vegan or vegetarian mindset but I just couldn't I wasn't happy there I had I had to force myself to be in the box that I published the raw food book and so I it was like I have to be marine who wrote the book and it's like it's kind of like the identity

that puts you in a box yes that is very restrictive and you have to have this image but at the same time there is no kind ability to be free I have a flow and through your body and everything it can become very restrictive and very forced yes it doesn't feel natural it didn't feel natural and I was so unhappy I was so unhappy fruits and vegetables doesn't cause an eating disorder but it all with the mindset that you have to be like more and more clean more and more strict yeah and also they kind of like image and also meaning yourself in a box that I eat this way I eat that way and then what other people think and like everything I pray I I break I broke you broke I broke all they're like change yes Sonia you broke the bit you broke the chain of this mindset minds yes because now if I want to eat eggs I will eat eggs if I want to eat chicken I eat chicken if I want to eat fish I will do that and even this we have a cafeteria here today during this two days and we need a chocolate cake Mongo Mongo cake potato salads with a quiche yes we had ice cream with it's like was

so delicious you know so Alisa will show you definitely some pictures of it I hope I made some pictures but I feel this when I'm oh it's so difficult words for me in intuitive intuitive either then I don't feel guilty I listen to my body I'm free thanks very much thanks yeah to her yeah because she helped me a lot to change my way of thinking because I really thought that only the or vegetarian is the right way it was my mindset but now I'm free and I don't feel any guilt yes I am well yeah yeah that's the best thing ever so now we're gonna go and continue our day in this beautiful place it's lovely weather and such a good company yes and maybe marina will see you in the future as well