11 June 2019


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for watching. I work 9 hour days every day so I can get every other Friday off. It is the best schedule!! I am taking you with me ...

good morning everyone it's Friday today

so I don't have to go to work today because I worked I worked nine hour days and then I get every other Friday off so today's Friday but I got to do whatever I want to do and I'm so excited about it I'm coming to you live from my room that had like a little leak in the ceiling which is not good but we got everything under control so I'm gonna walk right now to three cups that's like the cutest coffee shop just right around the corner from my house I'm gonna get a drink and then I'm just gonna take you guys with me on my vlog on my weekend and my day and hope you guys like this video and let's go to three cups I also just want to say I have a tired voice because I just woke up like a little bit ago so my voice totally sounds tired and I apologize but I go get some caffeine and get on with my day I really need to stop buying glass sunglasses that are too big that I can't wear with my hat because my hat doesn't even like go all the way down on my face but at least my sunglasses look good that's all that matters also as another side note I have been trying to get my 10,000 steps a day so if there's anywhere I can walk to I try

and walk also I'd rather just be outside since I'm inside every day all day at work I just want to be outside as much as I can so I try and get in as many steps as I can a day and I try for 10,000 [Music] [Applause] [Music] I saw someone eating still cut oatmeal at the coffee shop and something to go home and make myself oh man this place has the prettiest chocolate like all of the packaging look ready I'm heading home I got some raspberries so I can watch that I felt my streak and all it was pretty good it was a little too sweet so next time I definitely have to say like I don't know if they like I'm sweetness or whatever but I think don't prefer a sweet drink first thing in the morning yeah so I'm just walking home it's so I can get more steps in I'm back from my walk I'm just gonna make some snow cuts and I wanted to show you guys how I'm gonna make them super quick and easy so I have an instant pot and I know I've showed this I know I've showed this instant pot in a lot of other videos but I can't even express to you I

just love it it makes my life so much easier so first I'm just gonna spray some of this Trader Joe's coconut oil spray right in there not too much just like one little spray and then I'm going to pour 1/4 cup of oats and I use this brand they bought the gluten free still coats because I love I love still coats because I feel like they all have a better crunch to them and I believe they have more protein but let me double check before you guys quote me on that so 1/4 cup and then right in here I have 3/4 cup of water so I'm just gonna add the water like nothing but I'm sure it'll be good show you guys I added I doubled that recipe just because I felt like I could make two days worth out of it so ok and then you put on your lid and you make sure it's on the ceiling option and don't mind that this is kind of gross make sure it's on ceiling and then the recipe said I'm actually so I'm gonna do you press manual right here and then I'm gonna do it for 11 minutes because it said for chewy oats do it for a 10 and for softer do it for 13 I like them a little bit more chewy so I'm just going to eleven and then it beeps and then it

starts cooking and it will be done in like 15 minutes I'm gonna get my diffuser going I'm gonna do some lemon and grapefruit this is like my favorite combination lately and these are both from the brand spark naturals I washed these raspberries and I'm just waiting for my notes to be done I love a clean kitchen so much all I have out where my raspberries my little diffuser and I mean obviously the things on the table I love these stars they make my life very convenient because if I ever want outs Chia or quinoa they're just right there and I can just measure them out and then yeah so here's my cute kitchen and my instant pot with everything cooking I'm really hungry now okay my oats just finished yeah feel good I'm just gonna let them sit here for a couple of minutes and let the water kind of evaporate hopefully in the air we'll see if it helps get rid of some of the moisture in there so these are sprouted almonds they're much better for you than not spouted so I just soak them in water overnight for eight hours and then I rinse them out and then I lay them flat on a towel to dry to dry out because now

they become much softer but I think these would be really good in my oatmeal and I'm just gonna take like a few I do still track so I have to count everything I'm gonna just do 10 so we have 10 almonds I'm gonna chop them up to put in my oatmeal along with some raspberries [Music] kind of classy my life is exponentially better having Friday's on I just put half of this joka oats in my bowl for today and then for tomorrow I put it I'm putting in this glass pepper and then I'm just gonna add some raspberries some almonds this is 10 almonds right here I'm just gonna weigh the honey before I so I don't know i just like weighing it because i think it'd be more accurate I feel like so I'm at zero grams right now so it's only 5 grams of honey here's my delicious breakfast I'm gonna go eat it out bye Taylor [Music] I'm such a nice five because I came out to be with Taylor on his break I'm filming your chest [Music]

I'm just giving you only clean I wanted to take a job today we worked really hard we were tired we work hard I probably worked a little harder than you but you did eat it okay I just got to the gym and I decided I am gonna do arms and abs instead of lower body just because it's been a while since I've worked those and Taylor and I were talking the other night I should probably kind of up my weight so I'm going to do I'm gonna do chest shoulders and abs I think I need to find a workout I always just find workouts on Instagram maybe that's not the best but that's what I do so yeah here we go into the gym and I parked kind of far away just to get as many extra steps as I can [Music] ah I just finished I feel so good I'm so so proud of myself it must have been the matcha because I had so much energy I still have so much energy I'm playing so good I worked out for 52 minutes let me see how many calories I burn I burnt I'm gonna go on the phone oh man I'm like my arms are shaking I did a good arm workout I worked out um I burned 400 calories I'm a workout feeling really good because

usually I don't burn that many so I'm really proud and I feel very tired which is even better so yeah I'm just gonna head home right now and then see what Taylor's up to okay I have been obsessed with avocado toast lately so that's what I'm gonna make I'm just gonna use two slices of this bread it's the heritage style honey white from Canyon bakery I just get it at sprouts and I like it because the slices are bigger but they're only each one hundred calories so I feel like I can eat more bread for less calories and then I'm gonna do Alba kado and then I've been really into this I've posted this a lot before but it's Duke I um it's just like a nut in spice blend so all that's in is all main sesame seeds fennel seeds coriander and nice seeds and kosher salt and then I like to just drizzle a little olive oil and it's my favorite lunch I have some although toast my avocado is really small so I definitely could have gone from where I'll be called out but that's okay I already took a bite but here I news I just have my toast I have avocado I have some of a Dukas spice some olive oil and some red pepper flakes and this is like my favorite

snack right now I'm going to finish my lunch off with some kombucha this is the GTS trilogy kind and this kind has the most probiotics this brown is like really really good for kombucha and then I'm going to eat two of these Jack's paleo kitchen chocolate chip cookies that are like so delicious and I've already ate the whole box and the last like four days oops yeah that's a little dessert after lunch I've had such a lazy day it's like right now 5:45 and we're about to go to a movie I think we're going to Aladdin so I'm excited to see that and the last like five hours or four hours I've just kind of like laid in my bed or watch TV I just watched the new handmade to tell episode and it was like so crazy I was like crying and then I was like relieved and then I was so stressed I was like okay this the show is going to give me a heart attack but I love that I'm a big handmade Stella fan yeah we're heading to a movie I don't know exactly what we're gonna do after but I'm just wearing a hoodie in my cool stance wearing a hoodie these earrings are from Amazon and I love them because I think they're only like $13

but they're gold-plated so that my ears are super sensitive so I need like earrings that won't um irritate my ears and so these are great because they're gold-plated and then these are just the aligned I mean leggings okay good morning everyone today's Saturday it's the next day we just went and got breakfast and now I'm gonna go for a walk since I feel very full so I'm gonna go get go for a walk and then we're gonna go to Park City to be with my family for the day you