25 September 2018

Vlog 0 x Fitness Plan "TRYING THE KETO DIET"

Whats up guys, My names Carlos and I'm about to start on my fitness journey. I want to explore the Keto diet. Lets see how this goes.

alright guys so what's going on I cannot

understand how to start this video or whatever but I'm just gonna wing it so basically my name is Carlos and this is my youtube channel the channel is about like finished journey daily vlogs daily things that I do on a daily basis all that stuff whatever this is my personal space of my page why people driving so close anyways so basically right now I'm in the parking lot for work I have to go to work in like a couple minutes here but I am starting the diet tomorrow today Sunday I go into work at 5:00 I get out at 5 a.m. and that's basically what I'm gonna start to diet this is my basically my last meal I got fries I got Wendy's actually I just got the 4 for 4 from Wendy's I got it large I got large fries I had a chicken sandwich and then I added another chicken sandwich and I got strawberry lemonade drink basically that was this is gonna be my last meal for a while now like that has carbs in it the diet is gonna be keto base which basically means that I'm gonna try to stay away from cars as much as possible increase my fat and then just moderate protein but I am switching it up a

little bit I am gonna have a little bit more protein than you normally typically would on a keto diet but that's just because the goal is to lose fat but try to retain as much muscle as possible and so there's gonna be some things that I'm like tweaking so then that way I can reach that goal I did try the keynote recently I tried the keto died about three weeks ago and it actually really helped I wind down in about 20 pounds but I did lose about almost 4 pounds of muscle and this is just the overall basis of that so I was kind of upset about losing the 4 pounds of muscle only because it is really hard to gain muscle and there's plenty of videos that like backtrack that like a lot of people have trouble building muscle and so when you lose it it's like damn you know like I lost a lot of muscle there but it's okay we're gonna try to retain as much as we can and try to build but we're gonna try to lose a lot of fat so basically you know this channel is about like this right now it's about my fitness journey but throughout the days and the daily vlogs and stuff that's just gonna be like something that I'm doing but there's

gonna be just other things that I'm doing and the only reason why I'm recording and putting it on YouTube is because I just want to be able to keep track of the stuff that I do on a daily basis just for me personally so then that way I can kind of push myself to do more as life goes on and I'm not stuck in a place of like complainin see where I'm just doing the same stuff all the time and I never really like increased gradually over time because you can get stuck in that like that like this where you're kind of like floating around through life and I don't want to do that so I think by recording and putting this stuff out there that it'll push me to try to do more and push me to like just just stay on task and you know there's certain goals that I want to reach so it's just gonna push me to do that much better and I just feel weird holding the camera and stuff but uh yeah so this is my last meal I'm gonna start the true vlog or whatever tomorrow and as I do that I'm gonna be learning how to like do all these edits and stuff that people be doing but I don't really care about this stuff it's just this is just me personally these are my personal like

journals video journals or whatever vlogs whatever it's called just so I can keep track of what I'm doing and so that way I can push myself to do a little bit more and I think that it'll push me to do more because I'm sharing it and I don't want to share something and not reach my goals when there's when there's a possibility that other people are going to be watching me so I think that's gonna push me to do it a little bit better stay on task a little bit more I know the Akita diet works but I have to tweak it a little bit just for my own personal goals and there's nothing wrong with that so that's basically it that's basically the channel I'm in a rush so I'm trying to like do everything real quick that way I can get to work and get inside and not be late so you know it is what it is but I'll see you guys tomorrow morning that's what I'm gonna start like the actual light vlog and I guess for like certain things I'm like what I'm gonna be in and how I'm gonna be eating it but I am gonna enjoy this less this food it tastes good so far I was like halfway eating it and stuff but this is gonna be the last time

I eat something like this and I feel like I'm rambling or I'm saying the same stuff over and over again but let me just enjoy this food and I will talk to you guys later so peace out enjoy your day if y'all wanna follow and stuff like that you know subscribe to stuff and then if you like the content that's gonna be coming out and stuff like that just make sure you leave a like and if you have any questions about the diet or anything like that don't be afraid should I just leave a comment and give back to y'all so peace