27 July 2013

Vitamix Vs. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Natural 100% Casein French Vanilla x Peanut Butter

Add peanut butter to kick it up!

alright so again Casey in for going to

bed going to sleep slow release large molecule protein that is slow release so you don't lose muscle while you sleep so we're gonna do the scoop not using water I'm using almond milk because I do not like to taste the case in it's not that great of a flavor I think that helps but let's kick it up a little bit more we're gonna use some Smuckers all-natural peanut butter in here to give it some extra flavor it also gives us some extra fat and little extra calories too it also gives it a nice flavor ahead in that peanut butter I use the whole natural you do not want to use peanut butter oh I don't want to sick brands almost did it but you don't want to use peanut butters that aren't all-natural because if you read the ingredients you will see there's a whole bunch of stuff that you do not want in your body this one happens to be smoked is all-natural there's other brands that are similar but if you look at the ingredients its peanuts and some salt as usual I like my ground cinnamon again benefit of cinnamon is it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol so let's mix this up again

we have almond milk the 102 percent KC in buy a gold standard optimal nutrition as we go just cold standard cinnamon and we have peanut butter that's going to give a flavor of fat making sure that mixes very well have the glass here I will pour it so you can see the consistency the protein shake I'm going to take before bed again slow-release protein you have the case in larger molecule I hope you enjoy it again something different for the people that use case in any other protein try using peanut butter you can use egg whites if you want to update up the protein because again this particular one has 24 grams of protein some people like more protein you can use egg whites in there that'll also ramp it up put two or three egg whites in there it'll make it a you know more of a creamy taste as well I don't necessarily want the egg whites this is gonna be enough protein for me plus I added the peanut butter as I drop the lid and you can see it's seven grams in here per two tablespoons I really had a lot of puffs a lot more folks maybe I put three more grams in there actually it was a whole tablespoon

I'm sorry so I'm put another seven grams in there alright again enjoy what you do eat healthy get work out of your regimen peace