10 December 2019

Vitamins to stay healthy for my Filipina

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Mabuhay kamusta co welcome how are you

this is Bob from love beyond the sea wanted to take a break from the usual type of videos I do and in the community corner message for him somebody asked me about supplements like take vitamins and things like that and I certainly do and so I wanted to kind of show you how I go about doing that now I've already loaded everything I've got four five six seven containers here and when I close them up you know they'll all have certain compartments some are early in the day somewhere in the middle of the day and then at lunch and then the end of the day and then before bed so this is how I organize it I also have something called melatonin here melatonin I put in this other container right here and that is for night and just get out one of those so what I have go through the list here this is called calcium magnesium ants got the calcium magnesium might even have some phosphorus in their doughnut turn it over and look b-complex 100 and we got your that's just for your basic V vitamins European milk thistle that is for liver help Co Q 10 is supposed to be a really potent antioxidant and then mega EPA PHA you can see the user by

life-extension and that's your you know like your your fish oils more or less I think I've got some vitamin C and also zinc zinc here that would be you know just for sexual health maybe prostate health vitamin d3 I've actually got two sizes that's a thousand I use and then over here is seven thousand I use and I'll get into that later why I have two different sizes also take vitamin E also by life-extension now vitamin b3 niacin is also going to be in here in a hundred milligram sizes this one here at niacin along with this fish oil here kind of like EPA DHA this got my cholesterol down from like 220 something to about a hundred and fifty hundred and sixty something so you know at least while I can I want to be taken the niacin which I used to get prescription grade pharmaceutical grade but that was even getting expensive so I'm going with the combination of the EPA PHA here and the niacin the DHEA is that's a hormone for men's health copper is something that you want to take when you take zinc believe that it's 50 milligrams zinc the copper comes in like two milligrams sizes because sink can deplete your

copper so you want to take that along with it and this is a new supplement called male vascular such support life-extension foundation has products for men's health that would be one of them nevel root powder what metal root is supposed to do is help free up testosterone by unbinding it from certain binding factors and hard to know if this is really happening but that's the reasoning behind that boron also some people take to help with testosterone super-k is one of the things i take from my bones the calcium magnesium i think is phosphorus in there and probably divided me as well now the SI iodine that would be for for thyroid kind of help protect you protect your thyroid and so the reason i have two different kinds here's because i actually have done blood testing in the past because some vitamins you can take and they the body will not assimilate them so you have to test and see if in your blood if you have the right amounts now I know with this kind of gel kind of vitamin d3 I know that fifteen thousand units gets me to about three-quarters of the way up the top of the range I know that taking twenty one thousand gets me

to high over the top so I just kind of settled down settled on fifteen thousand it's been to about three quarters of the way maybe higher than that and that's why I like to be with that I know that with this Omega a PA DHA if I take four thousand milligrams of that that gets me to a little bit over the top of the range and that should be good for heart health and normally your doctor won't allow you to test certain ones unless it's tied into some kind of a health concern so you can go and order tests online from different places the name escapes me I think one of them might be discounted labs.com you can go and they're not the only ones and I can even order some chests through life extension Foundation actually I've done that many times in the past so once I'm done with this videos they're all going to go back in here and the ones that you see here are just the same ones they're just they just haven't been used yet but I've got room cleared out and then there's even more room down here for the next ones I've got two boxes here I'm waiting for a third box which is gonna be a lot larger than those because I buy all the

supplements at the same time which is 18 supplements that you see here and 18 different kinds and works out to be about nine hundred and eighty one dollars including shipping which is a lot less probably 50 to 75 percent less than if you were to buy it at the local health food store mostly comes from Life Extension Foundation I think all-star Health is the other place and remember when I got it all written out here Vitacost and have a whole list here of everything I have and where I bought it humming to take that way what I usually do around Christmas is I come in here and count everything make a list and I see what I need to order for the whole year and then I order everything for the whole year I'm gonna have a little bit left over of course and I want to run short so you know what you saw here and what I still haven't used yet and we're gonna be leaving right after Christmas for the Philippines so by then I'll have all the supplements in here I may even load up 21 bags of supplements so this is enough for a week if I did this three times over that be 21 so I usually pick up like 21 bags put

them all in there take that to the Philippines haven't had any trouble with you know TSA or anything like that so as far as this channel and how this might relate is an older man we need to take care of ourselves especially if you're looking to for a younger woman younger Filipina you should do what you can to take care of yourself not just the vitamins and minerals and supplements and hormones but also in what you eat that's also very important and I know if you find a good a good wife for young wives you're gonna want to stick around for her and take care of yourself that's all I'm encouraging you to do here with your health and I'll be good to yourself and that's just how I go about it with the supplements this is Baba love beyond the sea