09 December 2019

VITAMIN & SUPPLEMENTS: what I take to stay healthy & feel my best | vlogmas day 4

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hey guys welcome back to my channel if

you're new here my name is giddy Schaefer um if you haven't already go ahead and subscribe so you never miss a video and as always I will link my Instagram below so I get a lot of questions about the amount of vitamins and supplements that I take on a daily basis because I posted it on Instagram a lot so I figured I'd make a video for vlogmas just as far as what I take every day this is my little pill pack that I use and I'm on Thursday because I just refill it as I need it I don't know I guess I never started on a Sunday um as you can see and this isn't as full as it usually is I feel like I've been kind of changing up everything I've been taking um but yeah I look like you're crazy too lady whenever I travel or whatever but I'll go ahead and get started on everything that I take and why I take each thing just as the discloser just as a disclosure I'm not a nutritionist I'm just a personal trainer so none of this is medical advice just saying I just take these because I think they help me and you know what if they do if they don't I'm honestly not sure I do feel like sometimes with vitamins

like a myopia placebo but they make me feel good about it so okay so first things first and I want to say this is actually one of the vitamins that really got me into taking supplements and vitamins when I was struggling with anxiety and depression I it was suggested to me to take vitamin d3 they basically call this the happy pill or like Sun and a vitamin or whatever so it's basically like you wouldn't take this if you're gonna be on the beach or in the Sun all day I basically take this because I'm usually inside or in an office and vitamin d3 is what you get from the Sun but yeah it's supposed to be like the happy pill supposed to kind of boost your mood this is for bone health but I personally take 5,000 IU I just take one I don't even know what I you means but I think you want to get like at least a thousand or twenty five hundred a day I think that's like the recommended amount the I just buy these from Target this is like the Target brand and then I take a probiotic daily um I usually just buy whatever is on sale at Whole Foods I do feel like there's just so many brands out there now with probiotics like it should I

kill this even figure out but it doesn't easily be like just of 25 billion CFU and it's like the strings of bacteria essentially good bacteria for your gut it doesn't need to be like the most amount like they make it so expensive like the more they are I think it's just good to take one in general so basically if you're taking an antibiotic or any been on any kind of medication that kills the bacteria in your gut the whole reason of taking a probiotic is to make sure that there is good bacteria in your gut and essentially add it back in if it's ever been stripped out um but yeah you don't need to worry about like it doesn't need to be the high C a few or whatever like 25 billion I think it's a lot um but yeah this one I literally go to Whole Foods and buy whatever's on sale it doesn't have to be like 46 dollars like I really tried not to pay any more than 25 cuz it's just crazy um next thing is I honestly have so much stuff over here okay yes next thing is I've have been calling this tumeric for the longest time but apparently it's I mean the way it's felt it's turmeric um I take this for digestion also an

anti-inflammatory it's good for immunity lots of good stuff but mainly I take for digestion it's not something I take like with foods or anything like that I just take it once a day and I got this from Whole Foods this is Organic brand and then this is something that I don't take as much anymore but I swear this has this did at one point change my skin whenever I had really bad like scarring or anything like that when I was breaking out I swear this like turn I don't know if he like turns your cells over more rapidly or something like that but yeah so it's verse it says for tissue health immune and and lip health but I don't want a prevents acne but it definitely helped heal my scars so whenever I'm like having really done for a case or anything like that I'll try to take these this is ly seen by the way never sent that another thing I have started taking religiously is fish oil it's good for so much brain health skin health heart health it's good for so many things there is a lot of different research this is like liquid is better honestly I just went by kind of whatever's on sale at the store unless it looks like not a great brand this

looks like I mean I thought looks like a good brand I don't know I just go to the store and I look at the ingredients the this brand is aqua biome it was on sale at Whole Foods the world's first Omega blend designed for a healthy microbiome so it's 1200 milligrams of serving it's a hint of lemon but my main thing with fish oil is that a lot of them give you the burps and it's kind of hard to tell which one is not going to and like when I say gives you the burps I mean like it will make you burp fish oil like it's disgusting and it smells it's taste bad it's awful this one's really good it doesn't make me burp oh it has 20 calories in it good to know okay so aqua biome classic strength contains the optimum blend of EPA DHA and the missing Omega DPA and is uniquely crafted to improve heart health it also works with the body holistically to support total body wellness through its influence my go time um um next thing sorry my lips are so dry okay another thing I started taking daily is spirulina so I bought this because I believe the founder of this was on the skinny confidential podcast and I had been

looking for spirulina in tablets because if I don't for some reason have a smoothie with it in there in the morning and I basically do everyday but if for some reason I don't I will take one of these and it's 500 milligrams of serving and this brand of lega is super clean this is basically like a healthy dose of greens yeah so if I don't have my smoothie I take these and then oh no I just wanted to show you guys this is like the powdered form so like if you follow me on instagram you see my smoothies and they're insanely green it's because of this so you take like literally the smallest seeds whenever it comes with the bag I will link the spirulina that I use below it's from Amazon it was like 15 bucks okay another thing that I take pretty religiously unless I know I don't take it if I'm not working out just because I mainly take it from muscle recovery um it also helps with sleep I can definitely tell the difference yeah if I'm super sore I was like - it's also been said to D bloat I I don't know I can't really tell if it does that so I wanted to show you guys also this is Mac a magnesium supplement it's yeah a relaxing magnesium

supplement so it's called natural calming you know Whole Foods you know on Amazon this is raspberry lemon flavor and it is like candy it's like - I don't know I don't really like the flavor before bed because it's so sweet and that's when you're supposed to take it is before bed so I'm almost out of it I think and I'm gonna get a different flavor next time but I swear it helps so much with sleep so I like I said I don't really like taking this every night so I tried to take these instead but I'll link this below as well um what else okay these have become such a staple for me it's the world's first apple cider vinegar gummies um if you followed me for a long time you know I have gone on and off with it over the years but I used to take apple cider vinegar every single morning I would mix it with like lemon or something to make it taste better instead of like taking a shot of it because it's so bad um yeah as soon as I saw that they had come out someone had come out with the gummies I was all over it just because I think the benefits of it are so great but like if I don't have to take a shot and it's so

acidic on your teeth so I jumped on these and yes there's sugar there gummies I get it but they're so freakin good like oh my god they like candy in fact I hate them so they like the dirty oh they're so good it's acetate music 2 to 400 damn um and we can't get enough of the taste you didn't eat up to 12 of them did you know it does have cane sugar yeah it's a gummy I mean it has to have some kind of sugar in it but this also has b12 and b9 added to it and organic pomegranate in organic beet root so I don't know super go highly recommend I have a code you can get 5% off I'll leave that in the description below um I don't take this every day but actually trying out of regime didn't trace reishi reishi REI Shi they're pretty similar um whenever I was super stressed I say I was usually feel like I'm not as much anymore with my old job I was like stress all the time so ashwagandha is an adaptogen it essentially adapts to your body so this tastes like crap like so bad I don't know if you guys in his but yeah it's like a brown powder and it's in this blue container so like light doesn't

affect it um I can smell it it's so gross so like I used to follow someone who would put it in their coffee in the morning and I could not handle it so I would put a little little bit and a smoothie every day just so I could like barely taste it um and then I realized you can buy it in like a pill form and then I started buying reishi and I just ran out so I don't have a bottle but okay so ashwagandha may support is the antioxidant rich powdered root extract may support strong immune system sense of a finger and resilient stress relief hormonal imbalance harmonized mind body and spirit so yeah this is like maybe 20 bucks but yeah it has 88 servings in here so last year long time this last meal almost a year like it's almost expired I think but yeah highly recommend anything from Sun potion and then this is the last thing this is not really a vitamin it's really supplement I don't even know what I would say it is um I chopped my hair off like spent at least four months now I think and I hate it um this is it's actually got a lot I was probably like here I don't know my hair used to be at least down to here if not longer um I just want to change and

I did it and I really regret it so um this is for thinning hair but it actually works like a charm to just grow your hair out it has I was reading this yesterday yeah everything drug-free it's not a drug but you buy it like in the hair section like I want to say able to like with Rogaine but it's kind of the women shampoos for best results take one tablet twice daily for three to six months messing with water after a meal um so I honestly don't even know what's in it but it really works um I think it's all like okay so it has a marine complex so that's probably like a biotin well nagar i know i don't take it all the time i literally just take it like what i'm trying to grow my hair but for the most part my hair girls pretty fast but your girl wants her hair to go out faster so yeah I take this I found it at Target I think they also have it all tub yeah I'll link all of these vitamins and supplements below I hope this like helps y'all if you're looking for anything I think it's just a good routine that I have I think as you get older you should take more vitamins and supplements I can tell the difference with certain ones of

these that when I don't take them I would definitely if I had to recommend anyone specific it's like a few of them specifically I would definitely say that apple cider vinegar gummies um the magnesium especially if you work out a lot for a digestion my stomach's pretty sensitive I usually try to take all of these after my smoothie in the morning so that I have food in my stomach because I usually do take them all at once if I like take my smoothie to work or something like that I'll just wait and take my vitamins going at home from work like after generous because it is a lot on your gut and I do highly recommend taking it with a ton of water and yeah after a meal yeah I hope this helps anyone who's looking for any kind of vitamins or supplements I'll link everything below and as always thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next one