23 July 2019

Vitamin Shoppe Supplement Haul

In this video I share with you all of the supplements I take and what they are for !let me know if you use or are going to try any of these!

what's up what's up I wanted to do a

vitamin shoppe haul today so I basically bought a crap ton of stuff at Vitamin Shoppe and I was like you know why don't I go ahead and share what I got so I got some vegan protein powder I've never tried this brand before but it's basically what I need and I don't really do well with the regular whey protein so I get the vegan I'll let you know how it is once I try it and then I got this protein synthesis amplifier it's supposed to help you break down the protein recover faster yeah and build more muscle I don't know if it's just BS honestly but one of the guys there recommended it and you know I could use some glute gains so I got it and then I read up on some high volume by PE science which basically just kind of like gives you more of a pump when you workout so it idea what it's supposed to do theoretically is it supposed to like dilate your blood vessels so like the blood gets to your muscles faster than n it'll basically help you feel like stronger and lift more weight and have more endurance so anyways I really like it it makes me feel like Wonder Woman so that's why I

got it it's basically a pre-workout by the way and then I got a waist trainer so this one is sweet sweat you've probably seen it if you follow any Instagram Fitness chicks um no I'm not getting it because I think it's gonna make my waist smaller really I mean it basically just kind of makes you sweat more and so kind of my thoughts is maybe it'll help me just get rid of any water that I'm holding on to there so you know I'm just gonna give it a try and I got the sweet sweat workout enhancer which is you're supposed to like rub it on underneath the waist the waist trimmer is what it's called then got my husband a surprise the Black Panther shaker cup and a bunch of protein bars I you know I don't really have any and sometimes when you're on the go it's just hard you know I I don't want to end up like stopping somewhere and getting something super and healthy so I just have these on hand just in case like some like I run out of food or you know I'm just like in such a rush I don't have time to pack my food they're just kind of like just in case so I got the one bar the chocolate brownie the

one bars are pretty good by the way I got the chocolate chip cookie dough hi guys so I'm just kind of like getting my dessert fix through these lemon cake then I got some quest bars chocolate sprinkled donut that just sounded good [Music] oh that's it and I just ordered another fat burner I'm gonna start taking soon and I just wanted to actually you know while I'm at it why don't I show you what else I take just so you know in case you want to try any of it you can so one moment okay so I also do these I do the prolific by PE science which is a pre-workout and it really helps with like mental focus and energy so a lot of times I'm like really tired like and I you know don't really want to work out so this wouldn't it really helps like especially once it kicks in like it's just like mentally I get really focused and it just really helps this one I love it I've bought it like probably like six seven I don't know I bought it a lot that's this is the one I always use so that tells you anything I mean I've tried a lot of different ones I really like this one I also take creatine yeah

I honestly don't know a whole lot about creatine but it's supposed to support yet oh I dunno I just I'm not really good at explaining a preference I'll just excuse me and then I have these BCAAs by prosupps it's a passion fruit and it's pretty good so yeah I just I just drink this while I'm working out so just help with muscle recovery and yeah that's it so yeah I hope you guys have a great day enjoyed this video leave me a comment or yeah I'll let you girl