22 July 2019

Vitamin D E K | FAT Soluble | ALL | Part 5 of 5

In this video all the vitamins are discussed in a pretty easy manner .. In including water soluble that is C and B complex and fat soluble that is A D E K..

now let's talk about the vitamin K which

is considered as well you can remember that one by calculation all right so why don't cake cognition helped in cognition helps in your the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin you know your factors in your you know clotting factors and different clotting factors for clotting factors 7 and other electronic factors so you I'm keeping it light very easy so you just get it vitamin A helps in calculation those prothrombin torment you must have an idea regarding diamond and other thing is also which is also a function of this vitamin K is actually helps in the Gamma carboxyl carbon see below glutamate so what is gamma carbons the carboxy terminal let me talk about this so let me let me Ed alright let me add this compilation gamma carboxylic are boxes go to meet together so to make it as easy as possible you know do I want a is actually required in the hepatic synthesis of prothrombin and and the blood clotting factors that I've discussed 2 7 9 and 10 and protein CNS so to be active these clotting factors required vitamin K dependent watch which what is this this is Madeline Kate dependent that is in gamma carboxylation

of the glutamic acid residues present in these products so these clotting factors are actually with dakara with the gamma carboxylated with the comma carpet glue to make acid residues in them are the mature clotting factors if you have got the gamma carboxylated gamma carboxylate glutamic acid so they are considered as they mature mature in okay you can say that clotting factors so these two things are important regarding helping the calculation of the vitamin K now let's move towards the vitamin E that is also the active found is alpha tocopherol that is an active form the vitamin E so you have to remember a few things regarding it it is the strongest I've wrote it strongly but it's the strongest among all the vitamin among all the vitamins could be comparing with the antioxidant there isn't we have got ascorbic acid which also acts as an ending option but this one is stronger than other antioxidant vitamins all right so it's also help in the prevention of oxidation of LDL three things alpha tocopherol is the water and a active form is strong

accident that is the Testament pine regarding it all right and then you to actually prevent the oxidation of LDL mostly the asking in MCQs basically what which one I mean actually prevent the oxidation of LDL so this is the this one so last but not the least vitamin D all right so while the the active form is one to five dihydroxy D three active on I'm a bit confusing but it's not really easy look at this one one two five which means there are two two hydroxyl group diamonds two two hydroxyl groups on in the vitamin on the place of carbon number one two and what is on the carbon number one and other is on the carbon about twenty-five there are two the hydroxy group on number carbon 1 and carbon I'm 25 and the vitamin d3 alright so what happened deep active form is 125 dollar drug CD 3 which is an active form so right so in this Kim Orion but I have read it and this skill this one he is actually is in the form of seven D hydro constant Rho so this 70 hydro control is actually going to be converted into vitamin d3 this vitamin d3 is going to be converted into the vitamin it's going to be converted

dieter is you know skin 7 do you have a construct inverted to the one D 3 D 3 is going to be converted with 2 5 hydroxy D 3 and again this is going to again hydrolyze you know there is a 2 processor hydroxylation of D 3 so again going to convert into one to five dihydroxy d3 active form which is also the last sustain so why don't they after two oscillation you can say it's going to convert into the active form which is this one I'm writing in the active form AF which is just one 125 dihydroxy a d3 active right and it's skin is present in these 70 hydroxy colors draw you ha you'll have heard of it by the doctor that you have this in this under the Sun on in the morning time or at evening time that means that you have to get the Sun which actually is some sunlight are there a particular rays which actually convert this is skin 70 hydro kala strong which is present in your skin converted into the vitamin d3 that symbol d3 all you can say cold cozy for all and which is actually going to vitamin d3 is going to be convert to this process into finally into the active form 125 3 hydroxylation process

so the main function of the vitamin D is really really main function is maintenance of clash the plasma calcium level so one thing I have to tell you before talking about dimensions or plasma calcium level you have to remember the vitamin D is the most toxic of all the vitamins because if it is these increase is going to create a problem if it's going to decrease it's also going to create a problem in both cases this guy is going to create a lot of problem because it maintains applause my calcium level so when you require more calcium if you have less if you have definition of calcium it is going to take the vitamin what happens the calcium is going to come from your bones if it is you know one of the actually it helps in the you know absorption from intestine the absorption of the calcium from your intestine and also how can the from the retention from your kidneys so you can simply remember it by this one that it maintains the plasma calcium level also the parathyroid hormone plays a big role in the maintenance of this this guy calcium in the plasma right you're talking about holy plasma we're not talking about Bowman's remember this

one and one thing in the last we have to remember that in the deficiency of vitamin D we are going to break rickets is actually in the children or you can say rickets causing the children you know weakness of the bonds were hasta Malaysia in adults so if somebody asks you into which case the bones become much softer easy you will be saying rickets no it's not break-ins its hasta Malaysia which is in adults so adults what happens in it as in osteomalacia there's a demon realization of the vitamin of the calcium from your bones all right this is it regarding all the vitamins so I hope I had clear all the ideas to make it easy as possible if you have any queries or any question if you think I have made a really little bit silly mistakes please do make sure to write them in comment and let us know what would you like a lecture on and we will try to make it as easy as possible thank you and keep visiting times is cooling