22 July 2019


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this one is from cluster X vitamin C

people like mini-grid does is it a good yet vitamin D cereal so a cart or in the serum part already [Music] hi guys welcome back to the video to the day I'm gonna talk to you about the kid carotene are using vitamin D and if you're out where and or if you know all about vitamin D then you will know here in my video the ethyl I'm using vitamin D because of that and I'm using it the right way because of time today you're usually vitamin D but you break out a lot so sometimes you have to use and go where the vitamin C is a very very acidic product so you have to use it with other good products that had no a lot a so you it has to be the only access that you have to apply to your face okay so so this became carotene where are you vitamin C as my ingredient or acid of the day because you know I really love it so much because I think they're very effective into my skin so much I really felt like um you see acted and yeah it's really really effective into my skin so first step is you're gonna use the quality toner

don't forget toner okay this toner is from Claire's oh sorry guys maybe huh take a baby by the way this line it is my final clearance this is the solid I'm using a strong clearance that is LeClair estoppel preparation donor it is the nonsense at one or the night alcoholic one I I sent it under center donor because the other one is scented so if time that unity the other people that have perfume in it yeah yeah so if you use this one it will work perfectly your skin and I really love it because it's not that it doesn't make my skin store anything it so I really love this so much it is a first battle so and I'm still trying this one out so I really love this toner right it's a good one it's violet so I think it will be a good donor who are sensitive sensitive skin like mine you and I said well let them act as well I really get freaked out so I kind of want that kind of toner the next one is from advanced new rule I thought these serum so even you said it is a great big project especially you mean this one is um a good-good essence this is a

advanced Neal as you so it is the greatest serum because it only containing this smell just nail like this one it just meal it's just snail mucin oh that don't you love that because you know I really love the feeling the peril that slight feeling in your face so this is a good good Esther I really love this one so I purchased I do this my second or third button already so I really love using district vitamin T so you may use niacinamide of course you have to use the essence that machete and this one if you want to use vitamin T you have to use this one so that it will work perfectly into your skin and and it will not break you out - I swear by this product because I don't break out is this wrong so this one is from cluster X vitamin C people like mini-grid does it it get your vitamin the cereal so occurs or in the serum part already now so this one it's a nice nice vitamin C serum so I really not with vitamin C serum because yeah I did it that is it's very very acidic it is to earth by 70 is not the typical vitamin F or the what was it the citric acid that has lower content today so

this is purely vitamin C I think 20% or 21% so I really love this especially when I'm mixing it this one into my moisturizer it really really worked into my kid and I have this part all the effect and I'm basically two clothing and I don't have any port I'm poor let the other day the occurrence I am putting this one during the night the worst example during the night then after I wake up in the morning I felt like my skin is so poorly and everything in my skin is so so smooth and I really love the effect and I'm still glowing in the morning right because in the morning your stole your face to like hug hurt your face at all where I'm you have this kind of feeling that you just woke up so I woke up like I have this movie effect to make it in I really love that feeling all right this one is the good-good vitamin C I will I really really recommend this because I've been looking for this and I only Steve one in shopping i I wanted able to see this in the data no okay this one is a good good vitamin C no I really love this yeah add my vitamin C is almost going orange already so what they say that if

it's orange already you have to show this domain so it's like orange or light yellowish so I can still use this one right oh you have to of course to avoid the the redness or to avoid the orange the orange thing into your cereal you have to store this into your fridge but for me I have a cold room though yeah I don't um store this into my fridge if it glows orange I can tell by one but yeah I really love this Carter and I always always what this theorem to get everything my sharing today yeah make something with me in my shirt right there no did it pay moisture a third and I'm using that I'm using is this is one more class to race that is just oil free ultra moisturizing lotion so I already love this because it's really really a good moisturizer that will not pick me out when I give vitamin C but like all the time the first thing that I used vitamin C I I combined vitamin C together and I just invite my sure I said it freaked me out and then the other day and the other the other time I use vitamin C with a chain we should also break me out and I can't I thought that time I feel lesson how

you fight anything into my skin girl who sorry guys make the I'll start barking yeah so this one is the the only only moisture right there that that doesn't pick me out when I juice test with vitamin C it perfect to combine this with vitamin C so I really love the effect on my skin and yeah to cut the tip that I'm giving to you if you have that tingling effect or when you apply those your vitamin C directly their skins don't know don't put tried anything to your face directly so you have to mix this this moisturizer and the vitamin C first before you apply them into your skin so you have to make the liquid about this is the moisturizer you have to put this is near I pull out the moisturizer and then this serum into your hand then you have to mix them and you have you can apply them into your you can apply it so it's a good good thing to do then I don't feel life I didn't do that before because I thought the effect will be the effect will no will no longer be there but it's just the same you can mix them together and apply them in your faith and it's and it will not irritate your face I hide swear by that so yeah so

vitamin C everything it work everything worked well to maintain I mean not like them and do I really not applying vitamin C so my skin doctor the Holyfield of all the vitamin C that I use that's just yeah I thought even know so he doesn't break me out though I really love using this product and also if you want to add something to your skincare routine also this one helps a lot clears Rashmi juice vitamin in math so this is a sleeping mat though you can use this into your you can go even after you shower or even after I'm your moisturizer you can add it on top of that so you can sleep this you can sleep with this moisturizing mask so this is a yeah I heard that this one is good if you pair this one with vitamin T so it has vitamin E in your net so it work it works perfectly with vitamin C vitamin E so vitamin E best vitamin D worked all together but I think it's not it's good so yeah just a vitamin E so I have you I use almost all the bottle already this one is good if you're going to use additional so if you don't want to use additional you can just use just the ordinary is integrity with vitamin C on

it so without this one you can still have that glowy effect if you want to achieve that but yeah today what I know so you can tell use this point if you you want to use this one and so that's it yeah I took you guys get to my next video and for my another skincare routine I'm gonna educate you with all the things I know already oh yeah so do you guys to get on my next one [Music] [Music]