10 June 2019

Vital Health Wednesday Nutrition Class on Juicing

hi everybody it's David Lee here so this

is our Wednesday nutrition class you're gonna get about 20 minutes video I'm gonna talk about now cleansing using a juicer so I'm going to talk a little bit about how we can integrate juicing into our meal plans and even in our weightless programs help cleanse the body to get more energy to get more minerals and vitamins into the body naturally as well and enzymes that's the main reason I get people juicing there's Robin enzymes and raw vegetables and you can't eat three bowls of salad most people can I'm talking three huge bulbs you can't but to talk lots of juice is equal to like three bowls of salad so you're getting it in liquid micronutrient form which goes right into your cells in your body and you still get fine people say oh I can't do liquid juice because it doesn't have fiber by the way the juicers are minutes of these to define fiber okay in the juice well what's amazing about juicing is because it goes in and it actually nourishes the body without you having to use a lot of digestive energy so then the body has more energy left to repair itself to actually blends and that's why juicing is such an important thing so if you go

to page 84 of my book those of you who have my book I forgot to print out the hand ups but I won't get a for us later I'm actually gonna email it up to everybody so basically we're not going to get into a heavy at this point just because you're right now mainly on weight loss they try to eat good it's a heavy program you have to kind of set aside you're all working it's heavy dude okay you got to make four to five glasses of juice a day so you're gonna go through a three pound bag to four pound package a carrots every day to make poor glasses okay so and you have to clean the juicer so the juice machine I suggest you get that's easy to clean because you don't want to get one with seven parts because you'll be out of for a half hour the one that's award-winning that I have you've probably seen it all in my kitchen it's called Breville BR VI ll e rebel those who are watching yeah you can buy it on on internet rebel yeah you get a cheaper ring yeah I've actually seen it on sale for 60 bucks at Christmas time sometimes they put on a sale yeah they're using yeah they used to be

believe it or not they used to only be like hundred twenty dollars when they get fifteen years ago I've had mine for like 15 years they last a long time so they're a 6 watt motor that's half a horse it sounds like a helicopter when you turn it on so you can throw in so have you seen the juice machine this is anybody familiar with this one yeah so it looks kind of like this I like Artie and the plunger is here and it has a container at the back like this right and this covers that container see-through plastic which I put in a nice plastic bag inside the car nice page from the grocery story which catches a little Pole and I just throw that out and I use a compost bag is like compost right therefore I don't have to clean that part no cool idea and this part is got a center it's see-through it's got a centrifuge blade like that that goes around okay so that's roughly what the juicer looks like okay the spout and you put it even comes with a container that does exactly four cups comes with it is that great I just think they're really cool very easy to use and easy to clean

okay I timed it yeah thanks promote eat nice that's the next thing in a dress if it is an inorganic vegetable it's not organic one of the issues with using the pulp I don't know if you know but the reason a juice machine detoxifies your body from heavy metals is because this blade when it goes around it creates a magnetic pull and it picks up over ninety percent of all the toxins and PCBs rate on your vegetables which ends up in the pole so if it's an organic realize that the pulp is full of that if it's organic you're fine you can use it for muffins make soup whatever you want but not everybody can use organic because it's expensive organic bristles right I'm just trying to be realistic I'm trying to make holistic realistic I don't use organic vegetables I'll be honest with two expert plus it's not always convenient I don't always have time to go to all the healthy stores I got to go to farm boys it's right near where I live right local boy it works okay if you want to go ahead and use it yeah I just so that's why I suggest you okay so enzymes I want you to remember this word enzymes if you remember anything from

this talk enzymes are a protein not like a protein knee it's a plant protein and what it does is it goes in and helps break down fats and carbohydrates and food matter when you digest I'll test this over guaranteed I hope some of you make some juice because it'll really work when I get constipated and I go to an Italian wedding we've all been there for pasta dinner right I like to telling food just like anybody else right but I'm not used to digest me I'll be honest with you I wasn't raised in town okay I'm Asian but my Italian friends listen Tony got lost some right I make homemade like amazing yeah real but you'll make it whole-wheat chicken from a barrow real chicken with the mozzarella it's amazing okay it's good I got a prefer my body eat their food pull make garlic bread homemade pizza calamari everything right fight too much of that without juicing I'm concentrated at least to these if my system is not useful you know okay and I feel very lethargic guess what I do I drink a glass of my veggie juice I prepare my body for a meal okay I take double the amount of probiotics try this probiotics

before you go back at our big dinner you know we all go to these big dinners or any friends and especially business I will take acidophilus I'll take two instead of one I'll have a 12 14 ounce glass of my juice okay then you can even take enzymes I sometimes take multi enzymes for organic oh they make a multi enzyme capsule with all the different enzymes I will take that no literally that day that I'm gonna go out that morning my breakfast I would take all that okay and of course I you my salad and I put also chlorophyll in my water quarrel that I talk to you about what you've seen up my health would start okay because liquid court also helps digestion detoxify the liver and you will notice and then I always take my experience right you know my cleansing counsel I take that the night before but I take an extra one okay like a few hours after the meal like I said it taken to which I do I take three okay and I kid you not and then I when I come home after the meal I drink a second glass of juice and I was Class eight to ten and you know what i evacuate i literally eliminate everything three hours i've tried even

three four hours like my system just gets rid of all that you know i digested the food what you should be right but most people they are not digesting they're digesting that for two days sometimes treat i like it most people well how long can you store this freshly made safe carrot juice juice after two days Karen juice yeah anything has to be in a vacuum sealed container like a thermos wears no oxygen going in right cuz you don't want because oxidation right when oxygen hits your juice or vegetables or anything that's why you were supposed to keep it in a ziploc bags right everything has to be stored so I use a thermos a stainless steel thermos kind of containers you can get them at all kinds of plate you know you know the big water bottles of a stainless steel with the I find they're the best I get a couple of them and they're each about a thousand milliliter and I'll fill up two three of those in a fridge okay no last up to two days here's the recipe here we go so I want you to turn a couple pages that I remembered to break I got a few recipe sheets for him and ran out I

think I got enough you can actually take a picture