08 August 2009

Vegetable Salad Recipes * Easy Healthy Recipes * Chopped Carrot Salad Recipe

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hey I got no time to waste so I got to

get on this salad I'm so glad that I get to share this with you let's do it alright I got some I got some lettuce I got romaine lettuce let's see I will go with the I'll go for the chopping on the lettuce how about that how's that sound cool we got it I'm gonna chop up some romaine lettuce here I'm gonna try to be a little bit more graceful than I've been in the past see if that's possible nice and easy this is yeah I like the machines I like not using machines and I like using them I do everything I can and I'm gonna encourage you to do so to make the raw food diet work for you because I know there's a lot of people out there that love what's going on with the Dan videos and I talked to them every day and they say yeah it's just really hard to make the change but you know what you can do it take some time and be patient you can do this I've got some rainbow chard here too fruits and herbs it's the hub of the foundation of this program the medical mentality and all the other modalities are not working I've been taking pills for how many years now for god knows how long and has it gone away no so I am I'm really

surprised not really surprised to tell you the truth but there's just the understanding of healing the truth of true healing on this planet is just it's it's amazes me how minimal it is I'll put it at that I'm not gonna blame anyone I mean it's just if you're a guy like me you know you're ignorant but yet then you can begin to decipher the truth so I'm helping people to get well because that's what I live for because that's what I want to be so what do I tell everyone fruits and herbs fruits and herbs you can pretend we could all pretend like there's so much more to it and I could try to dazzle you with my intellectual brilliance like so many other teachers do but I don't give a crip and flip about that I want to see you get results because I want to get results I want to be happy I want to be healthy I want you to be thin I want you to be vibrant and vital ok so that was uh that was lettuce and rainbow chard for my bass how does that sound and these you know these things are just incredible the way they I'll of the shredder blade the chopper blade on these Cuisinarts I'm just here for

positive encouragement I mean you're just you're not going to find much out there in the world because they just don't have a clue I'm don't mean to be negative on people but they're gonna tell you the raw food diet will kill you and every single living organism on this planet since the day that this planet was incepted eight other living organisms for its food and now human beings are cooked food eaters I mean how long every single living organism has consumed other living organisms towards food and now humans eat cooked food all day every day and they they wonder why we're all falling apart mutating I mean yeah gorillas get violent if they have to but usually they don't most animals don't want to get piled and most violent animals just want to eat so they kill another animal to eat but those are the true carnivores that's not what we are we're just not true carnivores I don't really have anything against eating meat in particular but in a healing modality I would say eating meat is not the way to go and all these guys that are doctors would say well you need your protein do you really need that much protein I put some carrots and celery

next you know I love to share with you I got the food here and I think that's important to a lot of people the recipes but you know there's a million recipes online I mean I just I would cut my heart out and give it to you if I could but that doesn't work I just have to cook to continue to encourage you to keep going down the raw food path because somewhere deep inside of you you know that it works you know that it's the only thing that's going to alkalize and he'd help to heal the tissues in your body so that you can remove inflammation and be well again okay so I'm gonna put in some I'm gonna put in some okay I'm gonna make a bit of a salad dressing now an herbal salad dressing so I'm gonna do one orange a lime and lemon yum-yum looks like I'm doing pretty well on time here got my little timer there this is a little bit more complicated than I usually do but we're celebrating and you know whatever I've got all this stuff laying around I thought it'd have some fun all I did was eat fruit today and that's how I like to do it I like to eat fruit in the morning and for lunch and then I have my heavier salad and as my

salad is digesting I watched spiritual videos so I don't have to like have a heavy salad at lunch or a heavy smoothie for breakfast it takes forever to digest I can just eat light all day long and then at the end of the day I make a salad then I can spend three hours watching spiritual videos or a funny comedy and while my food digests it's the most perfect system I don't know it totally works for me anyway so I've got some rosemary that I'm gonna throw in I'm gonna finish up here with a line and get my base going yes I have a Dede but that's why you guys love me I hop all over the place I realized that about my videos you know it's like well you should be more focused and whatever and I'm just like dude I just get up here be myself and the reason why you all like me is because you have a TV just as bad as I do and I kept up and I'm like entertaining I'm gonna be me I was trying to do good videos that's the last time I ever do that I'm just gonna get up here and be myself and that is what I think works because I watched my video where I was kind of contrived I mean it was all in the good nature of really wanting to help people there's no

doubt about that but it was just too contrived that I was trying too hard anyways that was dill crystal will put up the ingredients and you'll guys will be able to get this just you know that program with fruits all day and then a salad at night I mean it's just it's an ingenious method for me to survive here's some thyme rosemary basil thyme I'm kind of a caveman moving through but you know I mean you guys want to lose weight you guys want to reduce inflammation and an arthritis you guys want to heal up the diabetes I mean you know you gotta forge your own path but the simplicity of this cleansing of the cells through the fruits and herbs it isn't really the fruits and herbs per se that cleanse it's the body that cleanses itself it's just that it's just this is oregano it's just that when you eat fruits to satisfy that psychological need I mean you also have a life too so you need energy so fruit sugar feeds the cells but it's like when you eat fruit instead of a cheeseburger I mean imagine the ability of your cells in your body to function is about you know a million fold I mean there's

probably a hundred times more mat and metabolic waste when you eat a cheeseburger than when you eat a watermelon you know and so that's just the key I mean you're just getting out of the body's way so that it can heal itself by feeding yourself your cells live off sugar your brain lives off sugar not the white sugar crap you don't want that you want the fructose okay so I just made a salad dressing with herbs I'll tell Krista it's oregano it's basil it's dill and I'm gonna throw a hot pepper in there too it's time and some garlic and a hot pepper and some avocado I just got about a minute left so I better back this baby out I may not get to finish it but the messages guys I came here today I wanted to make this video you know it's not so much about the food for me in this particular recipe but it's about keeping in touch with you keeping you motivated you're not nuts your medical doctor will probably not understand this most of the world right now still does not understand tissue regeneration through the alkalization and detoxification process they're looking for some magic bullet outside of

themselves when the infinite consciousness is inside the body already so keep on going fruit I wish I had more time to share with you and get into all the details of it but just keep coming back to these videos and one of these days I'll hit your I gotta go oh my goodness that is so good you guys take care of yourselves fruits and herbs fruits and herbs