22 July 2019


Hey, friends! I'm Becca and I'm so excited to bring you guys my next all vegan What I Eat In a Day video! Also happy to get this up even earlier than my usual ...


hey guys it's back up welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel or whatever I don't know what I'm doing but this is fun anyway some girl keep doing it I'm just coming at you guys with another what I eat in a day video people seem to be really liking these videos or just like the food related videos I do too so thank you I don't know I just did air quotes cuz like that was not like I don't I don't know I just want to clarify I'm an OVA vegetarian which means that I do eat eggs I just don't eat meat or dairy but I do tend to eat more vegan foods just because it's easier to find vegan foods than it is to find things on packaging where it says no meat no dairy you know what I'm saying you follow me you got me okay cool thanks so I just want to clarify that because in my last one ie today I did put that all my meals from vegan and that the snacks were paleo and ovo vegetarian but people just got confused about that so yes the meals are gonna be vegan I just find it easier to cook vegan meals but sometimes I do eat snacks that are just vegetarian yeah so without further ado let's watch me [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Applause] it rains again [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh that's so good my go-to I think I really like matcha latte is but it might be taking its place so my tongue is little yellow now from the turmeric but it's okay because not only did it taste good but it's all good for you but I just had [Music] hey guys so I am getting ready to go to the gym and I really don't want to go at all today but oh well I guess because I'm going so last night I was watching annalisamurray video and she was drinking out of one of these takea or Takeya I don't know how it's supposed to be said but she was drinking out of one of these 32 ounce water bottles and when I go to the gym every day I drink 32 ounces and I usually see the blender bottle and then I just fill it to the 24 ounces and then I fill it again until I've had 32 ounces

of water before I go home and that's nice and all but I prefer not having to put my butter in the middle of workout so I saw that water bottle and I thought it was such a pretty color so I looked it up and I ordered it from Target and I picked it up a little bit ago I'm very very excited to use it because it's the 32 ounces that I need and usually I try to drink to 32 ounce water bottles per day and that's about it which might not sound like a lot it might sound like a ton depending on how much water you drink to me it's a lot of water I always have to pee but that's fine because it's really good for you but I'm very excited to use this hey all just got back from the gym I had for like a pre-workout snack just for some sugar boost two servings of prunes and now I'm going to make some food because I'm hungry [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] making up your own sauces just on the spot best thing ever ten out of ten recommend doing that just anything you like

[Music] okay so Jamie and Brandi are kind of over kind of not they just left because Brandi really wanted to get noodles and company for dinner so she's doing that but Jamie and I are gonna have the red lentil pasta that I got from Trader Joe's recently and then some Trader Joe's like tomato basil sauce so I'm just going to make that for me and Jamie and then Brady's gonna have her thing [Music] thank you guys so much for watching my what I eat in a day I'm really really really loving these videos they're super fun for me so thank you for watching the content if you want to see more videos like this make sure to get up if you want to see more videos like this make sure to drop a like down below so I know that this is what you guys want to be seeing and then let me know in the comments what else you guys want to be seeing on my channel whether the food fitness vlog anything I don't really know I like all of YouTube so I'll do anything pretty much anyway yeah I drop new videos every Monday and one bonus video per week usually Friday so you can look forward to new videos

every week if you subscribe down below which you totally should and hit that Bell notification so that you're going to find every single time I upload a video so anyway thank you guys so much for watching have a happy week and I hope to see you guys next time bye guys [Music]