12 August 2018

Vegan & Vegetarian Lunch Recipe & Demo Healthy Eating

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left leg right leg left leg right leg mmm control control control the ninja here and and we are going to be showing you two lunch recipes that you can find on the relentless fit 365 web page and it's going to be at one of the vegan and one of the vegetarian recipes so if you are ready we are we are so the first one we are going to show you it's the kale salad with apples cranberries entities that's under the vegetarian lunch so we start off with 8 ounces of kale and it and last couple feet on which we are subbing come on and you want toast um not burn them like we did it's not quite half a cup coming up you caught that see we have four to five radishes thinly slice and half a cup of dried cranberries one medium Apple [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] and nobody likes to drive salad police so he has a dress down that is made up three tablespoons olive oil one of them half tablespoon and 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] we have our folks ready for our next recipe let me go grab the two things all right Suzanne is ready it is he there's a lunch tab under vegan and it's amazing [Music] so on the website it actually says toes but because we all kind of went through this craze for a little bit he wanted to do the sweet potatoes do we use that so we toasted our sweet potatoes and then it's really simple they have tomatoes and avocados and whatever seasoning you want we haven't added anything those black pepper I can't handle whatever but you can put it if you want you just like salt and then I believe it was about half avocado but busy moms and you believe the recipe I just saw was on there so it says with garlic salt obviously in here so I like to do we don't want to see it anyway so I just took my fork I match the avocado into one and then you can add your salt your pepper and then the tomato only said three slices again I cut up a whole tomato so you use what

you like you can put as much and with as little as you want and then that's it you have your toast with war Advocaat or your tomato if you have any dressing like those from the salad anything else and if you want Europe just did Jegs workouts and dying starving hungry and thank goodness we're done good with kids are cool part make your healthy salad for your busy schedule and as always remember a recipe is just the guidelines though I justice to suit your own nutritional needs and I'm [Music] you don't have our company we can show you our children if you like let's head on that way [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]