10 June 2019

Vegan Truck Stops, Chemicals and Glyphosate In Our Food, Eating Healthy on the Road

Quick update from the road and some thoughts on vegan truck stops, eating healthy on the road, and the problem with glyphostate in our foods. Get all of our ...


yo what is up everybody this is K rail reporting live from Benedict fountain Park in beautiful Denver Colorado and it's a beautiful day the skies were blue the trees are green the grass is green and soft and I got raccoon eyes so please forgive me and I got white stuff all over my face because I'm trying to protect my head from the Sun but don't worry it's organic and it's got zinc oxide in it which is good for the skin and if you're gonna use in sunscreen make sure it's organic and clean and don't you see any of that crappy stuff that's gonna cause any kind of damage to your body because remember your skin is the biggest organ of the body and it absorbs everything in sight so if you put chemicals on your skin it only makes sense that it's gonna absorb them and I'm gonna come back to chemicals because I got some things I have to get off my chest and it's been a long journey I've been on the road for seven weeks and I'm now in Colorado I'm gonna going back to Park City tomorrow and I'm super stoked about all of the knowledge I've accumulated the new relationships I've developed the old friends I reconnected with new friends I made family members I

haven't seen in a while and all this fun stuff that went on but you know how it works we get your movement rake because it is until the afternoon you've been sitting for far too long so you're welcome to join me or follow along or watch this back later and integrate this movement I'm about to show you into your daily practice and I call it practice because it's gonna be yoga and you'll get is referred to as practice so I'll forget please forgive me ahead of time if there are any interruptions or soccer balls that fly into a screen into the screen or into frame or if I get interrupted any way shape or form or if the wind picks up and I get muffled but please most of all forgive the raccoon eyes I'm really not I don't really have black paint on my face okay I'm gonna jump back there and it doesn't demonstrate this little movement break for you and I want you to either play along use it do it as I'm doing it or watch this later and practice it yourself it's a really good combination of yoga moves and I'm a big fan of yoga behind the scenes you may not know that about me that's all you know I'm not all about high-intensity you know working

out until you drop type stuff there's a spot for restorative and functional movement and of course I do evening clubs and I do God is which is very restorative and this drill I'm about to do is restorative as well so I'm gonna go back there and the green grass and we're gonna do this here we go lamb in frame 2 great out there I'm afraid okay do start a downward-facing dog now we're gonna drop into a dolphin pose hold for about three to five seconds push yourself right back up I just engage my triceps they're going to lean forward we're gonna do a high lunge right entity twist and put our hand down scoop back into downward facing dog lean forward now now ready for our hand down to that downward facing dog for a few breaths know yourself in the dolphin push myself back up lean forward I launched II twist down down to high bunch to twist now that's a fungal palate you can integrate into your daily life if you work from a computer desk or you're in an office just do it ready to floor do

it right in front your boss you might impress him he may give you a raise you may take inspiration from you and force everyone and whole office to do it just think about that what kind of ripples can you make that way so anyway there's a quick movie break do that like five times all the way through and you should be good and set now let me reflect a little bit to the East Coast holy cow it is so freaking hot out there it's like tropical I cannot believe it I grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania and I'm absolutely astounded at how drastically the weather has changed back there I've only back been back maybe three or four times since I moved back to Utah and every time I go back to weather just keeps getting more crazy I swear to God it rained like 20 days in a row when I was there early not like all day but at least it rained a little bit on 20 days in a row when I got back to Pennsylvania that was when I was in Connecticut then I go to Pennsylvania and it's like tropical I went for a bike ride with my friend Jobe McAuliffe you're out there watching hey Joe and a couple other friends and it was like a swampy soupy misty air that I could like

reach out and grab with my hand and like put it in my pocket if I wanted to it was so sticky and weird I've never seen anything like it before the weather change the way the patterns have changed drastically back east there were bugs there was humidity there was heat it was 70 degrees in humid and I was hot as can be now it's like 82 degrees and it's beautiful out here not a drop of humidity this goes to prove that I'm not designed for immunity I am designed for dry air so here I am anyway I'm driving across country from Arlington Virginia to I end up somewhere in Missouri and then I drove into Colorado the next day somewhere along the lines I look to my right and I saw all these fields are being plowed and right behind the clouds was another tractor with some kind of apparatus behind it that was spraying the crap out of the spot that he just got done plowing so they were laying the spray first then they're gonna plant in it and then we're gonna spray it again once the plants are starting come up now I'm no rocket scientist but I'm a big advocate of organic and you can dispute it all you want but let me tell you this I do not believe in pesticides chemicals

or any kind of additive artificial ingredients added to food or at its produce so let me just put it for instance in there for you so these corn crops that are coming up off the ground and they get to be about this big they take the tractors and go through and they spray the Fat Bob and usually we round up so roundup roundup roundup all the way through until it's grown and it's finished and they they shuck it and they take it to the market they put it out there and then you take it home and eat it regardless if it's corn or beets or I don't know tomatoes pickled cucumbers it doesn't matter anything any kind of produce so you think you can go home and wash all that stuff off but I beg to differ because I saw the spray going on on the ground as soon as it was plowed it gets embedded into the ground then the seed gets played on the ground it gets sucked up it sucks up all those chemicals and then it goes through a whole fruition of a plant and then it gets doused with roundup also known as glyphosate to kill the weeds around it because the plant is resistant to Roundup so just use common

sense folks if that is going on then conventional produce must have some kind of chemicals and fertilizers on them and all these other emollients that you do not want on your body in your body or in your system I choose organic and I try to find local people too and I try to do my background research find out where this stuff is being made and I go into the weeds and I find out what's good bad and ugly so it's like you invited me over to your house for dinner and saying we're having sauteed zucchini and mushrooms stir-fry and we're having a big salad and we're having a quinoa dish with with black beans in blah blah blah on it and I'm like great I'll bring the sauce I come over with a spray bottle roundup we all sit down and you dish out the food I go home he blew me put the dressing on our food for us and I just go around I spray every one of your plates with Roundup tell me something would you eat that food or no mm-hmm Wow silence I hear silence I wouldn't eat that food but if you think about it if we trace back my journey through Missouri and Kansas the same exact thing except it's happening in the fields it's not

happening on your dinner plate so just think about that I want you to just think about that that's all okay not playing any kind of like macho like elitist or anything I just want you to think about what's happening with your food that was just an epiphany I had and there was no Epiphany I had so I stopped at about 10 truck stops for gas and using the restroom on the way back east and back west and I'll tell you what the vegan population is very underserved I follow a vegan diet five days a week in two days they eat animal protein and I have to say the the rise in popular the vegan diet has gotten big it's gotten astronomical evidenced by the fact the impossible burger is now going to be I believe it's the impossible burger over beyond Berger is now going to be available at Burger King of all places it just might maybe possibly there's about a 1.1 percent chance that I may have to actually have to revisit a fast-food chain which I have not I have not patronized since like the year 2000 in the event I'm in a place in the town but as my only option if I get in a possible burger or be on me program Burger King I

may have to do that down the road I haven't done it yet and if I do believe you me I will record it so you can see it too so signs like that are starting to pop up to me the vegan population is starting to grow and people are starting to catch on the vegan diet is very beneficial for the system it is the only one that is known to help reverse heart disease it helps with reversing the aging process I've done some really deep research on this I know scientists and doctors I've spoken to about it and have sent messages to and because I was in the movie fasting I have direct links with some of these people and I study all all the stuff they say and what I've accumulated the data I've got cumulated seems to me that if you follow predominantly a plant-based or vegan diet you can literally turn back the hands of time in the event you incorporate that with the time restricted feeding and fasting protocol which I do so that tells me that's a good position to be in now with this rise in popularity of vegan diet I would think that all these truck stops across America and the

restaurants included would have one item one for us vegans and I'm not talking about the crappy fruit they have out there that's like you know the Red Delicious apples are all brown and mashed up and you bite into and it's like you know it's like biting into sand and it's like really mealy and dry those are disgusting I'm not talking about that I'm talking about a good quality vegan dish or meal humus is cheap as can be the little Sabra hummuses they can have those right across the nation with vegetables they have these containers of melon now melon and fruit and grapes and what else honeydew and all this stuff we can buy two for five dollars I saw them at every single truck stop why not have the same exact containers same size with cucumber slices celery zucchini slices tomatoes things like that vegetables I want more vegetables in these truck stops if any of you out there have any pool let me know cuz I want to get into view of these places I want vegetables I want hummus I want quinoa dishes ready to make quinoa dishes if you buy quinoa in bulk and you go to the right places you can get a pretty cheap and you can make it other grains are available too

that are also really nutrient dense that can be used to me he's ready to go dishes and mixes and all of the like Taco Bell's and all these other places that are across the country at these truck stops and the subways nothing no veggie burgers no like nothing friendly for the vegan at all and I know bloody heck as well that I'm not the only vegan that's driving across the country and there's other disgruntled Egan's out there so I'm always carrying my backpack around like this in my arm hanging out down my sides it's packed to the brim well these things I had to pre-buy before I left town but it shouldn't be that complicated or difficult and believe you me I found stuff to eat but it wasn't easy and I had to turn a lot of things down and I extended my fast the longer and so on some of those days I made it through but in a big picture it could be it could be easier for all of us who follow a vegan diet or plant-based if they would just put one or two options out there that's all we're asking for not the whole store not the whole thing just a couple options anyway that's my gripe about that that's all water in the

bridge now because I'm almost home now I've got access to everything I need so I also as a victim of fat shaming I'm sorry Fitz shaming not fat shaming Fitch fat shaming has become pretty popular over the years because of the obvious you know amount of people that have become odd shape and overweight and so on so forth and they are raising and gripe when people look down their nose Adam which is understandable I don't judge people you know people you might think I'm judgmental but I'm not judgmental I call it like it is I just state facts and all right let's let's be serious here the nation is overweight and there's what I would be use people out there to but there's a growing number of people who are really fit who go to restaurants and ask for cucumber water and eyebrows go up in the air there are people go to restaurants and ask for things to be put on the side or oil to be eliminated or water or butter to be eliminated from things and cheese be eliminate from things and you get a waitress that goes and looks at you like you got a penis growing out of your forehead and I'm like seriously I just want a simple I'm trying to I just

want you answer a simple question can you give me this or can you give me that and again it goes back to territories back in East Coast that was like I felt like an outsider the whole time I was there I didn't feel welcome I felt kind of hot of sorts or something like that because I take my health as a high priority as a number-one priority in my life and I'm into fitness I'm into exercise I'm into eating right and I'm into educating people on it too so I'm just telling you this I know I mention this in my last Facebook live about that fit shaming incident just always be you and always be the best you that you can the only thing that ever matters is what comes from your heart and your mind this is the computer and this runs everything and if you take care of your heart your mind and your guts inside and out because of the good bacteria in your stomach you've got nothing to worry about no problem so I always stand up for what you believe in and always stand up for yourself okay as long as we know as long as on the same page there that's all that ever matters now I gotta get rolling because it's getting later and I have some

things to do yes I do I actually been super busy on this this seven week journey of mine it hasn't been like this big vacation I've been like hustle hustle hustle and I'm still in hustle mode and I will be writing soon as I get back in Park City it's like put on the accelerator but that's the life I lead and that's what I signed up for and I would not change it for anything it beats working in one of these huge office buildings over here nine-to-five job looking at the Sun in the middle the afternoon wishing I was out there playing at a park doing fun stuff like this so anyway that's it for now this is Katie rail reporting live from Benedict fountain park and beautiful Denver Colorado if you haven't done it yet go get the rebuild program for pine pollen super foods because I'm the chief advisor fitness advisor over there or if you're looking for some cool exercises like the one I displayed before get my six-pack challenge and go to restore your fitness calm till next time this is K rail reporting live have a wonderful day everyone hug someone today pick up a loose one piece of trash live in the present moment and do at least one thing

beyond your comfort zone at least one until next time [Music]