27 August 2019

Vegan Jalapeño Poppers | HEALTHY & FUN SNACK | My Choice Kitchen

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perfect hi friends I'm chef Danielle Amalfitano and welcome to my toys kitchen this is space for choosing joy today I'm going to show you one of my favorite delicious party time recipes this is a vegan jalapeno popper you ready to cook let's go here's how I dice an onion in three simple steps place your palm on top and keep your fingers straight make horizontal and then vertical slices without cutting through the root slice it through to get evenly diced pieces heat extra virgin olive oil on medium and then add your onions to your pan next add garlic and hey make things easy on yourself try using frozen minced garlic cubes I buy these at Trader Joe's for prepping the jalapenos it's a really great idea to use gloves here you don't want the natural chili oil to burn your skin and it will cut the tops off and then slice each in half check on your sautéed onions and give them a turn in the pan use your handy dandy fingers to pull out the seeds and all of those white ribs that's actually where the heats at we're done really cool if I could have found a red jalapenos also known as red Fresno's when you're finished prepping the

jalapenos place them in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with foil now for the filling I soaked these cashews for four hours soaking is super important because it breaks down the phytic acid and nuts which makes them softer and easier to digest add the cashews and the onions to the food processor along with a small can of diced green chillies these are sweet and spicy and add a ton of great flavor next we're using nutritional yeast I love this stuff it's a great vegan parmesan substitute that's full of protein and packed with an incredible amount of B vitamins season with your choice spices like paprika coriander or cumin we need a little liquid and again the choice is yours filtered water works but veggie broth is even better blend the filling mixture until it's silky smooth stopping halfway through to scrape the sides of the bowl with a spatula spray the jalapenos with olive oil so they don't dry out when cooking final step we are gonna pipe this cheesy mixture right newbee pollinating here's how to make a homemade pastry bag fill a plastic storage bag with every last bit of the filling then zip the bag closed and make

sure it's closed snip off one corner edge and voila you're a pastry bag Pro come on perfect you guys we should go to the viewing let's go Disney men today are tomorrow doesn't that sound fun Hey go bye-bye snow yes I'm not going to Disneyland so back to business gather the filling towards the open edge of the bag and twist the top so that you have a physical handle to grip while you pipe squeeze the bag slowly while filling each jalapeno use a consistent piping pressure to fill each popper start slow and then try increasing your speed as you go see how fun this is I love piping total fail I use olive oil kettle cooked potato chips which are healthier crush the chips to make the garnish and for added crunch sprinkle a bit of the chips on each popper add your jalapeno poppers to a 400 degree oven and bake for 15 minutes okay our jalapeno poppers are ready let's take a look I can smell the spiciness in the air and they're golden-brown and delicious exactly what we want have my friend Benny coming over for a little

taste test I really think my face hi Betty how's it goin it's really good man thanks for coming over no problem what did you make you eat available special vegan tree these are vegan jalapeno poppers yeah we great you think you'd be into that let's try to Cheers mmm I love the crunch yeah the potato chips worked huh mm-hmm and the inside is like creamy smooth but it's like a little bit like savory yeah that's nice oh and the jalapeno is like super spicy are you sweating it a little bit Betty I actually grew these jalapeno all 12 of them really no but you can look I actually have one growing in this pot isn't that cool cute yeah mm-hmm all right well while we eat just a little bit more Vinny I want to ask you what's your favorite thing about being in the food choices they feel so good yeah totally so fish comes from the earth mm-hmm yeah any time I eat vegan food and make me bacon vegan food I feel like I'm doing something good for the planet and my body which makes me feel like I love the food even more right no I really enjoyed eating with you but you know what we forgot to do one thing so

let's do it at the end we forgot to give this a little gratitude oh that's right what did we do every single time so okay really quickly let's just give this plant the jalapeno plant and these jalapeno peppers a little crash here we go [Music] thank you food Thank You Benny thank you it's really good to taste it you'll and listen if you guys want more come back we have so much in store for you here at my choice kitchen and we'll see you next time but until then let's rejoice in choice bye friends