24 September 2018

VEGAN ICE CREAM TASTE TEST | Ethical & Healthy ft. MEALS BY MIRI | Best Price 2018!

VEGAN ICE CREAM TASTE TEST | Ethical & Healthy ft. MEALS BY MIRI - http://bit.ly/2cQIZDo Thankyou so much for watching us eat ice cream! ❤ MIRI IS ...

ready good morning guys and welcome back

to another video today Mary and I are doing I'm most excited but this one Oh chop Ronnie comb what are you got a different range of stuff yes Indian maybe I'll have a new favorite room let's do this cheese cacao peanut butter for Knox entire it's on baby Byron Bay you ready for this oh I think I got a chunky bit of peanut butter there look at that [Music] [Music] that's nice it's not too intense which is nice but it's still very focused so this one's a choc running at home I feel like this is like in one of likens fiber ones everything in approved mmm-hmm I really like that one sorry wow I didn't get it maybe look around I was looking forward to like different textures but that's like the reason that that's like better than the girls and boys hazing that one it like has this really nice aftertaste to it it just like takes you somewhere else so if I'm definitely writing this one Walden ah yeah so acting like step on that's where we're sitting so a blood orange and mango and this one's a lottery collar

and actually meet America's favorite thing orange this is actually a gorgeous color just lied over and she's so pretentious shut up is red blood orange hey I'm excited this is what is my classroom its way cuz you'd expect your food sorbet but at the same time it's still quite creamy yeah it's not a sofa is it it's not it's a nice favorite I do like this one oh yeah I'm not usually one fruit face I do like it it's like still a little bit like for some reason it's wrong to be a little bit of your again I'm gonna write it's like tomato helmet what are you thinking and that was what I was thinking yeah we've already had a little bit of this one just climb up but zebra dreams shell clipped a lot and we use this one you know great shake recipe if you haven't seen that yeah you need to do that I'd say I feel like because it was more complex so we had there was something special about it this angel is good it's not yeah that was my really be name stop thinking about that I'm going I'm thinking that for yang angry because there was this kind of weed creamy off the taste to that way my body was confused cuz it was

like is this sorbet is it's not so bad so this one is salted caramel we haven't tried this one I love salted caramel I haven't eaten ice cream like when I was like dating my I never ate ice cream it's only grace like like hot second off of last year and this yep that I bike actually started eating ice cream and it so I'm really excited to like pick a favorite flavor I mean ice creams always do yeah and Rob now I'm like basically having ice cream for breakfast every day because I have a smooth ball it's a good thing doing already I like it but it's gotta be aftertaste at that one huh if I like that up with it yeah I would really really like that yeah like that I used to not be cheap on apparel hmm but recently I'm just doing really loving it I know it's on a time but seriously I don't like strollers like I feel like I don't know what Karen will taste like minimal to be honest I'm getting cookies I ran it like it may be good yeah okay creates chocolate raspberry ripple well I've had it believe erryone before I'm excited it's just something about like the containers I like the little containers I think

they look nice or my family so the consistence I mean it's like oh there's anything that is really I keep getting really disappointed by not the fact that none of them have like chunks in them that I really wanted to be like because these are creating kind of experience that's a little bit like broccoli rabe folder yeah and major it you can't even taste the raspberry like it's a nice chocolate but it's not either way you guys are crazy consistent it does the consistency was on point probably the best consistency survive inside maybe then my slight movements yeah exciting I would say like maybe up dusters because it didn't have any bras tonight [Music] mrs. Carter and last time we thought we're trying to get like a different sort of thing so it looks the fruity we've got some chocolate ice cream and chocolate just go so well this is like generously I really like that coffee flavor is it my favorite type of a person well if I wouldn't breathe it as just like a coffee ice cream though it's good to ten out of ten yeah it tastes like

what nutritions iced coffee just cuz it would start straight to advanced up like we're not that Colombian people are also forbidden I can't really enjoy coffee yes this is all great no it's like this is no more drink okay and on to the what this is very gooey yeah and then look that's what we went out for know that we went through all the shops but this is Fuji be juice caramel pecans probably probably these guys caramel vanilla ice cream shoes old shoes all they use that as a woman I loved up with salted pecan praline I worked that bit right there yeah the ingredients are really beautiful that's amazing I'm very satisfied with the chunks it up yeah oh this is really hot that's just great base to it the tough things in it I need to try to get in yet just to go back is the consistencies better about one than this one yeah without a doubt yes we break that one that is the same with but this is the exciting thing about this is that it's not chocolate really still really good yeah they usually always professional [Music] [Music] I'm really focusing on the vegan

chocolates and they list them on whether they sort of ingredients ethically or not so you can actually check that out and sort of try this out like if your favorite company you know the medium is gray you know you shouldn't really even and all that but you know I think we should all always strive to do more as we can and I think that you know buying ethical toddlers it definitely is this is idea veganism is all about love and compassion not just like to the animals but to everyone and everything so like every good you know those things that you're putting your money towards or supporting businesses that operate ethically it's not it is so we should at least try and get another way and like I don't think like the excuse that there's no other options of it's hard to do is just not true because I think we're going to hear this is just like I would like there's so many other brands we could have gotten to do this but these the ones we've gotten that's like a really big range I think will taste better and so there's like healthy like the minimal ingredients ELISA Auden point that is

everything for today Mir he's got a YouTube channel now so I will link that in the description everyone should go subscribe to him and she's got homeless stuff happening over there alright thank you so much for watching everyone if you like this video please be sure to give it a thumb it your favorite ice cream if we didn't do any all life if you just have one that's completely different to this yeah for another video [Music] [Music] massacre in this it doesn't want I'm most excited for this and we're gonna get a good bit don't tell me yet freed a stated Ravana sugar-free pathetic sorry going for my dairy-free coca shot bagans I'm mapping the tip top look at me we liked about hop I'm so ready but yes sorry yeah sure but that's the experience yeah I think it's obvious that we haven't been biased in any way because we do have different ones sitting in different ranges like yeah you know what I mean once they say and yeah oh I got my hair in both of that I'm really sorry about that this is just like behind the image I'm leaning on the

ice cream it's caving underneath me