27 March 2018

V Shred | Quick, Cheap & Healthy Snack to Keep You Full

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what's going on guys this is Vince with

V Stratcom and in today's video I'm gonna show you a quick healthy low-calorie snack that's gonna help keep you full throughout the day [Music] so like I said I'm gonna show you just a quick snack that I like to have it's one of my go-to it's very easy to make personally I'm not a huge fan of cooking I know a lot of people really aren't and when you're hungry it can be a hassle when you're busy it can be a hassle and so I like finding easy go-to ways of getting a couple of let's say a couple hundred calories in me and specific macros in me that way it helps keep me fooled this is actually one that I'm going to show you that is actually one of my pre-workout go twos because it is just going to involve a banana and bananas are yes pure carbs but that's also going to help you get fueled for your workout it's gonna help fuel your muscles with glycogen and so but I don't like bananas all alone so what I'll do and they also don't fill you up very well so what I'll do instead is just do something very simple like adding some peanut butter now if you have like a nut allergy you can do some

other kind of just basically healthy fat that you can put on top of your banana personally I like peanut butter or I like almond butter almond butter is probably a little healthier of a choice but the reason I like this is because the fat and the fiber content is so high so it's actually going to help you feel more satiated so that's gonna help you feel more full rather than only having say 2030 grams of carbs so instead of just 2030 grams of carbs you're gonna have say 15 20 grams of fat in there as well and then for a good measure I just like throw in a dash of cinnamon on it for a little bit of taste so I'm gonna take you guys through this really quickly if you guys are looking for a nice little snack that you can have safe pre-workout to help you a little bit or you're somebody who gets really hungry in between meals and you don't really know any good healthy low-calorie little snacks that you can whip together really quick and that are super cheap you can get a banana for like 80 cents and then you can use peanut butter and then you get this for like 4 bucks but then this is gonna last you a while so it's a cheap method to go to it's gonna

hopefully get up it's gonna help give you some energy and it's going to help that period in between meals not so bad so I'm gonna go ahead and just basically do this how exactly how I do it I like to just crack this banana open and I'll just cut this into little about 1 inch slices and I like to do a little just fun with it which is by taking out my peanut butter and make a little sandwiches with it so I'll take some peanut butter out and you want to be careful with how much peanut butter you're using just simply because if you are someone who is watching your calories which you should be or just aware of how many calories you're getting you should make sure that you're not overloading with peanut butter because peanut butter is delicious so it can be very difficult to not use a ton of it so I like to do that right there because it's a nice little peanut butter banana sandwich and it tastes delicious and when you go to peanut butter or to banana slices to everyone little heaping thing of peanut butter it's just not going to be as much peanut butter versus if you eat peanut butter on every single slice of banana you're

fat your fat content is going to be much higher than it would be with just doing this throw that on top for good measure and and yes I did wash my hands before this so don't worry so there you have it I just like to use little tiny little banana sandwiches and this is like I said one of my goat cheese before I go to the gym just because I mean a banana is gonna be depending on the size of the banana about 20-25 grams of carbs and that's pretty much the only thing that bananas are but they are loaded in it's a mineral that are really good for you like potassium but then peanut butter super high in fact super high in fiber so it's going to help fill you up and that fat is basically just going to fill your body with fatty acids which is going to help give you energy and help you feel full so it's working from both sides attacking it from multiple different ways so if you're looking for a quick easy healthy recipe that you can try out say in between meals to help keep you full or before you go to the gym to give you some workout try out these little banana sandwiches because they are one of my favorites also if you're looking for more recipes just

like this I do have a membership site filled with them where you get not only of these and you get other nutrition info but you also get a training plan every month and a diet plan every month so cater to your body and it only cost a dollar to sign up so if you want to check that out you can click the link in the description below this video other than that if you guys like these little recipe this little recipe or you want me to keep making these make sure to thumbs up button below that way I know you'd like it or me maybe leaving a comment down in the comment section below saying that you like to put an A in sandwiches you like these simple recipes because I can keep doing them other than that if you guys are not yet make sure you are smashing that subscribe button and a little notification bell right next to the subscribe button that way you're getting notified when I post a new video so thanks for watching guys and I'll see you in the next one [Music] you