02 July 2019

Universal Nutrition's ANIMAL PAK Honest Review! | Did I Get Bigger?

Hey guys, on today's video I talk about Multivitamins. What do they do? Do you need them? And much more! What better way to explain this topic, then to also ...

what's going on guys I apologize for not

being frequently uploading the content like before however I got a good one for you guys today as you guys can see from the title and thumbnail of this video I'm going to be going over multivitamins are they for you do bodybuilders need them it's a topic that a lot of people don't really take into consideration when they go out and buy their supplements it's kind of one of those supplements that's just left in the back the reason why I'm doing this is because I had a company reach out to me I actually reach out to them asking for one of their products I'll get into it but they wanted me to review this one so they sent it to me free of charge now I'm not sponsored by this company they sent it to me as I said free but they want my honest review and the feedback it's been out for a while but I can say whatever I want so let's get into it so you guys have probably found my channel due to this product right here which is animal cuts this is not what I'm reviewing today but you guys probably know me with my over a hundred I believe forty thousand one hundred forty thousand views now let's play a quick clip I think this is by

animal or it says animal on the top so it's by animal something this pretty much cuts you down really really hard for the summer guys it's pretty much like a phablet not like a fat burner but it's it's a more intense fat burner and it really really defines and cuts you a lot of people may find me because back in the day I didn't even know who it was made by and just to clear the air it is made by universal nutrition okay because this product right here did so well I we shout to them and said hey can you guys send me another one summer's coming around and they actually wanted me to review this right here animal pack it's their multivitamin I guess they were nice enough they send me this free of charge wanted me to review this which I'm doing today but they sent me this as like a little gift and I've been on it for the last two to three weeks now I've lost about almost five to ten pounds so it's pretty good I use this during my Christian guzmán summer shredding challenge and I think it's one of the best fat burners so the first thing I want to go over is the price and how it comes so I asked for they come in

two different types you can get the pill version which is 44 pills you take one pill a day I believe or you can do the 44 scoops I don't want to be taking more pills because I'm already taking a ton of pills with this product here so I said you know what give me it as a drink it forces me to drink more water that's what I like about it okay so I chose the scoops so you got the scoops like a pre-workout BCA protein whatever and then you got the pill version okay if you do choose this option with the scoops they come in three different flavors they also come in a cherry berry and green apple and then as I mentioned the third one the orange I did do some quick research on the pricing guys it's around $70 if you live in Canada and I saw as low as fifty forty five dollars in the States I'll have all the links down below you can find it at your local GNC they have it on their actual website the company's website you can learn Amazon I think it's bodybuilding.com if you're a Canadian it's about 68 dollars and a little bit less if you're American but I'll have all links down below up on the

cheapest deals you guys can click those links it helps me out if you guys purchase it's the same price for you guys so it's a win-win for everybody alright guys so what is the difference between this multivitamin and the other ones first of all this one is loaded with so many vitamins and minerals it's not even funny okay a lot of them have ten twenty thirty this one's got at least probably 50 multivitamins packed in this one punch one scoop kind of deal here it is loaded not only with the vitamins and minerals like the basics it's got the digestive enzymes it's got the energy it's got the antioxidants it's got the zinc and magnesium that's very important for your brain for your body too for your liver for your heart everything your organs to function so you're getting a big bang for your buck when it comes to animal pack another thing that I want to touch on guys is I'm gonna put the supplement facts down below so you guys can clearly see them but I'll try to put them up on the screen right here okay the another reason why I like this one is because it is clearly labeled it's not just all the vitamins and

minerals laid out they got different categories so as you guys can see there's like the basic you know the calories the nutrition facts the macro on the left there you also got the amino acid complex and all the amino acids that come in it you got the performance complex with all those other ones that's even going to live in a protein in here which is funny it's got the antioxidant complex it's got all the ingredients listed all for that digestive enzyme complex and everything so this one is unbelievably laid out very transparent alright guys so into the important stuff here the dosage went to take it it states on the back of their their labeling here it says one to two scoops with water 6 to 12 ounces with breakfast or any other meal honestly I haven't been taken it with breakfast just when I wake up or go to bed doesn't really matter and then for those who compete or train with higher intensity two scoops is suggested by the company sometimes I'll do the breakfast and or straight morning for fasted cardio and then also later on at night or sometimes I'll forget I'll just do the morning or just do the night so

the flavor you guys I obviously I haven't tried the other tube the pills are just pills but the orange flavor guys unbelievable I love orange this one tastes exactly like the orange creamsicle ice cream that you guys get at the corner store gas station whatever it is that's the thing if I'm gonna be taking a multivitamin I don't need it tasting like green stuff I don't need the pills choking me on the way down these thick horse pills whatever it is this is a nice easy light little drink it's not thick at all it's very thin it's like an orange meal for God's sakes so it's you can barely tell it's in there it as I say guys I wanted the scoop one because it forces me to drink more water there's an extra 1 liter of water if I put this in a water bottle for the day if I'm hitting the 4 or 5 liters of water boom there's one right there now 2 more things I want to touch on how does it make me feel and then my honest opinion on multivitamins then if you guys should be taking them so the first thing I want to tackle is how does it make me feel honestly I feel a little bit more energy at the end of the day I

feel like I'm more hydrated I feel like those vitamins and minerals I know it sounds stupid but they're working in my body if I'm not getting them from Whole Foods from my protein shakes or any other supplements this is what you need to live guys it's no all about the proteins fats and carbs it's not all about if it fits your macros or hitting that protein intake at the end of the day guys this is what's going to keep your body moving fluently as one your body is very important just like water intake so you need to be having your vitamins and minerals for everything to be working another thing I want to touch on guys I used to always get sick since taking this for the last two to three weeks I don't feel like I'm getting sick at all obviously that's where the digestive enzymes come in and the antioxidants and those immune functions ingredients so that helps definitely and then the last thing guys my honest opinion I kind of just touched on it by body builders you guys need to be taking this anyone that's doing any sort of cardio biking any sort of physical activity this is the product to go for guys I've tried the other ones I

don't want to be taking the pills I don't know if they do anything this is loaded and it's roughly the same price or maybe a little bit more so you're definitely getting your bang for your buck I got some other products to review so make sure to subscribe if you guys have any questions or have taken this product comment down below I want to hear your guys's thoughts on this thank you again for watching and I'll see you guys in the next one peace [Music]