03 September 2016

Understanding the Portion Fix Eating Plan

Get to know your nutrition guide so that you understand the eating plan to go along with your workouts!

hello everyone today we are going to

talk about understanding the eating plan and starting to think about planning meals when you look at what your results will be at the end of this challenge eighty percent of your results are going to come from nutrition and only twenty percent from exercise so if you really want to get results if you really want to have a transformation you have to focus on nutrition um so I encourage you to take out whatever eating clam guide you have whether it's 21 day fix whether it's country heat or hammer and chisel 22 minute hardcore whatever it is I'm whatever program you're doing take out the eating plan and read through it and then the first step is going to be finding um the calculation for what your calorie target should be for weight loss um so for 21 day fix it's not page four and you take your current weight in pounds and then use a calculation to figure out what your calorie target should be now all of these plans um use the same container system that was developed for 21 day fix called portion fix so all of these programs use a similar aim plan a calculation for how many containers you get per day might be a little different based on what your

weight loss goals are if you are wanting to lose weight or maintain weight um something like hammer and chisel the calculations a little bit different if you are trying to lean out or build muscle but basically once you get that calculation down it's just going to tell you how many containers per day you want to try to eat and then the rest of them are all the same because the containers are the same excuse me so do the calculation sit down today do the calculation for whatever plan you're doing for workouts and figure out what your calorie target is and how many containers per day for each color coded container and write that down ok so in twenty one day x if you haven't done it before it looks something like this and you'll find which I'm bracket you're in I follow the 1500 to 1800 the second calorie bracket um so for me um I get for green containers which is your veggies three purple containers which is your fruits um for red which is protein three yellow which is your carbs in starchy veggies um one blue which is a healthy fat and one orange which is your seeds and dressings and then for tea spoon which

is things like olive oil coconut oil peanut butter things like that okay so write all those down green how many red how many purple how many right all those down for your calculations and then next you want to go to the Container lists so when you say you get for green containers look at this list and see what goes in the green container in all of these lists emotions the next one then you do the same thing for purple now on all these lists they are in a particular order so the higher up on the list it is um the better is for you the lower on the list um it doesn't have as much nutrient density as things on the top of list so for purple for instance you'll see all the berries at the top um really great for you nutritionally um things like when you go to the yellow for carbs at the top you can see things like sweet potatoes yams quinoa beans lentils um if you are looking for getting kind of like the most bang for your buck when you are looking at your yellow containers um you're going to want to stay towards the top of the list no that doesn't say that's all you ever want to eat you can definitely eat things at the bottom of the list but

that just kind of gives you an idea of why they're in a certain quarter um so go through and what I found was helpful was to make a photocopy of each of these pages because I like to lay it all out on the table when I was starting to meal plan um so if I was writing down making up something for lunch then I could easily jot and say like okay that's a great that's from that list that's green this is on the blue list and so that's just a check for you um as you go through it's going to show you what your tea spoons are free foods that don't count for anything things like mustard vinegars things like that you can use to flavor your food and it doesn't really um cost you much as far as the plan um now for 21 day fix some of the other plans don't have this but for 21 day fix the original 21 day fix there is also a page here that talks about treats and then also here for how to account for things like milk and wine and fruit juice okay um they're all going to be um come under a yellow container so say three times a week you can use a yellow container and have a glass of wine um now some of the other programs that are maybe a little bit

stricter um say for instance in 21 day fix extreme you cut out the treats for that plan but that gives you idea I know I have a lot of clients that like to put almond milk in there Shakeology this tells you how to account for that in the plan um and then you'll see in all of your books there's recipes so look through it there are some seasoning mixes um I use these a lot for season my meat basically by your own spices and make your own um seasoning mix that doesn't have anything artificial in it or any preservatives um if you can make yourself and save yourself some of the ingredients then why not try it um but look through there's really good recipes most of them are pretty simple stuff simple ingredients but it gives you some ideas so I like using all the books that I have they all come with different recipes I like trying new things they also should all have recipes for different dressings on so I encourage you to check those out and try them out throughout the group um I think that was one of the most eye-opening thing when I got into cleaner eating is how much extra stuff is in condiments like dressings and ketchup and their sugar

there's um artificial ingredients there's preservatives there's all kinds of yucky stuff and those kind of products so if you can start to make some things from scratch at home and eliminate all of those ingredients that you don't really want to be ingesting um then that's awesome and they're very simple to make um I don't really buy too much store-bought dressing for my salad because I just make my own really easy to do so I encourage you to try those out I'm no 21 day fix does have a couple different treat recipes some of the books have Shakeology recipes you can try um so I encourage you to read through the book and get an idea of the plan 21 day fix also has a restaurant guide in the back if you're eating out how to account for some things um and then there's also in the back of this one a calculation for if you have reached your weight loss goal or even if you're starting out in your goal is not to lose weight um there's a different calculation or once you've reached reached your goal weight how to calculate for your containers um some of the other books will tell you other things how to account for um Shakeology

is usually a red so you just have to count that as one red if you are using any of the beachbody performance line and use them at the specified time so for instance energizes the pre-workout if you drink that 30 minutes before your workout when you're supposed to be drinking energized for your workout you don't have to count that as container same thing for after work out if you're using recover for your after workout recovery drink if you're drinking it when it's intended right after your workout you don't have to use that front that as a container because those are targeted calories based on your workout on what you're doing um so I think that's about it I encourage you look through what you're not going to master like instantly um I know in the beginning I was always caring my little book around with me until I kind of got it kind of got the hang of it but read through it do your calculation um comment below with how many containers you get for each one so that I know that you've done the calculation and you understand it if you have any questions please let me know I'm happy to help we will practice using this but first step

is just kind of understanding the plan so shoot me a note our Comment blows any questions and I hope you have a great day