10 December 2019

Understanding Dog Nutrition with Resego

Get to know more about Dog digestion stages, what to feed your Dog and at which stage. What should you feed your Dog as well as nutritional requirements for ...

hi guys it's a recession welcome back to

my channel back of this so today we're gonna be doing a video about nutrition and our special guest today is Alexis courtesy of Ali's so this little guy is quite old and he is a Maltese Cross and judging by the way his hair looks and feels I may think I he is crossed with a poodle because he has very curly hair and that would be amazing if he was a Maltipoo toll I called him a little Maltipoo because he'd be very intelligent and hypoallergenic at the same time and that would be amazing so today we're gonna the topic we're going to be speaking about his digestion and that was part of nutrition and this is basically the first segment of the whole topic nutrition that we're going to be doing and so when it comes to the digestion system or the digestive system the digestion process starts when the dog picks up its food ok when the dog picks up his food and then starts to chew it and it consists of four main categories which is a digestion absorption Mattila tea and the feces and your dog's digestion is very important what your dog takes in mmm and how frequently he releases it you know yeah bad process is also very important

because what your dog eats can affect him in many many ways so um that's digestive disorders that your dog can get is obesity obviously and he can start to vomits he can get the lung disease heart disease excessive drooling diarrhea and you really don't want that for your dog so here's me I have a bag of Eukanuba dog food this is puppy food because of his size he can eat this and this is lamb flavor since he it's rich in lamb and love and this is what he's been eating at the shelter so we don't want to get him anything else that he wasn't eating because that would like affect his digestive system I'm so sure this product is it has high quality nutrition and ignore cheese growing joints and bones he's very old so it won't really help it will help him but his bones and his joints aren't growing yet although it well is system with his joints because as I get older and if they get obese more pressures put on their joints and on their bones so this would really help him too and this is also for healthy brain development and vision developments so yeah maybe he might be

experiencing experiencing some vision problems since he's quite old not quite sure how old he is but we know he is a old man who's already started balding so um just to give you a kid's tree Owyhee he's actually going a little bit bald but on his behind is he was found recently a week ago and the volley shouts have found him he is a Maltese and most people what they do is with Maltese when they get old and they're not fluffy little cute puppies anymore they dump them and so this happened to Alexis yeah he was dumped at a Depot and he was he was living on the street for a while but likely last week they had rescued him so this is what he looks like on the back where it's going bald a little bit and yeah his condition was much worse when he first came in and because it was balding this is why you want to give your dog very good nutrition to help with his skin and his hair growth especially omega fatty acids food that contains that really helps with this skin and with their hair and shiny glossy hair especially for a breed like him Maltese you want to have a Maltese that has very nice shiny glossy hair and you can see he's still

recovering so obviously he wants have shine completely shiny and glossy here now but if give him the right food should work for now bye guys hope you enjoyed the video wait you you before you go make sure to hit that like and subscribe button in the face and hit the ball notification to see more videos from us bye