20 March 2019


A&Z #646 - Atlas vs the undefeated Meatball Sandwich Challenge at My Way American Restaurant in Seville, Spain (Day #43 / Challenge #46). Hey everybody!

hola todos Manama is Randy Santel "Atlas" estoy muy muy contento de estar aqui con

mi amigo Ivan Food, this is our first challenge together we met yesterday, he's got 15 wins around Spain but estamos in Sevilla d'espagne or Spain we are at My Way American Restaurant that we're taking on their Meatball Sub Team Challenge, we've got 45 minutes to finish this thing we're the first team ever to attempt it but there is a base of one kilo of a delicious looking bun and then there are 2 point 5 kilos of Meatballs there's a ton of meatballs underneath the meatballs there's about 1 pound of fries or chips and then we've got all of the sauce which has tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, and onions but like I said we've got 45 minutes to finish if we fail it's going to be 35 euros, but if we win we will get the entire sandwich for free, we will get sweet t-shirts and our photos will get added onto their Wall of Fame ,you ready? All right let's get this challenge started vamanos! Ivan was the first winner to beat that burger challenge a Joe and I attempted last night, then Mitch went as well but we're going to dominate this thing, let's get a win, number 16 in Spain. Un, dos, tres... boom! All right we're the first team to try so no record to beat, let's go! We're 5 minutes 45 seconds in the meatballs were delicious just a few left but now we're working on some of the bread, fries, and then all the sauce but amazing with all these healthy vegetables in the sauce all the peppers and onions! We're 11 minutes in the sandwich is so delicious we split the bread into fourths we're both done with our first ones, and now we're working on the last bits but delicious challenge we're definitely going to get the win! He is dominating the bread, but because he's such a gentleman, he let me have the last meatball. We're the first team to win so we've got the new record overall, because of that sauce, the tenderness of the meatballs delicious challenge big thanks to this guy, Ivan Food, all of the links to a social media are down in the description thank you guys all for coming!