01 May 2019

Unboxing my Favourite supplement. 🎁

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hello everybody welcome back to my

channel welcome back to unique family and lifestyle vlogs today I welcome you back to another unboxing flog this is my second unboxing in this channel and I received a packet and I really wanted to open it together with you guys this is one of my favorite supplements which I normally use it was over so I had to stock it and also I'm running an online shop so I'm having an a shop which I normally also sell this product so if I'm going to showcase all of it explain what it does explain why I'm checking after that if you want it you can just go to the infobox I'm going to keep a link there and you're going to check it out if it's something which maybe you can consider checking it so today we are going to open the unboxing and we are going to open the box together and then I show you exactly what it is and then I'm going to explain for you exactly step by step what it is I'm also going to do a demonstration of how I normally take it today I never took it early in the morning so I'm going to take it now and showcase you how I'm going to take it so the box is then is still closed I'm going to open it together with you so let's take each

other since yesterday so I really wanted to do an unboxing video with you guys so that's why I'm going to be with you as you can see I have opened it I really needed to stock it because I have clients who normally buy them from me and they look like this there are four of them inside this is my protein my collagen supplement which I normally take my favorite favorite a supplement which I normally take so I'm going to tell you what exactly it is them there are four of them I what is cool again they normally same from 30 years our cool again in the body goes down so we need to check saps our collagen supplement to raise our color gain substance in our body hi so collagen is a protein that defines our structural integrity of our bodies we need it in our bodies and as I said when you're over touchy the amount of collagen in our body normally goes down so we need it to at least raise the amount of con again we have our body and which are will the importance of taking coal again we need coal again because of for example our nails our screen and our hair those are the three important as a name it is why we normally need them for

example it help minimizes the fine lines and the wrinkles in our skin that is so important because when the years go by our skin normally starts having fine lines and just us and having wrinkles so if you take coal again it makes the skin to continue becoming as smooth as still without any wrinkles and with without any with any proper any fine lines and also it normally improve improve the elasticity and the hydration in our skin it normally makes it more alas the ball and also the hydration it strengthens and also an innie helps our damage to nails like our nails as for me I'm working in the health center I a magic nut and every time when we are working with normally disinfect our hands and for some years now I've been realizing that the more you're using this disinfectant the more your nails break or the more your skin is really irritated with it with the amount of any mean the amount of disinfection smidgen you're using so I normally check then a call again to help my nails and my skin especially my nails because they were really breaking and as for now they are really really improved I've been using this m equal again for almost now

and four to five months now and it has really really helped me a lot and also it's thickens our hair and also adds body in our hair so if you really need thick hair or also volume in your hair culligan is also the best supplement to take and also for our ball our body like the joints the bones and also the tendons will really need coal again because it strengthens the connectivity tissues and also it's better the mobility and flexibility of our bodies so con again is also for its for every age for example people who are the people who are aged Lee or elderly people who are having problems with their with their leg bones or with their knees it's really good because it helps in their mobility and flexibility it also supports the boys matrix and also to L it hurt the muscles or they recover the joints for example if maybe you broke your bones or something like this to strengthen those bonds we really need and they call again also and also for example in in aging and in the bitter of tality it normally helps like it supplies our skin with the more of it supplies its payments to people because you wanted to sleep I am back so

I just wanted to that is motherhood there's nothing I can do that is Mama's life so I'm back and I just wanted to finish by saying or I wanted to continue by saying that how does collecting help us as in our vitality and also in the positive aging one it replenishes depleted collagen and supplies in our body meaning it adds more color green when it has reduced secondly it improves the circulation in our body meaning the culligan which is there is more improved when it reduces as in the more we take it each day the circulation of our Canadian improvements improvements improves even more or I can't even talk like really and also the a minyan an amino acid like lifting found in coal again has the body to absorb calcium even more it helps stimulate the body's coal against a cold and to renew more issue of eat so those are the the thing with which I can talk about : in which the positive things which I know that when I take it it really helps me out like for example now I'm over 30 I'm taking it because one of my skin as I said I want my skin to have this elasticity I don't want you to have the fine lines and the wrinkles or to

reduce we can never avoid it but you can reduce secondly for my joints because I'm an active mom I'm also a working mom so I want my joints to be stronger or my bones secondly because of my nails the way I am working and also am often using this distance this infections Mitchell so I want my nails to be stronger because they were breaking so much and lastly also my hair the volume of my hair I wanted also to be better or improve so how do I do I normally use Michael again I'm going to do for you a demonstration of how I know mine use it I have an open one and I'm going to show you one it's in polar form let me show you it's in polar form and secondly it smells so good guides this it has a tangerine smell the flavor is tangerine most of the colleges they're just flat they don't have any any test or any other and any any other flavor but this one it has a flavor meaning it's taste good secondly you can add it even warm warm foods as and also called foods or beverages length and you can hit it just in plain water or you can use it in juice and just add a little bit or when you're using like in warm foods like soups you can also use the cola gain so

I'm going to show you how I normally use it then it comes with a measuring I am measuring spoon of measurement measure again you can see I normally take a full dose of it like that I normally take it every day early in the morning that is the first thing I'll take before I eat my first truck and then I'll point in my in my glass I prefer to keep it to keep the collagen powder inside the glass before I pour my water because if I pour water and I pour it it normally has clumps which I don't normally like it it will dissolve so well so I normally like you and I know mainly like using to put it fast before I keep my water and then I'm going to use a fork to mix it so it can mix nicely I'm going to use a fork I have my book and my water so I'm going to pour my water inside and mix it at the same time so it kind of nicely I'm going to show you let me push it behind and after mixing it you have to drink it immediately it looks like that and to be honest let me tell you this product it soldier it's so legit you can see the improvement in your appeal you can see the improvement in your nails and also in your hair it's something you

can sit for a long aggravation you don't have an amount of duration you can take it so it looks like that I'll mix it and then that's the way it looks I'll drink it I normally like to drink it up and drink it all of which I'll also make to drink another glass of water afterwards so trust and then normally say water is important you have to drink water so I already have my two glasses of water adding the money or the time when I drink it so this is the second one so days that is my favorite color green or the supplement which I normally use it I'm going to click the link of this cool again this particular one which I'm using it I'm going to keep the link in the Bo please if you want to check it out or you want to check my shop you can just go to the Bo and click the link and you're going to proceed the dozer it's 296 grams this bottle 286 grams it's a lot it can take you up to two two weeks it means in a month you need two of these bottles so if you're taking it every day two of them you need it so one bottle like this takes you for two weeks and for a month you need to one of them costs 35 35 euros one of this it's not

expensive it's so the price is is okay nothing for somebody who really need you already wants to do something for his or her body so I really advise for everybody to try it out it's a really good product you're going to be seeing more of unboxing in my channel or not you're going to see be seen me also more of using these supplements in my in my videos most of the time you're going to be seeing me drinking them or maybe even and in the morning if you're even being a froggy you can just see me using it but I'm going to try and do more of this unboxing for you guys thank you so much for watching everybody was watching still nowadays you thank you so much for all my new subscribers thank you so much for coming to supports me or watching my videos or liking them commenting them and also sharing my videos thank you so much I want to end this vlog by also saying if you're a new member and you haven't subscribed please hit the subscribe button and don't forget to heal each their Bell so the next time I'm uploading a video you're going to be the first one to watch it I want to say thank you till next time bye thank you