06 March 2019

Unboxing a Surprise

Our inaugural episode of “Jacques Rocks!” UNBOXING videos are all the rage, you know, so here is our first UNBOXING videa! It's a surprise! (Hint: it's clothing) ...

from T PRQ it's time for another

all-too-frequent episode of Jacque rocks here's your host shock McQueen hey today we're going to do an unboxing video although this isn't a box as you can plainly see it is a package but you can't call him a nun packaging video cuz nobody all watches have ordered this item a few days ago in a came but actually was supposed to come yesterday but it didn't environmentally nuts friendly plastic what are they just plastic I wonder I wonder why I it's just awful it's just heinous that they use plastic like this trees are America's renewable resource and they decompose so use a box all right right right once you open it's very luxurious and rich looking what was this they didn't seal this correctly that was sealed very well but more wasted plastic sheesh hip-hip in supple don't know what that's for see I've had people I've had so many people call and say hey I appreciate your nice warm brown bathrobe I am a retired rupiahs the driver but they say hey I think they say hey why not get something more luxurious and not so blatantly Pro UPS which I don't mind

being pro UPS they send me a check every month and and the Teamsters but they work together and I'd get paid by them but this is my new bathrobe [Music] magnetic plastic it's like they're out to get you they just want to remind you hey you thought no covering was bad and stuff no we've hidden little strips of plastic all over this thing just to remind you that you're lucky you got the finger at all I guess should I change into it you didn't see that did you and what I like about it is for when I take buddy and Barkley outside and go pee oh you do you put this out and you look like obi-wan Kenobi or something and your neighbors don't know who you are and so they don't care you're in your bathroom before that's like this like oh gosh that Jacques is out in this room again at 3:00 in the afternoon I'm retired I like it let's find out how the canine members of our unit like it Barclay come tell people how much you love it [Music]