02 May 2019

UFC's Walt Harris plans lawsuit against supplement business after USADA case

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well not the easiest road to this fight

I mean lots of an opponent changes this whole you saw the situation we'll just start off with that because obviously that's kind of what's in the news the most seasoned would you just make that whole situation how do you deal with it I mean that seems like you're able to put it behind it pretty quickly but just how frustrating is that whole thing being man it's been very frustrating um you know it just it's one of those things man like you don't expect and then when it happens it's just kind of like caught in it and you're trying to deal with it um you know it was found to be tainted and the thing that I've I'm more upset about is my reputation you know I mean like I pride myself on being a clean fighter fighting fair you know and a martial artist and you know Italy was kind of a bad taste in my mouth that I had to deal with that situation um you know and you know we're still working through it you know um you know I'm gonna take legal action as far as on you know on my end because I feel like my name is worth it you know I mean my reputation is worth there so you know with that said you know like anything else that's happened

in my career you know whether it be a setback or success you know I just keep my head on the prize and focus and just keep moving forward man try to find a silver lining and everything I believe God does everything for a reason with the way you saw those just until now especially in your kids - they go through the whole process they announcer suspension after before and also like if you have the situation exactly what do you think is better do you think it's better I think the way they did it arm just met they were amazing through the whole process so what actually happened was I failed a test in California just when they noticed I passed a new solid test and so right away Jeff called me and he's like hey we're gonna support you you know we got your back like let's get this stuff in let's follow this protocol so we can make sure everything's on up and up and I did everything they asked me to do and they found out that you know I did nothing wrong so um on their end it was just the way they handled it was perfect you know I appreciated them you know giving me due process and let me prove you know that I

did nothing wrong that I you know in fact didn't know so I really you know want to send us thank you to Jeff and Donna and all the motivating off and you started for sure for helping me out that process start with you from what I understand I need to reach out to our I reached out to I was told to reach out to a personal injury lawyer in my seat when I purchase supplements so that's kind of what we did we're going that route and we're just kind of waiting to see how it plays out um like I said it's not a thing where I'm just like locked in focus on that bike um like all right that's in the background let it do what its gonna do and then I'm gonna focus on my career you know I'm having success right now so I just kind of want to stay in that mind frame you know negative energy you know I mean here's how I look at it bro like for real I have five I know for a fact losses on my record that were split decisions that I definitely feel like I want to fight you know to me so you can say that you know my whole career like oh what else but I don't deal with what it's you know I mean things for a reason and like I said that's why

when I walk in that cage and that door shuts I'm trying to decapitate guys I don't want to let the judges head you know so um it's just one of those things man it's like me and Andre know he lost you know the fans that rise to fight know he loves could I finish to my offense um yeah but you know it does a little do it on the record having no contents but whatever no I'm not fighting for a beautiful record I'm fighting to get a win every time you know I mean so it is what it is um just keep doing what we've been doing man I made a gym change so like you know the my inspector my frame in the headspace I manage we're just trying to maintain that man like like I said no no bad vibes you know the meat on you know just stay at focusing and keep progressing and getting better man rounding my game out on the gym changes definitely helped me do that and that's definitely helped with my confidence as well as a win and a fight against somebody RJ's caliber who I looked up to me for so many years I made a Spartan fitness in Birmingham um so I actually just switched gym in Birmingham um you know got more stable foundational training with my boy here

campus now so um you know it's just one of those things man where I hate my selling at the old place and I just needed to refresh it you know get myself back into my frame and loving to fight again and that's what happened man my batteries are recharged man I'm training three times a day four times a day where is like early in my career I literally were training on Monday Wednesday and Saturday you never mean and I was beating guys off for pure talent like there was really no system you know I mean now I have an actual system and I have an engine behind me that's like focused on me that's helping me get to my potential so you know it's scary I'm telling you these what we're doing is gonna be scary man for sure you're sweating do fight over in Russia restraints when their I'd actually I was down that agency and I'd talk to him he said you guys familiar on this guy that's my god man like me and Alexi trained a lot together you know he helped me with my grandpa and I helped him with his striking so like it was just kind of a mutual friendship and I was definitely looking forward to fighting them you

know because he's one ranked ahead of me but more because it's like a test for me you know in many ways you know fighting a person that I actually have a relationship with was gonna be a challenge um you know cuz if you know me like I'm a fun-loving guy I try to you know speak to everybody um you know so I'm not like oh I'm fighting this guy mad at him you know I don't talk trash on another date so you know that was a little test for me um you know a guy his caliber and his skill of and his experience was definitely a test for me um so yeah I was a little bit frustrated you know I was like man this is my chance to like jump on the scene you know and it didn't happen but like I said again things happen for a reason um and I'm happy for Alexa you know he got a chance to fight it in st. Petersburg and be the main event you know and he deserved it you know I mean he definitely deserved it so we'll have our time for sure I'm sure we'll see each other no the only thing I just was a bit of mental mental things as far as like you know he's new you know he's he's hungry he's coming into the organization to make a name for himself

I remember being that same guy five and a half years ago when I came in I'm like man whatever they put in front of me I want to eat so pause by the way um so yeah you know like I just felt like hey I gotta go in be me but let's I got it I got a chip on my shoulder let me just say that you know I mean for a lot of reasons so we're gonna be repair Saturday night for sure okay just an annuity division as a whole right now it seems like the straw poster fight isn't happening they're going to DC and Steve a - you know maybe DC retires at 50 wins I fight illnesses to play who knows it could be wide open on PowerPoint it's like when you kind of danger this is a good thing - it's a good thing that this fight is happening because now the log jam is released and guys can start getting put and moved to where they feel they need to be going and where the company feels I need to be going and we can start shaking things down and start seeing a real real you know heavyweight division like some good fights can be coming down the pike with its own arm and as far as for DC's that my only thing is I dad sucks man like I feel like not dead

he's fighting steeper and it's not great but I think that was his cash out you know to me in the fight Brock Lesnar not he I think he of anybody deserves that you know so I feel kind of bad for him on that input hey he's still getting paid he's still fighting these two champ so you know he ain't gonna sulk about for real I think I'm too good wins three good wins maybe I feel like with the Lexie win would have definitely propelled me right there but yeah I think one two more wins maybe three you know we'll see I think it's coming up you know I won't prepare myself exciting exciting first round first round for sure like that's always my goal like I don't hunt knockouts but we're not a vision I lay down at night I feel like that's the way it's gonna be some spectacular some special I've been working on a lot of things so I'm just itching to get in there and show the world you know like make the people remember my name you know to me and say hey he's here