17 May 2017

Turmeric Curcumin Review / Benefits for Weight Loss / Inflammation / Joints / Skin

Turmeric / Curcumin Review / Side Effects / Dosage Benefits for weight loss / hair growth / inflammation / acne / Joints / Skin Find out Your TOXITY Level (#1 ...

hey what's going on guys so today in

this video I'm going to do a review on curcumin supplement that is derived from turmeric and this has been shown to being one of the most effective healing herbs like in modern day research in science though I just want to kind of tell you my experience with this particular supplement so this is the curcumin puritans pride brand it has one gram of curcumin per capsule and it really just overall provides a host of benefits there's been a lot of different research studies pretty much looking into what exactly does from being an anti-inflammatory to helping balance your blood sugar having antimicrobial properties supporting detoxification and also cleaning out your arteries so when it comes to a supplement that you know really just does it all um you know a lot of research is pointing to the legitimacy and the effectiveness of you know including making sure that you're having this supplement on a regular basis especially you know if you're trying to make sure that you're taking every no necessary steps to avoid cancer because it also really has shown in a lot of ways to prevent the growth of

different cancerous growths in the body and it's for me I'd say the main thing that I use it for since I'm young and you know I work out a lot is I use it pretty much as the anti-inflammatory so you know instead of going and using an ibuprofen or a painkiller you know multiple times per day I normally just reach for one of these and I'd never really take it sometimes will even take two of these with dinner you know after a big workout or something that really just calmed down inflammation recently I was dealing with some tendinitis in my elbow but after taking this you know regularly it really just helps helps it quiet down so that's what I've seen it be most effective that and then you know it also claims that it helps like I said reduce body fat regulate your blood sugar and just a host of other benefits that I'm sure you might have heard of but I just wanted to do this little review and tell you that this supplement is definitely done the trick for me I know that it's it really just helps me with my inflammation um as far as you know all the other benefits you know I can't say or correlate

anything directly to it but I do know that because I just eat so healthy and I'm taking a lot of other supplements as well but as far as you know the sources that I really pay attention to that are credible they all direct towards giving credibility to the supplement and the power of it so I really just thought that it'd be a good idea to review this and share my experiences and encourage you guys to try it out see what it does for you especially if you are you know trying to take every necessary action set to make sure that you are you know being as healthy as possible and preventing any type of illness that you may experience in the future so yeah guys this is my review of the puritans pride matte curcumin supplement hope this was informative and thanks for watching I will see you guys later