23 July 2019

trying “healthy” snacks

this is a reupload bahaha enjoy ;) my socials: insta - https://instagram.com/jonny.vin?igshid=1d04y426xszpj twitter - https://twitter.com/jonnyvin thanks for ...

we're gonna try it healthy snacks we're

trying to be I'm picky these are tomato basil no they're good they're like chips they're healthy dried berries and gold the crazy so the reason those look good yeah I think we're at Taco Bell again in the parking lot but it's fine I haven't got my membership yet so doesn't count it's like a good dough DS typing okay so everyone going one oh I'm going to love some buying song what would you rate let's write oh here's the I might actually get a pea pod because they're healthy and they're like we're gonna try the berries and golden raisins now though the reason was about I don't really like but I don't really like raisins either I wanted grapes really am I wasn't really a Heike joking yeah these are like a three out of ten for me you vanilla wafers well I already know what's so those were good kinda I didn't like those berries those are really gross but the berries really crazy is I can show me the big reason there is things rotting