28 August 2019

Trying to Stay on a Gluten Free Diet? Avoid this Toxic Food Landmine!

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we're talking about toxic food landmines and how to avoid them and it's really a relevant topic because as we go into this week obviously it's a holiday week Thanksgiving those of you are in the US and know it's a little bit different in Canada but those of you in the u.s. getting ready to go off and visit family or have family come in and one of the biggest toxic food landmines is what I call opf now the first one who can chime in on the feed and tell me what opf stands for we're gonna send you a free copy of no grain no pain so again the first person that chimes in and tells me what opf stands for we're gonna give you a free copy let's wait for that answer real quick we got Debbie from sass getcha one Canada another Canadian and let's see here let's see who is going to catch the we got Yvonne from Barbados and we got Peru's from Los Angeles okay it looks like Marie's the big winner she got it first I see her shining in first summary Goro Lee let's make sure that we get her Maria if you'll tune in and private message us and give us send us your address we're gonna send you a free copy of no green no pain for the right answer the right

answer here course is other people's food any time you're traveling anytime you visit other people and they tell you like if you're falling no brain no pain diet or the gluten-free diet to true gluten-free diet they'll tell you oh come on over I know how to cook gluten free I do it just right just for you and you show up and you eat their food because they were just like really adamant that they could help you out and you ended up getting sick right like this is where opf can be very very dangerous and I know it may be it sounds kind of silly but other people's food oftentimes leads to cross-contamination sick this because they're not educated they don't know well enough like when you when they're talking about gluten-free what that means to them as they go or to the you know to the local grocery store and they buy the cake mix that's full of toxic rice flour that has cadmium and arsenic in it or they buy corn chips or they buy corn flour and so the gravies being you know being made with corn flour or something like that and you end up getting sick because they thought gluten-free meant wheat barley and rye

free and they didn't realize that gluten free actually means grain free and something made you sick because they were putting things in your food that and then they just didn't know so first and foremost it's very important that I'm not trying to blame the other people it really the responsibility falls to you if you want to avoid the toxic food trap it doesn't matter whether this is grandma or aunt jane or whoever that is in your family you know they're gonna try to coax you into eating what they're gonna prep for you but you have to realize that you're ultimately the responsibility falls on your shoulders to avoid other people's food unless they've had proper training and food technique or unless they're following the same diet now that goes to show and many families where people have similar illnesses and autoimmune diseases they make tend to gravitate toward the same diet so in those situations it's a lot easier easier to eat other people's food because you know if they eat something that's taboo it'll make them just as sick as it'll make you so they're putting greater care and greater and better ingredients into that food you're

not getting the genetic manipulation ingredients you're not getting the toxic swill they sell as food in most common grocery stores you know the packaged boxes all that kind of stuff that you really want to try to avoid in order to stay healthy again one of the biggest food land mines is opf for the holidays especially very very true if you're traveling to visit family again and as you're visiting those family members they don't really know the diet as well as you do they think you know and nor should they again so what I mean don't blame your relatives blame yourself if you fall prey to this one now one of the things that you can do I was going on to number two but before I go on to number two one of the things that you can do here and one of the things I like to do in my one of my favorite things is the travel suitcase the food suitcase in a sense so the food travel suitcase and one of the things I always travel with I always travel with beef jerky or turkey jerky or some type of grass-fed organic dried meat it's easy to carry doesn't perish very quickly so you can carry it it keeps for a very long time I like to

carry nuts just dried nuts and you can buy them in the shell or out of the shell but very very easy to travel with canned fish or packet of fish things like tuna or sardine or salmon very easy to travel with packs nicely so pack you a travel suitcase that way when you are you know if you're on an airplane if you're in the airport or if you're driving long distances you're not pulling over at the convenience store you're not pulling over at the gas station you know and buying something that is far from healthy most of those things that you can purchase in those types of stores aren't really food they fall under what I would like to call the fruit category so other people's really we add an arm to that it's it's fruit because that's generally speaking if the people that you're going to see don't eat healthy they're not going to serve you really food they're gonna serve you what their perception of food is but they're not going to serve you healthy they're going to serve you fruit and of course in order to maintain your health you can't do that again we got other people's food or fruit if you will the solution to that is to not let them coax

you into into eating it now here's another scenario that sometimes happens during the holiday season is you is you show up and if you show up unprepared in this scenario let's say you're going to an answer and uncle's or you know a grandparent or in-laws house and in let's say you're just new to the gluten-free diet this is a conversation that this conversation should come up before you show up and what I mean by that is if you show up expecting and demanding that you be served gluten-free grain free you know non genetically modified ingredients it's not going to happen and it isn't of you to show up on somebody's doorstep with all these different demands when that may not be a part of their lifestyle or part of the culture so part of it is you have to respect who they are and what they currently know and what they currently do or follow but one of the things that I recommend to avoid the other people's food conflict because here's what happens sometimes as you get there you didn't talk to them you feel guilt 'add into eating their food because why because they work so hard to prepare for you right and that that

guilt is on your shoulders but it's your fault for not having a phone conversation or communication with them earlier because the way I like this conversation to go before I'm showing up to somebody's house which is very simple which is look I've got very special food needs and I don't expect you to meet those needs there they're pretty restrictive by most people's standards again I don't I don't expect you to to to meet me where I'm at I also don't expect you to like try to coerce me and the eating food or guilt me into eating food when I do come and not that you would try to do that but I just want to warn you a 4f4 hand I'm gonna probably bring some of my own food and if I don't select certain things at your house I don't want you to take offense I appreciate your hospitality and I appreciate what you're doing it's just that I have again I have a very limited diet on what I can eat if I want to maintain my health and I know you love me so I appreciate you understanding and and just you know knowing that this is okay and that when I get there if I don't want to eat the food that it's not me trying to insult your cooking or

insult your hospitality I really do just don't want to get sick so thank you for understanding in advance like that's the conversation that you should have around that topic and if you don't have that conversation this is what happens you get guilted into eating stuff you shouldn't and then instead of being able to visit your family and have a good time you end up being in bed and now you're the weird person with a lot of weird food allergies who can't handle things and so now you're sickly so not only did you get you get punished like in two different ways you get punished for eating something because you didn't want to make somebody else feel bad but then you also get punished in the way that people are kind of like judging you and then you get socially isolated as part of that punishment so again have the conversation before you show up and that way you can avoid that you know you can avoid avoid the entire you can avoid that an entire situation hey don't forget to check out the rest of the series right here make sure you hit subscribe below and as always thanks for tuning in