10 June 2019

Trying to eat healthy for a week

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

[Music] for today's video I'm trying to be healthy eat healthy for a week so what that means I'm eating three full meals I'm cutting out the snacks no snacks is what I'm trying to set just eating healthy you know just regular meals probably like go out for runs so do some exercise this video idea I actually got from Hannah melosh so you can go check her video it will be down below in the description or you can watch my whole entire video and then wait till the end comes up and I will have her video right there just for you to click instead of just pausing the video scrolling through my description trying to find the video clicking the link and watching the video just watch my video and then her video is just pop up at the end it's just that simple so yeah let's get started with [Music] the cameras probably tilted I'm not sure but let me turn you there I think so for breakfast I have juice every time I have juice I try to put half water half juice so that's just not straight up like sugar I'm gonna have some avocado toast so I cut up some avocados and I have apple slices that's today's

breakfast see you later [Music] though it is 1214 so it's time for me to eat my lunch all I have is rice and some chicken pieces I thought oh and I'm having orange juice laundries half water Bon Appetit hello guys so it's now four o'clock so I'm kind of hungry now cuz I had lunch at 12 and that's four hours I'm gonna eat yeah I need a banana and that she told me up until dinner probably I won't even have dinner my mom's here so yeah [Music] good morning guys so for today's breakfast I'm just having some eggs orange juice and I'm having this garlic not that I found in the fridge right here that's cooking so that's literally it I'll see you guys at lunch let's just ignore the fact that my hair is really bad today so for so for today's breakfast I'm having the green smoothie that I made yesterday and some eggs with ham cut up and my gummies but let me show you what the eggs look like if you're interested that's what they look like it's in a Barbie play I get it I get it we were reusable here so those plays are for my seventh birthday that's

why their Barbie update you guys at lunch so for lunch I have this burrito it looks disgusting but I opened it up because I took it out of the freezer and inside was frozen when I already put it in the microwave so I had to open it up so that it would the ice not the ice but the frozen thingy inside would melt and so yeah just looks gross but promise me it's delicious I meant trust me not promise me [Music] good morning guys happy Thursday this is a really bad job to me but I'm having some eggs get some toast for breakfast and that's it I'll see you guys at lunch so for lunch day I have a burrito which exploded in the microwave and some mozzarella cheese a sprinkle on top this is anything as yesterday so for lunch I had this blaze pizza I didn't brush my hair this morning so that's ruined so I had eggs and fruit and a juice and my gummies and that's it literally see you guys later sorry about the shaky footage I'm just holding it with my hand and this is my phone so for dinner slash lunch I had a chicken pasta [Music]

so for breakfast I had pancakes with dulce de leche with fruit on top a juice and some eggs hey guys New Year's so much for watching my video I hope he has enjoyed it so instead I'm not saying that I didn't have any dinner I didn't have dinner I had a pack of peanuts there you go that's what I had for dinner so yeah make sure to subscribe watch Hanna's video it's really good see you all in my next video love you all bye [Music] stuff like that you know work