23 September 2018

Trying KENDALL JENNER'S Diet & Workout !!!

Trying Kendall Jenner diet and workout! Kendall Jenner Ab workout !! #Kendalljenner #Kendalljennerdiet #kardashians Articles: Diet: ...


well good morning there hello my beautiful Nicholas welcome back to my channel or hello if you're new today is another eating like a celebrity and doing the workout day so as you could tell by the title I am doing kendall Jenner I like all my information that I found in the description box as always as well as all my other ones that I've done on different celebrities so make sure you guys so binge watch that but I thought it would be fun to do kendall Jenner I've been requested to do her and honestly I've been loving making these videos so I thought I would bring more and hopefully you guys like them to but this diet it's more when she's being a little bit stricter because kendall Jenner does like to splurge and have things like pizza fries and burgers but I thought that would be really easy for me to do so I thought we'd do the harder one so this is more when she's trying to eat more clean get ready for her show because she is a model she kept Selena Gomez so if you guys want to see Selena Gomez thumbs this video up so I know make sure by the way you guys are following me on my Instagram it's at Nicoletta XO YT I have something

exciting coming up so a little PSA we'll go with that public service announcement you guys can see what I will be up to soon I am so hungry today let's go down to the kitchen and make her breakfast I need a new pedicure but let's just ignore that part kendall Jenner likes to start off her mornings with detox tea she actually loves drinking tea throughout the day so that's what we're gonna do I'm gonna make some detox tea right now and drink on that and then we will move on to making her breakfast I'm excited if you guys have been watching my videos for a while I have a mug obsession don't mind the sound it's the teas is brewing I love mugs favorite part of the day is picking my mug I have no life it's time for the fun part picking out the mug as you can tell I have a mug obsession but just think we're gonna go for girlboss while this cools down I'm going to make her breakfast in the meantime we got the two eggs and then the avocado and now we're going to do the oatmeal I'm going to pour 1 cup of plain old oats for some reason I can't open this to get the water out so we are gonna use the Keurig for my oatmeal lifehacks 101

ok I'm just waiting till the water boils and then we're just gonna get some more in this bad boy works like a charm I have everything here in front of me and it looks like a feast but kind of likes to have one cup oatmeal and then two eggs over avvocato but I just put it on this side we have our detox tea and then we have our water because she makes sure to stay hydrated all through the day so this looks like a lot for me I typically don't eat this much for breakfast I get honestly full with just this but we'll see how this goes I'm excited to eat my avocado your girl's obsessed with avocado but Kendall actually has a really similar breakfast like Chloe which a little sub promo if you haven't saw my video on Chloe's diet and workout definitely check that out I recommend it they both tend to have big breakfasts 'as they say that you should eat your biggest meal for breakfast because you have the rest of the day to burn it off as opposed to dinner so I definitely recommend eating your biggest meal during breakfast but we'll see how I feel I actually have my computer here I'm gonna watch I think of show Bella

eat leave a comment tell me what your favorite show is I'm actually just watching the Netflix show insatiable and set what it's called I'm not gonna lie right now I am actually super full after the eggs and the avocado and now I have to have a whole bowl of oatmeal I may need to take a little break and then get back to eating the struggle is real isn't this such a great stroke so I'm going to eat the rest of this and then I'll if it didn't you pick it and then I'll update you guys in a little bit oh I am so full guys I'm going to need to just go in food coma right now it's currently at 12 p.m. so I thought that I would do a quick workout before we go ahead and eat some lunch and Kendall loves to focus on her ABS and when she doesn't go to the gym she does her hair mo when she doesn't go to the gym she does her 11 minute infamous ab workout so that's what we're gonna do I typically go to the gym but I thought it would be fun to just do a at home workout and she also loves to do a cardio and one of the cardio that she typically does is a little quick jog I've been wanting to do a ab workout for a bit now so let's head downstairs and

let's get our workout on I've just got my running shoes on and we're gonna go for a jog we're gonna do about 30 minutes of jogging and I'm not date you guys once I was finished my jog I just moved on to doing her ab workout and the first move that she starts off with is a forearm plank and she does this for 30 seconds so all you have to do when you are doing the plank is make sure that your body is a straight line from your head to your heels with your hips Square to the ground and I personally love doing planks I think it's an overall really great workout for your abdomen so I definitely recommend doing adding planks into your app routines [Music] once I was finished with the forearm plank she does another plank and that is just a hand planks you're going to do the exact same thing but you're going to do it on your hands and you have to balance on your palms and your toes holding your body in a straight line once again from the top of your head to your heels and she holds this again for 30 seconds and when you are doing this make sure that your neck is kind of just neutral the workout definitely started a

little bit slow and then moving on throughout the workout it gets a lot harder I've noticed the next exercise move she does is a forearm side plank and she does this for 15 seconds for each side this one was a lot more difficult because I found that you really had to balance yourself so the balance part made it a lot more difficult but of course when you are in your planks you always have to just make sure like I said that you're in a straight line from the top of your head all the way down to your feet and I just did both sides [Music] for the next exercise you're going to have to stay in the side plank but you're going to do an elbow to knee crunch while in that position she only does five reps per side this is really good for your obliques you're really gonna feel it on the sides of your abs but you do have to have really good balance for this as well I found it a little bit difficult at first but then I got the hang of it this next move is called the hands plank with around-the-world arm and leg raises all you have to do is extend your right arm

then your left arm then lift your right leg and your left leg and you repeat that over again she only does this for 15 seconds straight the next exercise is a rocking planks and I realize you were supposed to actually do this on your hands not your forearms just a little fYI make sure you do it on your hands but all you have to do is just rock back and forth for 15 seconds straight but I really did like this exercise I must say this next exercise is just the alternating knee to elbow and forearm plank and I just did five reps on each side so all you have to do is bring your left knee to your left elbow and then go back to starting position and then you're going to repeat the same thing on the other side so your right knee to your right elbow and then you are complete the next exercise is just plain old crunches and she does 20 reps of these so you have to just make sure you're lying flat on the ground and that you place your hands behind your ears and open your elbows to the sides and keep your lower back pressed against the floor and this is of course really going to engage your core the next exercise are some bicycle

crunches and these are going to be a killer you do them for 30 seconds straight and when you are doing them and make sure that you bring your left knee in and extend your right leg as you twist from your waist to bring your right elbow to your left knee and then you do the same thing on the opposite side but you just have to keep going straight for 30 seconds and you are going to feel the burn [Music] after the bicycle crunches I just moved on to some raised toe touches and you have to also do this for 30 seconds straight and of course and make sure that you are lying on the ground you extend your legs up and you are just going to bring your head and shoulders off of the ground as you reach both your hands up to touch your toes and doing all these exercises in a row you're really going to start to feel a burn now in the ABS at this point I had to really keep pushing because I was really starting to feel that burn right in my core this next exercise is called bent knee jackknives and you have to do 15 reps of these these were actually pretty difficult to

get a hang of it as well because you do have to have good balance you have to make sure that you're leaning back and you extend your legs as far out as you can without dropping them completely this next exercise is just Russian twist and I did 15 reps on each side you have to make sure that you're sitting on your butt with your knees bent together and held up make sure that your feet are not touching the ground and this is just really gonna help these sides of your abs or your obliques and the last exercise she does is just some donkey kicks and she just does 15 reps on each leg for this exercise of course you need to go on all fours and you're going to engage your butt as you point your right foot and kick your bent leg straight up behind you we just finished the albergue oh it definitely got harder by the end of the workout but I definitely recommend it I'm so happy I'm done the workout the jog and the ab workout was what I needed so now I'm gonna head and make some lunch and then I can get all ready in shower and cha-cha-cha and shower for the day so just keeping up with my water

drinking clothes I am really still full from breakfast so but we got to make some lunch I got my cucumbers some carrots I'm just putting an avocado dressing on top and Wow kendall Jenner usually gets a salad from a place in LA called health nut and she'll get the deluxe salad which basically just has some mozzarella in it but I'm currently dairy-free so I can't add that some cucumbers as well as carrots some sunflower seeds but I swapped it for pumpkin seeds because I didn't have that she usually swapped it for chicken and also she says no tomatoes so I didn't add any tomatoes and I put some avocado oil dressing on top but this is a one of the typical lunches that she would have so I'm excited to eat this I feel like I'm doing some ASMR eating food video almost done but I finished lunch this is actually super yummy I really like this season this I'm definitely gonna be adding more seeds into my salad it just gives it a little bit of a more of a crunch and it just tastes really nice and then I'm almost on my water so I'm gonna refill this up and yeah I may have a snack before dinner because Kendall

likes to have snacks throughout the day so I might do that and then share with you guys it later a typical snack she has is just some hummus and some raw veggies and for today I decided to have some carrots I am currently watching some YouTube videos and snacking I know I shouldn't be eating on my bed but you know we all do it we all you guys are curious and you're just following along with me findell Jenner will snack throughout the day if she's hungry her typical snacks are like fruit she loves strawberries apples all that good stuff and then raw veggies and hummus is another staple for her and as well as snacking on some almonds or some healthy juices stuff like that that's typically her go-to snacks and I love hummus so your girl could not turn that one down living our best life eating hummus and carrots update it is currently at dinnertime so I'm gonna head downstairs and eat my last meal for the day I actually prepared my meals last night so I could just warm it up today but for a typical dinner that kind of likes to have is just brown rice and chicken

which I'm really excited to have but yeah that is going to be the last meal of this entire day let's go to the kitchen I'm gonna go warm up my dinner and then we're gonna eat that and that will be it we got we got fire chicken rice and now I'm just gonna warm it up yes when filming these videos that leaves you with too many dishes too much that is all for the video I hope you guys had fun coming along with me doing Kendall Jenner's diet and workout I had so much fun at trying it out I actually really did like her diet and workout the breakfast kept me helpful for how long so I'm not complaining about that I like the exercise I definitely recommend trying out the ab workout it's a really great one I've done it before so I knew I was gonna love that one thumbs up if you guys want me to keep going and if you want me to do Selena Gomez make sure you thumbs this video up so I know share it with your friends you can also check out all my other ones I've done so many celebrities now I probably have done one that you want to see so check my description box for others and don't forget to follow me on my answer I'm like I said at the

you name because there's going to be some fun and exciting things coming but super students so you could stay tuned for that but as always I don't forget to subscribe before you leave this channel it would mean the world to me we are getting super close to 800,000 which is crazy and if you guys turn the belt it would notify you every single time a table which is every Wednesday Friday and Sunday you guys know the drill so I hope you guys are having an amazing day evening or night whenever you're watching this and I'll catch you guys in my next one bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]