08 April 2019

Troubleshooting Your Weight Loss Pt. 5

This video is about TYWL Pt. 5.

sometimes people ask can I get fruit my

fat loss today well the seafood is fairly old on the higher so yes you can eat food on a fat loss diet you're going to cut out a lot of other foods before you start kind of a fruit has a purpose is very high in rank appreciated serves a big purchase for the body and again it's different fruits that affect our blood sugar differently like a different amounts right so in general berries are one of the best groups if you are going to keep eating or if you're looking at kind of some fruits from the knife keeping in areas is a good one to keep in a time varies especially summer really spike their blood sugar all that much compared to some other fruits and these are roughly a normative impact our blood sugar and carbohydrate and see so if you just think about eating a couple of brown rice from the whole gradient category versus accomplished servings of spinach salad then we know that the couple of real race is going to have significantly more cars in it then even though a huge favor of snow Spanish style right so also eating the larger plate

take us to eat then you know we can read I I can burn through the cover rice in a hurry compared to compared to a large cell it's going to be it's gonna be a long time to keep that cell and then in the end you know not only the think you wanted it but now the overall carbohydrate content is much more with the green okay so that is strategy number three cutting carbs so so far we that increasing our activity level we have decreasing our overall calories we have cutting back on our carbohydrates then it's for carbs no didn't do much in terms of percentages they like that the hand proportioning thing right so a cupped hand full of carbs per meal depending greatly upon a protein healthy fat like we work with a company called precision nutrition and they definitely partnered with them and we delivered their program together in our facility and so they did are maybe like any portion is using your hand as a reference right so at every meal you want a cup of a cup handful of firms who have trauma protein to a thumb of healthy fats so I can send out if anybody wants more information on that

portion control it's a it's a very easy way to support me see ya rappin about 30 pieces Valerie's cutting parts and this one that's a plane is also light so this one is kind of counterintuitive so this one is actually going to help us wrap up our calories okay so this is for scenarios where people have been in a severe calorie deficit for a long time they are not getting the five hours of activity every single week they're doing it you know we can't cut calories we further than we've already cut okay so given this scenario we're actually going to give the body a little bit of a break and we're gonna round up color painting so this is how that strategy would look for seven to ten days we were gonna up our calorie intake 500 I'm looking at you fixated on that it would be more so a percentage of whatever their total daily calorie intake is but just to keep it simple for now I just put 500 calories on there and 50% of those calories are going to come from carbohydrates because this is the person that excuse me be in the car for an extended period of time and it might feel like you cut along the carbon of

their diet so certain hormones are likely have plummeted so this strategy is meant to bring those marbles back up specifically thyroid collectively so we would do this for one to two weeks with a green thumb in the hole so to speak right we need more than one tool in our toolkit because there looks really hot the hammer every single we lost this one so you can look like a nail and not every time Tony's gonna video I am NOT gonna stand up here and tell you all they need to do I'm not going to tell everybody they need to go into technicalities I'm not gonna tell you anything every cards every single scenarios may be different everybody so there's not one best strategy here so that's where the coaching comes in ranked so that's where we work obviously a wide variety of clients and every single fight has different physiology and we sit down with you not that who troubleshoot amount of individual pieces so for some people go in Quito might be the best option for the next person it would be terrible right so I'm thinking about like about working with an athlete I'm never going to walk you okay it's

karma that is where the main fuel sources so that would be terrible practice for me to recommend control on cue for the next person that might be the best fit that might be the best recommendation I think yeah or at least taking carbs down baby you know we don't have to go into the extremism we don't need to go from eating partisan no carbs but maybe we can work down the I feel with it and bring it down but if we're really seeing that yeah we need we need to figure out the best strategy for the best person at the right time right so that's where coaching comes in so if you're not currently coming arrives I think the majority people here are but if you're not and you're looking you know we're wondering about what you should do that's where a hybrid approach comes in right so that we can sit down with you and we can now put a plan for to figure out the best strategy so while I'm going to over to your guys story I told you have a lot of fun to measure everything to recap right now we need to measure as we possibly can with our nutrition and with our exercise so I want you guys seriously go tonight

right down the pipe write down what you know why are you focusing live how's your coach giving you a habit recently as you're a success session and you know what was that happen so write it down keep clear of what you're trying to do how many times will you train your training how are you going to get the remainder of that whatever your coming twice a week where what are you doing and how are we measuring our body composition changes so we should be doing that at least in two different ways great so you know everybody can weigh in and everybody can do their duties at home so if right now you're only waiting in encouraging to Adams taking girth measurements sighs raise arms shoulders right take those every two weeks in addition to weigh engine and if you remember arrives already and you know that we do have access to the ultrasounds guys so we do all three here but at the very least you should be doing two units and winter consistently okay so and then just to kind of recap everything as far as the troubleshooting those start trouble screening and weight loss by ensure that we are doing

everything that you should be doing great five hours of activity 10,000 steps per day had a quick sleep are you getting seven eight hours a night 90% air speed these are the foundational pillars that we need before we start thinking about you know any of those other strategies let's lay the foundation first with all those things first and then we can start looking at no reducing calories and cutting carbs or maybe graduate Garza but yeah I hope that makes sense I hope you guys learn some stuff I don't I provide you with some values right do you guys have any questions if they let me go with the supplementation great so something as well help you maximize the results so long as you have a solid foundation in place for nutrition and your truth okay so some supplements we we carry two very different and very many programs top top-notch each other quality but we need to have a foundation in place first we can't just pop some pills and magically work in a huge calorie surplus but if we have a foundation in place adding in a good quality supplement will help you maximize the results and so

yeah like I said we carry making supplements and you carry MuscleTech and you guys have any questions of those supplements we can turn it up we can go up front there to try to learn all the supplements on the shelf but I just put you up here that work really well together so just our two bank of supplements wise ones a fat burner called magma heat and the other one is a passive is Co a product and these two products work very well than take them together and and one of the main reasons that I like it was because there's appetite suppressant ingredients in there so you know when you are Charlie you like that and try to lose weight ideally but maybe in a calorie deficit so you're going to feel hungry that you would otherwise so that's honestly and there's there's a healthy dose of caffeine in there too which I want to I want to see messages because of an appetite suppressant ingredients and it did help me and not feel hungry throughout the day and it also kind of doubles as a pre-workout I took it before our train and so because there so I took it giving you an energy boost before I worked out and then it

also took my hunger levels so I think we have all sorts of different supplements we are naturally without any caffeine if you're looking for that it's actually wonderful after birth and you can take literally right before you go to bed that's how they recommend you take it it's just gonna hold it around but their metabolism as you sleep throughout the night so some people want so yeah you guys have any question about the anchor we can and try to go but yeah I just want to close it out by saying thank you guys you started doing these senators dellow muscles from nursing and we have a whole bunch more less we're going to keep doing different topics throughout the year like I said I provide now even if you learn something like