08 April 2019

Troubleshooting Your Weight Loss Pt. 4

This video is about TYWL Pt. 4.

so if you not responding okay so I'm not

responding don't start something something that so what did these factories if you're already being able to be covered in the not doing section and you're still not experiencing weightless okay so I have a future strategies here and so going to go back to when I talked about energy islands and we don't know how important calories and we're hitting a plateau one of the first things that we can do to try to bust through that plateau is increase our activities oh great so if we are currently not getting the five hours of weekly activities that we want to get that's the best the first place that we should start is by becoming more nothing okay so if we if we are only currently getting maybe two hours on average every single week let's start wrapping that up so there's a few different ways you can do that so opportunity to eat increasing our trading frequency so just happening network they're coming here to rise and they're currently cutting points a week and you feel like you've hit a plateau maybe when you first started it made all sorts of insults probably twice a week and I see it we have a lot of clients they started out twice a week and

they've stayed on quite sweet because they've gotten tremendous results when we training for school but if you feel like you've hit a plateau and you are independent or sweet bump it up to three comers let's see what happens maybe that one change alone could bust me through that Plateau right there right going through two times a week to prove yeah so I've got some other strategies coming up but from that that's a good point in that scenario you might be overtraining and we talk about how important it is to not overt racism and to give yourself what's called DLO beats but the idea that it's regularly you're giving yourself a week to just completely recover right you still you still come and still work out you don't think that we completely off and just sit on a couch forever you still work out but you take your intensity down and you take your volume down so they can give your body an entire week to rest and come because that that's it that's a great point because sometimes and I've seen it here two people over trimming straight up and

they and that's the reason that their platform so that there's both sides of the equation sometimes people aren't training up and adding in that's essentially that's going to help them to bust it up punko or from the other side they're trading too much right so but that's why we say you know if you are training four or five times a week here every six a week take it as a preventative proactive so that's a great point okay morning high intensity interval training I'm a huge proponent of this I already talked about it earlier but and this you don't have to overcomplicate morning - your emotions this could be this we just need you know for three times this week as soon as I wake up every 50 jumbo jets that's gonna strike your heart rate you're going to start burning calories as soon as you yeah wake up feeling rejuvenated it's going to jumpstart your nail you're gonna get your blood pumping through your veins okay and if there's another thing called afterbirth effect what just means we keep burning more calories throughout the day then you know it's not just journey it's the

exercise period that we're burning more calories if we're training with high intensity you're going to keep burning up higher level calories over the course of hours the registered a great so it usually do four minutes or five minutes that's the interval training first thing in the morning you're now burning calories throughout the whole rest of your morning right so yeah I'm saying give it a shot so even if you're done so there's difficulties anything like this thing every week so if you're coming twice a week and you feel our custody that's the most amount of time that you can dedicate to your resistance training we're coming to Newark so to the Train adding some warning kick three times a week start with and if 50 jumping jacks sounds like that's too much start with 20 do three sets of twenty and then once that starts to feel easier you're gonna have a perfect circuit three value 50 you know what this is what this is about / - I can wet barfi and then I do ten jumping jacks and when I do wonder tree ten jumping jacks I do five six

okay it's simple right the end of twenty five burpees a 50 w dress and but it gets your heart rate going and it really wakes you up and it's great and when I first started doing it I didn't enjoy it but now I'm for a while it's a great time under the leg for me though so just start try it give it a shot a cake that one additional only right can can help you to Buster Plateau and then the last one here is very useful these stats with ultrasonic to be thermal dresses and it's a fancy way of saying all the activity that you get outside of your dedicated workers during the day okay so you can increase your neat I'm getting money right there but we can do it in less weird ways walking to get them you said it targets together you can do it by walking to the grocery store instead of driving to the grocery store but you can and if we have pretty minute lunch break it doesn't take 30 minutes usually eat we can go for a five-minute walk iron monster right all these different ways that we can get extra activity outside of our medicated workout times it's going to help we see it every time

you do a success session with our clients them anyway it's gonna help and it's all going to happen so just like I talked about earlier when talking about nutrition away well we have a caveat there we don't feel like it's gonna add up it does but similarly it's the same sort of thing for activity right if you can find an extra five minute walk and every single day that's definitely going to add up three and it's not really going to feel like you're doing like an extra workout you just won't we're climbing walk but it all adds up so that might be the first strategy in terms of busting so I would say look at how much I think you're getting ask yourself are you really are you truthfully are you getting five hours of activity every single week if the answer's no I would say start there grab up your activity level so if we already get in five hours of activity every single week consistently then I say the other side of the energy balance equation calories in versus calories own let's look at our calories in right that's another variable we can change how many calories going in okay so we're gonna do small

inductions I'm talking like 5 percent 10 percent of our total daily calorie things we're going to take that down okay so for example for somebody that's maybe 2,000 calories that's going to mean maybe 100 calories yeah pirates or 200 calories in very small reduction okay we're going to do that if we still have a total we're not seeing any more fat loss performies we're going to delegate five to ten percent another other counties take them and then we're slowly gonna chip away and they start to see the weight loss coming off again and you know we're gonna look for the real low hanging fruit in terms of where we're getting spikes 10% reduction rate like it's whether if we're still drinking soda and we're trying to lose weight and we're drinking three cans of soda every day let's can we take that down to two hammocks or maybe one cab all right there there's our contradiction there is our 10% by taking it from three camps at one camp that's over 200 calories right so right there or are we taking deserts like three or more times per week yeah

so then let's take that down to can we can relive it one time with me and still feel stops fun well there's our I'm just saying like there's really easy we used to get that back soon so like one other is out like every time you can you so that would be so up-to-date wrapping up our actual these decrease your calorie intake or a combination both combination the third one would be carbohydrate cutting and keeping by the model of carbon created equal so there is a fire piece carbohydrates and that's going to be the next slide actually but you know restricting carbohydrates a little bit more each time you do the puzzle is gonna further it up for everybody to use that as the primary fuel source so I'm sure everybody the ribs hurting people diet so that's essentially what Quito is doing right for the eliminating parts of the diet so the body is forced to use fat fat stores our body times the primary fuel source that's essentially what's happening distracting I have so keep in mind through this strategy when it necessarily even need you to reduce your overall calorie intake it would just be shifting around your

macronutrients so that person that's eating 2,000 calories a day wouldn't necessarily need to reduce calories they were just shipped out there getting the counters from the foods that they're eating the calories from right so if they're eating you know thirty currently eating thirty percent of their calories from carbs when they're going to take - maybe if you're going to cut that in half and now they're only getting 15% of the total calories from carbs and the rest is coming from protein and compact so different ways that we can play with the macronutrients so here's the hierarchy so when they're thinking about reduce your carbohydrate you see what I always start at the top there so towards that I've added sugars into refined grains stuff like that so employees always start with those talk to we when you are going to consider cutting carbs are your diets when they go bad sugars let's take up the refinery to me and then let's continue to over our self down to Harvey if knee