13 April 2017

Trim Healthy Mama Meal Ideas | THM Collab | Trim Happy Heather | Breakfast Ideas

Trim Healthy Mama Meal Ideas | THM Collab | Trim Happy Heather | Breakfast Ideas Hello all! Thanks so much for stopping by my channel :-) Please enjoy this ...

hi everybody it's Heather welcome to my

Channel today I'm doing a collaboration with a few other ladies who are also on the trim healthy mama plan and what we're doing is we're each gonna take a category breakfast lunch or dinner snack or beverage and we're gonna share with you our favorite s which is satisfying which is higher and fats E which is energizing which is higher in carbs or feel pull which is low in fats low in carbs I don't know I always get confused on fuel pull and I am a beginner so maybe we can just look at cookbook and figure this out between us for my choice I chose breakfast I love breakfast and I just could eat it for like every meal of the day my baby my very favorite meal is eggs and egg which is an S meal it's two eggs over a bed of greens with avocado on the side fried in butter or coconut oil it's higher in fat it's an X meal and I absolutely love it I also love to eat this over sprouts I like it with a piece of Ezekiel toast and I also like it with the pumpernickel rye bread that looks like a brick from all these which will also leave it in the S category if you're looking for this meal you can find it on page 245 elixir multi wanna cook okay now on to the e territory my

very favorite email is supposedly a dessert but I love to have it as breakfast it's called busting myths banana cake and if you pride my book lose my cold dead hands and it felt open it would probably fall open to this page because I love busting it banana cake it's got Greek yogurt egg whites ground oatmeal bananas it's just so good it's like a cake but yet it's like a meal and I just love it okay so my very favorite fuel pool meal is technically also not a meal but I use it as a meal and I like to use it four times when I'm really in a rush and I need to get something in my stomach and I need to get out the door it's called true quick and you can find it on page 494 of the trim healthy mama cookbook I can't share the recipe with you but I can share my own variation of the recipe so I'm gonna do that and I'm gonna show you how I make my version of their versions of Nestle's version trim quick so let's get started okay guys for this recipe I like to use 1/8 a cup of pure six dunks of stevia about 1/4 cup of cocoa or you can also use carob if you don't use cocoa and this is also on the light side I

like to use a half a cup of weigh about a quarter cup of collagen and about a quarter teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt when I go to mix my milk up I will use sometimes I'll use vanilla sometimes I'll use cinnamon and sometimes I'll give a shake of stevia and like I said you can also use carob powder in this I like to use almond milk but you can use any kind of milk that you like and what I do is I just mix it up in a mason jar and I have it on hand for a quick and easy breakfast [Music] [Music] okay guys and hope that you enjoy that recipe I hope that you found this information informative and please check out the description box for links to the other trim healthy mama have a blessed day the leg