28 August 2016

Trigger Your Fat Burning Hormone: GLUCAGON

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video

we're going to talk about triggering your fat burning hormone now in some of the other videos I talked about growth hormone and some of the other fat burners because there's six of them but rarely have ever talked about the hormone called glucagon now what is glucagon it's not glucose it glucagon is a hormone that triggers fat burning it may is made by the pancreas and it does the opposite of insulin okay so insulin is the main fat making hormone glucagon is one of the main fat burning hormones okay so there's a couple things that will trigger glucagon number one exhaustive exercise now here's the key this word exacts exhaustive okay regular exercise that's not exhausting like bicep curls is that's about it that's not going to do anything so here's the key with with stimulating glucagon you want to do a exercise it involves all of your muscles to an intense degree whether that is a bootcamp class maybe it's burpees which is a type of exercise where you're jumping down and coming up maybe it's doing the jump rope maybe it's a spin class maybe it's an aerobic class kickboxing p90x all that is awesome but it's very

easy to over train a lot of people can't handle that the optimum if you're doing exhaustive exercise the optimum time is between 20 minutes and 30 minutes why because if you do too much it's going to take you a long time to recover like some people that do an hour okay you want to do an hour that's fine but just do that once a week don't do it every day or every other day because you probably can't recover now if you're in really good shape you probably can but typically the people that I see they don't recover that easily so I would do 20 minutes of this every other day but the key is the exhaustive like you should be done and sweating your butt off and like oh my gosh that was an incredible okay I like to chop wood I like to take the wood that I chopped and lift it and carry it I take logs and I carry them that's a really good work for work out for me especially in the winter when I can't run my bike right so the point is that glucagon is triggered by exhaustive extra exhaustive exercise and protein now in some other videos I talk about protein also can trigger insulin so we have this fat burning and without making

hormone doing the opposing things but the point is you're not going to gain weight if you consume a moderate or a small amount of protein okay it's not going to happen because you have this effect it's when you do a lot of protein that you will actually you could gain some weight because that's overdoing it but you don't worry about that so protein is important in stimulating glucagon alright now the last thing that triggers glucagon is decreasing insulin because it works an opposite to insulin so how are you going to keep insulin low well I have a ton of videos on that it's basically you cut out the sugars you cut out the snacking cut out the hidden sugars and excessive protein and you'll start to increase glucagon so those are some really important points so just to summarize if you could take an exercise and workout intensely and you can also add some of the other data in other videos where I'm talking about sleeping so we spiked the pulse rate after you get your energy get a good sleep at night or maybe even take a nap does even it's not even necessary that it's a full eight hours you can break it up but the point is that we want to get enough

quality sleep to handle this exercise to recover you to the point where we really see some serious weight loss and triggering of this hormone so I just want to bring this point up it's not just any exercise that's exhaustive exercise okay all right I'll see you in the next video