22 July 2019

Training & Nutrition Overview & Program + Exercise Library Walkthru

hello folks I'm gonna go over what we've

mostly what we've gone over on the phone already all right three very important documents that you're going to need and you're going to be looking at them every single day okay first one is your nutrition checklist throughout the week so we have weeks one through twelve we have another Sunday all right whatever the habits we talked about is what we're gonna amp in that if you want you extra feel free to do extra but we want to nail down our habits okay so whatever that habit is we are going to knock out double use across the board okay Oh a double use for a win and Ellis for a loss please be honest all right we want we want mostly w.zahn here and we're gonna progress that as needed and so if we need to add more water or have the same water and add something else or I have the same water and cut out something that's bad for you whatever the case is we'll move from there on that same document second page is the training overview day 1 through 7 this is kind of a busy week here as long as we're getting three full body workouts a week which is the program they're gonna be getting for me the the strength training they will stay here in a minute

right here 3/4 full body workouts at least two mobility routines that you that will be in the exercise library but you won't see it's a day because I have yet to put it on there and then one activity for 30 minutes ok so that is the minimum requirements for your for your day therefore your week ok and then the activity can be you know running Golf R or swimming anything like that that you've enjoyed ok it's not banging yet over to your actual program ok in another video I'll explain the basics of my programming and periodization how it works so you will do a warm-up your warmup are gonna be over here which I'll get to in a minute after your warmup what you're gonna do is you're going to start your workout with with the most intense exercise of the day so you're gonna put the most intensity of course all this other stuff is going to be hard and it's gonna be a challenge but we want to push the most weight here exert the most force okay that makes sense so so and also all these are linked so these are gonna be your they're not only yeah but it will be so you get your main lift in the end between each exercise you're gonna have

what I call mobility activation drill so it may be one and the other maybe both so kind of making sure those correct muscles are mobilized and make sure that they're activated and ready to go okay so that's kind of a way to rest but also still kind of the hard up by doing a little bit stuff okay so you're going to record the weight the saw what reps you did and if you're if you say you went for heavy set of eight and you only got six then please put that okay after that go get a drink of water take your breath next up start the metabolic circuit which would be three or four exercises time-based by rounds okay so whatever exercise it is you do that you can do the next one right after these times and rounds will vary alright three to four rounds see how much you get we want to get better than next week which is the main idea of this okay so week one you'll see when you get your program you'll have week two three and four as well okay but look the idea is you'll have you'll have all your weeks on one document and we want to make sure do our best without hurting ourselves and you know getting too crazy with it as to progress every week so week one starts

out if you may not know where you're at we're gonna find out where you're at all right so week one you're at a certain level B to go up a little bit which means more reps more weight more rounds more time week three same thing week four same thing alright we want to be a lot better at sweet four then we were at week one and doing what happens is we drop it back down to week one with the new program and the same exact thing alright so we have 12 weeks three three four week blocks okay so week one two three four one two three four and it progresses like that that's a good way to to kind of because you can't always go balls to the wall and your hardest workout ever it's just not possible okay both live with stressed maybe like I sleep there's so many factors so we go we gradually and bump it up bump it up buff it up and then we don't just keep going and you know do some stupid stuff we drop it down and recover a little bit and go from there okay that's that is a sustainable approach to working out correctly and staying away from injury lastly is the exercise library you'll have exercises that aren't completely in

order yet they will be with links this is the warm-up page I kind of broke down with a warm-up should look like with more to add to it and then an actual warm but more of itself so this is the only warm-up I have right now I'm gonna put together in one video with the whole warm-up but right now unfortunately there's only individual videos okay so yeah those are the three documents that are very important I'm going to be tracking for sure I'm gonna be hawk on this stuff right here and then I'm gonna be looking at your program as well okay so please let me know if you have any questions talk to you soon