16 June 2013

Trader Joe's Healthy Snacks and Yummy Treats Haul!

Here is a delicious haul for you! Trader Joe's Healthy Snacks and Yummy Treats Let me know in the comments section what TJ items you recommend!

hi guys welcome back to glass and

sparkle so what I have for you today is a halt basically it's not beauty products though it's not what you would expect I recently recently today went to trader joes and I just wanted to show you some of the things that I got I don't know if you have a trader joes around you but they are really nice sort of like a grocery store but they carry a lot of all natural products and just things that are healthy so I just want to give you some ideas on some yummy treats that they have there and hopefully you enjoy this video alright so the first thing I got that i will show you isn't it put it over here because it's kind of water in it and and i don't want it this spell but it's called burrata and what it is it's fresh mozzarella cheese filled with cream so it comes with like two balls of mozzarella and you just break it open and there's there's a like a cream filling so it's really really good and I just paired it with some bread which was a suggestion from some friends of mine and it's very very good so this is the first time I've ever had that okay so the next thing is that worthy with roasted plantain chips and I've never

had these from trader joes before I love roasted plantain chips normally but I've never had them from here so I'm looking forward to trying these and they're just really nice alternative to chit instead of eating potato chips eat some plantain chips so ok the next thing I am obsessed with it is roasted seaweed snack just seaweed sheets basically and they are in the flavor of wasabi so there are kind of spicy kind of hot I'm go to tell you I'm wearing my glasses today it's why I look different normally wear my contacts but I think it's good to give your eyes a break sometimes so um these are so good they smell very fishy okay because they smell like seaweed definitely and my husband was the first one to start eating them and I was like oh that's gusting how do you eat that and he's like all you just gotta try it so I tried a little bite if you try just a little bite guys you're going to be grossed out because I just may state but I mean I know it sounds weird if you put the whole thing in your mouth and start eating it you will be addicted to them because I cannot get enough of these and you get a good amount in here these are only like a dollar so this is

a really good snack and it's very good for you to it's very healthy seaweed is a good thing okay next thing you want and black bean infuse tortilla chips now these are really really good I love tortilla chips anyway but these have quinoa which I love black bean which I also like and it just has a really nice flavor you can tell they're very multi grain and they do taste pretty healthy and I'll eat these even without a dip these are just that good so it's a good alternative as well um two potato chips because as we all know they're not that good for you so next thing I have tried these before the original savory thins they're just a round little cracker um you can put these with dips with cheese's whatever you like and they're very crunchy so they have a really nice crunch to them and really like those either okay so the next thing that we got was this English white Stilton cheese with peaches and cream now this I have never tried they have a lot of different cheeses at Trader Joe's and they're also very good and this one I have never tried so looking forward to trying this and pairing it with I don't know crackers I don't know but they're

very very good nye have tried their other cheeses so I'm sure that will be good okay next thing night I have not tried this sorry these are the dried fruit bars now i really like dried fruit bars because they're really healthy and they're just a nice snack nice alternative to perhaps a candy bar which I'm obsessed with oh oh some days I just need a milky way so bad um but these are nice alternative on those days when you don't need the chocolate quite as bad those days don't come around there often this is boysenberry and I've never tried this flavor so I'm looking forward to I usually like to raspberry okay next name soft pretzel stick they have these little rolls they're so cute look at them and they are made out of pretzel dough and they're really soft and squishy so you can see my husband always gets annoyed because I have to squeeze everything at the store to have it but um these are really good and if you put them with cheese with mustard whatever you want or as a sandwich they're really neat for a little pretzel sandwich okay so the next thing I got you guys have got to try this it is the best thing not the best thing but it's very close to

being the best thing ever this is a PB&J milk chocolate bar now I don't know if you guys have ever seen this but if you get a chance to go to try to Joe's you have to get this there 99 cents and what it is is like little squares it's a candy bars little squares inside each square is peanut butter and like a jam filling in it is so good it's like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich which most of us love and it's inside chocolate which we all love so oh yeah tart raspberry jelly inside oh my goodness you guys it is so good and every time I go through the checkout the person at the checkout person is like I might steal this from you because they sell out a lot so check this out guys it's so good okay this next thing actually the last thing that I got were these speculoos cookie butters now I got them in both different kinds i got them in the crunchy and in the regular smooth and these are so good you guys they taste like gingerbread it's sort of like gingerbread and a butter so if you like nutella things like that you'll probably like these um and my friend suggested that I put them on this Tuscan bread that they also sell at trader joe's this

is only 2 49 you get a ton of it the pieces are so big you can tell thankfully as being my head but um it's so so good and I tried it just toast a piece of this up put a little cookie butter a lot on there oh oh oh my goodness okay I'm gonna have some after this filming is all done so good you guys check these out and they are almost always sold out in my trader joe's locations of this so today when I saw these I was like I need to get one of each so that's a really good thing ok guys so that's pretty much all I have for today just wanted to show you some guys some of the yummy snacks that I got and if you like these kind of videos please let me know or don't like them please let me know because I do want to film things that you are interested in also I've had a lot of comments on the room this is my room behind me so if you want me to do a tour our room tour please like this video and thick enough responses I'll know that you guys want to see a room tour alright so that's it guys I'll talk to you later bye