24 September 2018

Top 9 HEALTHY CONDIMENTS Everyone Should Be Eating - Collin Chi, C.N.C.

Collin Chi, Certified Nutritional Consultant, discusses his Top 9 healthy condiments plus their nutritional benefits and research.

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nutritional consultant I want to thank everyone for watching all my videos last year if you caught some cool thank you for watching first video a new year today I'm gonna talk to you guys about the top 9 condiments the top nine healthy condiments that everyone should be eating now I say everyone but exceptions can always apply so if this doesn't apply to you or if you have some other ideas then filter it from yourself but I will once right into it number one this is in no particular order this is just whatever's on top of my brain the molasses blackstrap molasses organic unsold food blackstrap molasses what is the lastest why is it unlist it is sugar cane that is boiled three times raw sugar cane boiled three times and boiled down and boil down and boil down and it ends up a very high mineral content at the end of the day and it's not that high on the glycemic index it's right about the middle if glucose is 100 on the glycemic index molasses blackstrap molasses is around 55 sucrose which is table sugar is 65 so the lower the number the better fructose is around 23 on the glycemic index so that gives you an idea they say it's safe for

diabetics you decide but the mineral content is so important now you can eat table sugar and it's a 65 on the glycemic index but it really doesn't have many minerals in there whereas the blackstrap molasses has a lot of minerals which will help to metabolize that glucose and that's sugar so but there's high mineral content that's the key very high in iron it's anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of your daily value in 1 tablespoon of the following minerals iron calcium manganese magnesium and copper okay also potassium I want to focus especially on the potassium and be iron very high amounts it has 600 milligrams per tablespoon of potassium which is more than one banana one banana depend on the size of the banana you know from 300 to 500 in one whole banana but this is one tablespoon so molasses potassium is the most important mineral in my opinion because it's the mineral required in highest amounts there's other important metals though because we're so deficient in them and because there's none in the diet are you very important for oxygenation of the red blood cells carry oxygen

better circulation proper blood clotting proper blood building very important nutrient also molasses is high in vitamin b6 so go get some molasses number two manuka honey we all know honey is very good for us don't worry about the sugar you don't want to worry about the sugar with these things as much because they contain a lot of nutrients if you have a lot of vitamins and minerals and good properties in the foods that contain the sugar you're eating it will help to metabolize the sugar and help to reduce the glycemic load the glycemic index so regarding it was rated number one in natural News's emergency medicine medicines mainly because it a in general does not perish for one also it was number one in the emergency medicine because you can also eat it and yet you can also use it for wound care burns rashes any kind of skin irritations or skin ulcers as well as gastritis and digestive stomach ulcers anything like that so it may be beneficial for those things there's good anecdotal evidence on that and there is also that is that it's effective against the bacteria the cause of stomach ulcers h

pylori also effective against ecoli effective against staff which is mercer like flesh-eating bacteria and also effective begins strep which is the sore throat bacteria so a great first date kind of thing manuka honey put it on whatever you want you know molasses I didn't mention you know I usually put it at oatmeal or I'll put it on all in butter and toast as far as the manuka honey but it's the same thing you can put it in any of that any of those things you can use it as a dip for free if you want that's a little that's kind of luck sure there but like I said good nutrients all these nutrients are good manuka honey it's a specific kind of honey you can find a health food store that comes from New Zealand or Australia and it comes from bees that are feeding on the flowers from the Melaleuca family which is the same family the tea tree oil and tea tree is in so if you've heard of tea tree oil great natural antiseptic this is basically a honey made from those plants so it's a very high antioxidant and also look for a hive um F rating unique Manuka factor that's part of how is so strong it's also up to four times

the metal content a regular honey so based off number three apple cider vinegar I've talked to you guys a million times about up cider vinegar just a minute is high malic acid content which is great for energy right for pain in my opinion not a doctor this is not an attempt to treat diagnose prevent or cure any disease or condition so talk to your doctor but outside of any other great source of probiotics good yeast good bacteria good organic acids that will help to run your Krebs cycle and stage detoxifying you can use it topically for acne you can use it as a hair rinse for dandruff so many uses awesome stuff check out my other videos on apple cider vinegar moving on number four lemons well i'll survey you can put on anything usually like you would lemon juice you know basically i put it in i put it in sardines or tuna like if i'm making while i don't eat tuna but sardines or salmon if I'm looking for that acidic quality to my food I'll basically add it to anything but especially it's a key component when I'm making like like a sardine salad so also number four lemons we don't think of this as a condiment

either but you can use lemons as a condiment just squeeze it on anything it helps change the flavor of the food in a very nice way lemons very high in citric acid which your prep cycle your energy production cycle is called the citric acid cycle that's the other name for citric acid is great for energy also vitamin C content great bioflavonoids that help the vitamin c also very detoxifying lemon juice can be used for kidney stones gall stones but especially kidney stones and among other things very nutritious feed some people are worried about the histamine content or in in citrus fruits i used to avoid citrus food fruits for this problem but as you get older and you do more of these things your diet becomes less limited and more varied in order to get a broader e of neutral realize it's all about getting a lot of nutrients vitamins minerals minos enzymes and forget about you know if you get the nutrient levels up you won't have as many allergic reaction issues etc in my opinion number five bee pollen also we all consider this a condiment but I'm talking about the healthy condiments the healthiest

condiments you can use folks you got out of this stuff in your fridge throw some bee pollen and some cereal throw in some oatmeal throw in some younger throw it in whatever eat it straight awesome source of protein has all all eight essential amino acids sorry for the plastic again also a good amount of silica potassium and other minerals traditionally used for allergies by a lot of people and anecdotal evidence on that next one sauerkraut awesome source of choline B vitamins good in probiotics sauerkraut is fermented cabbage you can ferment it yourself or go buy a real fermented sauerkraut from a health food store plenty of options out there bubbies is the one that happened to buy but I've made it myself it's very easy to make so water cabbage chop it up squeeze it throw it in a jar let it sit there for a week to two weeks and you got yourself some sauerkraut um sour kraut sauerkraut I often use the kind as a little side dish again when I'm eating fish or when I'm eating eggs or whenever I want that salty taste to a meal you put on sandwiches you can put it on hamburgers

put it on whatever next coconut aminos or Bragg amino acids I prefer coconut aminos just because it's not coming from soy originally I mean the story I think that the brad company is using I think is okay we don't want to do a ton of soy the reason you need coconut aminos this is like something that's very similar to soy sauce it tastes like soy sauce I have that salty flavor but the good thing about it is it has those raw amino acids and our diet we don't get enough amino acids because the aminos are damaged in the cooking process so if we cook our foods too much which everybody does then you're eating very damaged not very usable amino acids so yes your protein content your foods might be high but you might not actually be getting much out of it that's obviously part of the benefit of eating raw raw foods and this can be a good supplement condiment or a good source of fat they actually did a study on cats that drink only raw milk and then cats the drink only cooked milk the castor drank only cooked milk and that's all they eat that's all these cats ate who's the milk all the cats that drank pee or ate the cook know all

died in the study the cats on the raw milk no problems so that gives you an indication of the importance of raw and raw aminos because also went in the cooking process the levels of aminos go down as well not just the damaging of them last two things we're almost done quick video coconut oil must-have condiment in your pantry because it's a saturated fat it's a medium chain triglyceride there's not a lot of sources of saturated fat medium chain triglycerides probably in people's diets today because the whole world is desaturating all the fat well they're they're basically taking out the fats you know from the yogurts there's no whole milk yogurt there's no whole milk anymore you know so you have to get saturated fats in some way or another coconut oils great source MCT specifically medium chain triglycerides great for brain fuel studied for different kinds of dementia so coconut oil you can put in anything also put it in the shake put it in you know just do on toast or put it into the rice that you're cooking and cook it cook with it with it for if you're cooking eggs cook with it um eat it straight you can get

coconut butter if you want you can use that as a condiment drizzle it on things like you would butter get more fats in your diet it'll give you more sustained energy fats are neglected in our diets in my opinion and especially in healthy people's diets last but not least it's wrapping it up dulse which is a seaweed reason being high amount of iodine high amount of potassium high amount of minerals and tyrosine which is a good amino acid important for motivation actually may help with motivation because the dopamine raising quality of tyrosine good stuff high in many many minerals chloride decent amount of sodium calcium a few other minerals well lots of other minerals because it's an ocean plant so it's rich very rich in minerals as well dole side will sprinkle on any meats of any kind use it as a substitute for salt it will give you a lot of Minerals a lot of needed iodine there's no iodine in our diets today folks so that's why you have to get seaweed as your condiment as your salt I will mention any herbs and spices you you must have many different kinds of herbs and spices in your cabinet in your

fridge wherever turmeric garlic cinnamon ginger all that good stuff sprinkle it on your food heavily put in your recipes as you eat more of it you will develop more of a taste for the spices and herbs look at the oregano rosemary whatever there's so many benefits I've mentioned that herbs and spices are one of the highest things on the nutrient density scale besides organ meats and vegetables are up there as well so wrapping up folks hope you enjoyed it top nine healthy condiments that you must have in your house if you are a health nut all right Collin Qi certified nutritional consultant and as always rise