09 June 2019

Top 6 Breakfast Options | Most Healthiest Breakfast Ideas

MY FAVORITE HEALTHY BREAKFAST OPTIONS! I give you a run down of my TOP 6 Breakfast options. These meals are something I incorporate on a regular ...


what is up guys Cuba Solinsky news video I'm going to show you six of my best and favorite meal options when it comes to making breakfast so let's get straight into it so breakfast number one we have got my favorite staples it is omelette mix it up a lot of vegetables and of course the side we've got avocado and baked beans so let's get into it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] breakfast option number one eggs loaded with vegetables look at that York juice avocado just around 75 grams if I want to up it I'll just go for 100 grams and 150 grams of baked beans easy if I'm willing to cut or cut maybe the portion of the baked beans will be avocado or if I'm using more egg whites add more Edwards take away the fat so there's options in terms of cutting and gain in a surplus or trying to bulk up add a little bit more ever add an extra egg yolk my problem either done so I'm gonna dig into this it's getting to option number two which

is protein oats best [Music] option number two we have proce vanilla cinnamon tastes like a doughnut guilt-free so what are adding these protein oats use some flax seeds cinnamon for the vanilla flavoring mimics a little bit of that doughnut representation so guilt-free in that aspect if you're wanting to lose weight or go for a fat loss approach then definitely cut back on the O's in terms of grams if you're gone for a surplus this is where you're gonna love it just up your own intake and you'll be freakin Swizz nut Mills option number two done and dusted let's go from number three which is crackers cottage cheese and some different toppings such as salmon avocado and the whole shebang so let's get into it [Music] [Applause] [Music] option number three you've got cross kids with different types of toppings first topic we've got avocado and salmon 50 grams of salmon on to these two crackers so 25 each as well as 15 grams

of avocado so if you want to eat more than four for crack it's really good really feeling and really light as well for all type of topping we've got cottage cheese and tomorrow so I'll display the Makris of both of them so yeah what if you wouldn't a flood to burn to the flavor but that's another option that I will incorporate in terms of having a nice healthy breakfast just to keep start your day so we'll go into meal number four which is a breakfast smoothie or share what I'm adding introduce me so let's get into it [Music] [Applause] [Music] to number four we've got our breakfast smoothie this another staple of mine loaded up as many vegetables or fruits they usually want in this concoction I put raspberries blueberries and displays of macros as well as how much grams are put why scoop of protein and a banana so people always had the excuse that they're not eating enough for the kind of the Caribbean breakfast minis are a must so quickly so easy to make so quickly just chuck everything in a blender and boom Bob's your uncle so

they convenient really good on the go no excuses guys once you see how easy it is to do and once you start applying these things on a daily basis it becomes a good habit and of course eating healthy and enjoying the lifestyle which you can actually sustain it's going to be so so rewarding in the long term you know longevity in terms of your health terms of you or your fitness goal let's say so number four is done let's go five and six it's gonna be super easy super quick and yeah here it is [Music] option number five we have got a super greens smoothie huge amount of benefits as well as added fiber and lemon juice it eases my detox plan which I'll put into practice super greens can't believe this is not that advertised as much in the health and fitness industry but super greens is our absolute awesome product it's got so many antioxidants good amount of nutrition you've got anti-inflammatory properties you've got added enzymes you've got superfood blends such as spirulina barley grass alfalfa grass chlorella so this is absolute GameChanger really light as well if you're not a big

breakfast eater then to africa for super greens and our last option that's right a plate of nothing so this symbolizes fasting fasting is a great way of losing weight again this is a tool that you can use if you already established a good relationship with food they are eating a calorie intake for the day fasting is really good really good at health benefits in terms of helping an instrument sensitivity how you metabolize your carbs as allah' teaches your body to become more fat adaptive giving your body and digestive system a break from always putting food down the pipes so awesome as well as helps you establish that relationship with food how to control your food intake and eating and look listen to signals that when you're hungry you're hungry they eat as long as that don't over eat so fitting your carry intake within that certain window that's what fasting teaches you and so really really rated that in the past before so are the advertiser again this is all then you've got to account for if it fits your lifestyle fasting is a great way if you want to lose weight or say you're have a busy schedule already established the

relationship with food they eating enough during the day go for fasting to thumbs up for that there are breakfast options that I highly recommend in terms of staying healthy getting a good amount of macronutrients as well as in your nutrient intake or vitamins and minerals give it a go let me know what you think and part from that I'm gonna wrap up the video give this video a thumbs up they true for more cool content coming out so keep cool keep meeting I'll catch it on the flip side [Music]